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Dear George

Dear George,

I am writing this today, because I can no longer bite my tongue. I thought I could remain silent after the trial…but I see that I cannot; not after watching your video. I understand it must be difficult when you feel like the whole world doesn’t know you and you are being judged. It must be difficult trying to find employment and real friends; but since you don’t seem to understand it…I wanted to sit down with you a moment and try and make sense out of it.

…It was a rainy night; not too much rain…but just enough that the teenager had difficulty seeing things clearly. It was just a snack; something to hold him over throughout the night…not a big deal. As he left the store, he put his hood on, so he wouldn’t get wet. His mom was always getting on him for going out in the rain and waking up sick the next day. Since he was at his dad’s house, he didn’t want his mom to get mad at him too.

He looked up and noticed a vehicle that seemed unfamiliar. It drove slowly by; maybe he thought I was someone he knew… the child said to himself. He called his best friend joking with her and noticed the SUV driving past again; he made a sidebar joke with his bestie…and kept walking. He begins to get nervous; the vehicle rides past again slowly…looking…lurking…yet no word is spoken.

The child’s heart starts beating faster. His mouth salivating, as his nervousness increases. He must make sure that this person isn’t after him; so he runs down random streets to try and lose him. Again the mysterious vehicle follows him. He knows that he could run straight to his dad’s house and be safe, but then the stranger would know where he lived and worse where his family lived.

His palms begin to get sweaty; he knows that this guy needs to confront him…these situations never turn out good. The man gets out of the vehicle and starts to approach. You could hear the voice on the cell phone screaming…as the phone fell to the ground…Trayvon, Trayvon…are you there?…


George, I know you have your own version of what happened that night…and unfortunately, your version is the only one that we will know.

I watched you in court. I looked for a person who was truly sorry for what happened. I sought a person who felt that the killing of a teenager was a horrible outcome of this story. I did not find that person in your eyes.

You stated recently that people don’t know the real you; and that other than what they have seen in regards to this case, they don’t know you…at all. You even stated, in defense of the, “He’s a racist”, claim; that you had been mentoring a black child. I hope that you understand what an insult that is. I always find humor with people that say…”I’m not prejudiced…I have a black friend”. You would probably be better served to not do that again.

I do have some loving advice for you; as I feel compelled to reach out to you. Don’t get me wrong…regardless of what the state of Florida says…I think that you are guilty. I think that you should have been punished…someone died. That someone had a name, an address…he had a family and because of your actions…he also had a funeral.

I think that the largest injustice that was done, in your defense, was to make Trayvon Martin appear to be the assailant. The media and your legal team made an issue, out of the fact, that Trayvon had been suspended from school for having trace amounts of marijuana in his book back. They made issue out of the fact that he had tattoos. They made issue out of the fact that he had gold teeth and that he made a video showing gang signs. They even made issue out of the fact that Sabrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, chose to use pictures of her son at an earlier age.

I digress…let’s get back to you and what is really important.

If you want the world to see you differently…stop signing autographs at gun shows. This does not say that you have any compassion or empathy for a nation that is mourning the loss of this child. Volunteer at a children’s shelter, read books to kids at a library, and show the world that you regret what you did.

It’s okay, you can’t be prosecuted again. Clear your soul…tell the truth. Do not write a book about how you have it so hard, because of the trial. You have it hard because you killed someone and the world noticed. You have it hard, because even you, don’t think that you are innocent…and your soul is torturing you.

Understand that your words…will not bring back that wonderful child. His family will miss him for the rest of their lives. And while you are making statements about living in poverty and having no friends…the Martin family…has one less place to set at dinner. They have to find a way to go on living without their son…while you still get to breathe.

You are still alive…I would offer to you this: make the most out of your moments. Do not spend an ounce of your day feeling sorry for your situation. Starting today do something different; stop looking out for George…and look out for someone else. Volunteer…or better yet; I would suggest that you go to a meeting for parents whose children have been killed. Stay and listen to their stories…let it soak in. Pray. I only hope, that in that prayer that you will really understand the brevity of what you have done. You will know if it did…because you will no longer be singing the “What about me” song.

I pray that our Creator will be merciful with you…in your growth. I cannot hate you…while my emotions may scream for it…I know that hate is something that my soul refuses to do. I do hate what happened. I pray every day that no other family will have to bury their child too soon. I pray that we realize that a tattoo, skin tone, and/or drug use…does not make any of this okay.

George, I will leave you with one more thought: In your journey for understanding…look deeper into yourself; work on the man that you want to become…and seek forgiveness. The anger and frustration you feel…does not come from any place other than within.


Peace be upon you

Dear Trayvon

Dear Trayvon,

I heard the news today. I would love to say that I was surprised, but I wasn’t. I watched everyday as the trial of your murder unfolded. I watched video recordings where your assailant said he wouldn’t have changed anything; that it was God’s will. I heard him say that that it was you that was stalking him; a thought that I find peculiar since you were on foot and he was in a vehicle. I also heard him say that he only shot you because you were beating him into the sidewalk; but I wonder how you would have been able to do this…had he not left his vehicle, as the police asked him not to pursue you. I watched George Zimmerman sit smugly in that courtroom, with no sign of remorse. One would think that even if he felt pressured to kill you…the reality that he took a life would leave him feeling remorseful…but I never saw that. Perhaps if I had, then I would have at least felt that the shooting was REALLY an accident. Maybe if I hadn’t heard him call you a punk…without having the first conversation with you…I might have thought that you hadn’t been profiled.

I watched the defense insult your mother, Sabrina Fulton, asking her if she hoped the screams for help had come from you. The question was supposed to indicate that if they had come from you then George Zimmerman would have been the aggressor. Clearly though, this line of questioning was geared to knock her off balance, But your mother is a Queen and handled herself, as such, she was clear…the only hope she could have possibly wanted was that you would have been alive.

On Facebook, I saw where your murder was compared to that murder of a 12 year old Caucasian boy in Texas. It is always sad how we place victims on trial. How one of you would have to appear more “innocent” than the other. One would have to be more responsible for his own death, than the other. One would have to be right, where the other would clearly have to be wrong.

The media criticized the use of a younger picture of you. They criticized your tattoos and other various parts of your life that had absolutely nothing to do with your murder that night.

I never expected justice; for even if the jury had found Zimmerman guilty of murder…there could not have been justice…you would still be gone. The world would still be missing your smile and your family would still be mourning the loss of a bright and brilliant angel.

Clearly evil was at work that night…and when I saw a smile come over the face of that defendant I understood…evil lives on. George Zimmerman is a genre of evil. He had it in him to do the right thing…he failed. He could have seen you for an individual, but he did not. He decided who and what you were…and created his own predisposed fear…and he acted on that fear. He followed you…and after calling the police…based on his suspicions, he IGNORED their orders. He took the law into his own hands, He approached someone who was bigger than him and then claimed victimization.

Shame on you George Zimmerman…I do not know how you sleep at night. I do not know how the eyes of that child fail to keep you awake all night …every night. I do not know where your soul has gone…but I pray our Creator is merciful with you.

He may have been found not guilty…but he was not found INNOCENT.

I am thankful that you are in peace now…lay your hands on your family…as their pain is deep…and may God have mercy on us all.

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These Children of Mine

What a sad state of affairs

Our world has become

Constantly living in fear

Nowhere to run

When we place more concern

On a man with a sign

Than the sins put upon

Your children and mine

We are definitely lost

Standing in the cold

Living a life of “I”

Ego’s growing bold

Children being murdered

On a street in a home

More sins against humanity

Than can truly be known

A risen angel on trial

A lost life forsaken

Another light blown out

Sins for the taking

We are selling drugs to them all

But we call it another name

“Just the way life goes”

God shakes His head in shame

Sure on a street corner

You may see a dealer or two

But the real drug is a lie

Hidden as the truth

Still don’t understand

Let me make it more clear

We don’t look deeper than

How things seem to appear

The home seemed to be happy

No one ever complained

Don’t mistake joy for the truth

Silence masking shame

Need more clarity still

Let me draw you a picture

Lives are not expendable

Children are not fixtures

Life is precious I tell you

Stop spreading the hate

One day you will have to own

Indifference you create

It’s a sin against humanity

To blow out an eternal flame

No need to look around

We are all to blame

For even if the only weapon

Is the sharpness of our tongue

We are still arming our children

Killing souls of the young

We give publicity to pedophiles

Magazine covers to the vile

Saying we know it’s wrong

But reading all the while

Do you get what I am saying

Do you know what I mean

We have the power to change

So many things

Change your tone and reflection

Give hope to the masses

Before more are killed

As time again passes

Reach out and reach up

Stop enforcing the loss

Humanity is endangered

Is it worth the cost

Too high a price I can tell you

This truth will remain

While we were debating

Two children were slain

Still think you have time

To consider being involved

The next child could be yours

No question at all

Then you will be the parent

Living with such anguish and pain

Left with only a handful of memories

And tear drop stains

On my last few points

This travesty is too real

Stop thinking too much

It’s time for you to feel

Thaw out your heart

Shine the light of the Divine

I beg you please…please

Save these children of mine

The Right Choice

The Right Choice

Once upon a time

In an unspoken space

A little girl was touched

In an unmentionable place

No fairy tale heroine

No wishes did come true

She learned the hard way

How the pain…it grew

She cried silent tears

To a parent who didn’t care

She just wanted to be loved

It really wasn’t fair

She should have been safe

Inside the privacy of her home

Instead she lived a life

No one could have known

Sure we suspected at times

That something may be wrong

But our silent objections

Went on far too long

How could we have let her

Be invaded be attacked

No longer an opinion

A publicly known fact

We sat and did nothing

Now we shed a tear

While this angel of peace

Had to live in fear

Shame on the parents

For the sins they would do

Shame on us all

We are guilty too

For it takes a village

To embrace God’s children now

Not sure when it happened

But we forgot that somehow

May God forgive us all

For we failed his lamb for sure

We turned deaf ears to

The crying of the pure

Failure is not an option

Yet we would rather choose to be

Lost than to walk toward

Our own humanity

After all she wasn’t our child

I guess maybe we forgot

We made a divine promise

Now it’s us who’s lost

Join with me please now

Speak out against this thing

That is killing our children

And the innocence they bring

Dare to stand up tall

Let chips fall where they may

And help save a child who

May be killed this way

Be the voice that they need

Be the sword they can’t wield

Be the truth that they seek

When God is our shield

Say I love you to this child

By giving her heart a voice

It is all up to us now

Let’s make the right choice



Today I want to tell you

Simply avert your attention

To something women go through

Almost too horrible to mention

But it happens more often than

Is spoken above her silence

It’s a terminal illness

It’s called domestic violence

That’s a basic term though

Doesn’t make it too clear

It’s about the physical and emotional

It’s about living in constant fear

Fear for yourself and your kids

For people you love no doubt

He will kill them all and

It’s that fear we are talking about

Fear to look up and

Fear to say a word

Fear to tell anyone

The things that you heard

Fear has its own life span

It can live longer than we

I know because one time

The fear almost killed me

Domestic Violence is a crime

Someone is stealing a dream

He is beating her pride

Molesting her self esteem

He is bruising her face

Breaking her fragile bones

Destroying all she ever had

For her…he thinks he owns

But ownership is not his

In fact this slavery can thrive

When we would rather find death

Than to suffer more alive

Do you know who she is

At least someone you suspect

You kind of sort of know

Just don’t want to say so yet

I’m here to tell you now

Later might be too vast

Her sand is draining out

Of life’s hour glass

Speak up she needs your help

For even if you love him

They both need to get help

To stop the rage within

We all want to claim ignorance

When the outcome of death arrives

But we failed to step up when

Both parties were still alive

Whether you love him or her

Or are just doing what is needed

Here is my sage advice

I hope you carefully heed it

He is killing her no question

The children are watching too

Someone needs to step up

Today that someone is you


Rise up to the challenge

Be the saver of this story

It’s about saving humanity

Not self-proclaimed glory

This is my Domestic Violence lesson

Sometimes we just need to be aware

That our women and children are dying

I’m asking that you be there

It’s not about butting in

It’s not about prying

It’s about humanity

Please stop it from dying

So make that call now

Before she withers away

Give her hope of a future

Tell her it starts today

Spread humanity I beg you

Reach out by reaching up

Give her strength to scream

Today I have had enough

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month…it exists…too many women are painfully AWARE…please help

1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

Changing Directions

Changing Directions

A last minute decision

Going to the movies instead

Ending in chaos…fear

50 wounded…12 people dead

A country needing answers

More funerals to plan

Again lives were ended

At another’s hand

Tears they are flowing

Understanding…it is lost

How can we make sense

Of what a soul knows not

Is there an explanation

Which will wash it away

Will it alter the manner

Life ended on that day?

I will say…not even close

Words could not describe

Why a family must mourn

Someone who needlessly died

Yet again it happened

So many lives changed

The act of a mad man

Must have been deranged

But insane or not, you see

Our lives were shocked

Not by how we rised above

But of how we have not

True most don’t carry weapons

Which will cause such devastation

But why are we preoccupied with

Things that create no elevation

The murders were awful, I agree

But what else is going on here

Hard to find…love…peace

When did it all disappear?

We are so filled with anger

We justify the existence

I’m wondering why love

Is met with such resistance

We failed to remember our path

All created from one Source

When did we spiral out of control

Lose our souls true course

A nation left in shock

We never get used to such news

People being murdered


Where is our humanity I ask you

Why is it so hard to see

That we have literally become

Our most vile enemy

We cause our own obstacles

We get in our own way

By the choices we make

Things we do…things we say

We sling hate like a weapon

Sharpened by our tongue

We are killing mankind

Maiming our young

When will we start doing right

Turning the other cheek

Decide to be the Truth

We are the answers we seek

We are one good decision away

From living in peace not war

Yet we fail to deliver the message

What we were sent here for

Why is it more acceptable to hear

Language which is so foul

Than…I love you my brother

I did then and do now

We have shut off our hearts

Therefore crushing our dreams

It really isn’t another’s fault

No matter how it may seem

We decide to decide what

We will be every morn

It has been this way

Since the moment we were born

What does a soul look like

I’m so glad that you asked

It’s that baby laughing

In it’s first bubble bath

Our souls are full of love

WE talk their intention away

It’s why we mourned another

Person taken today

So if you seek change do

But look long at your reflection

For our path has always been set

So stop changing directions

**My heart goes out to the lives lost in, not only Aurora, Colorado…but all over the world…every day.

Peace to you all

Death By Decision

Death By Decision

As I look around me now

People saying killing is wrong

But even the state does it

Having done it so long

True there needs to be punishment

Of that I must concur

But it is wrong to kill ANYONE

To the Holy Books I must refer

We are killing no one in His name

But making excuses for a crime

There is only ONE truth

Not yours and not mine

A kill for a kill

Is lunacy…it shows

How evil expands

Continually grows

Let me be clear on the issue

So there will be no doubt

I know of rape, murder

Feelings these bring about

But it changes nothing of truth

No matter how my heart may break

We created NO life without God

It is not ours therefore, to take

Revenge via public execution

While claiming we are civilized

Shows our barbaric minds

It is time we realized

The lives we lead are a reflection

Of the anger in our path

Like looking for the great ocean

In a small bubble bath

Expand your thoughts

Extend your own hearts beat

By showing the grace of Our Creator

To brothers on the street

Killing is wrong no matter

Whose hand makes the blow

Whether it’s a Governor turning his head

Or a hunter with his bow

Death by decision kills all of us

We are tainted in corrupt blood

In this where would be find peace

Where did we lose the love

What do I ask of us now

In Fact plead to our humanity

End the cycle of violence

So-called legal insanity

Murder by lethal injection

Is murder by another’s hands

Murder is murder

WE must take a stand

I am not diminishing the loss

When a life has been taken

But talking about our souls

And mistakes we are making

Stand up today I beg of you

Fight the Creator’s good fight

Before we blow out Gods candle

And must live without His light

Amongst The Clouds

Amongst the Clouds

What have we become

Where are our thoughts

What happened to humanity

The values we were taught

Why do we now have to discuss

How a 6 year old could be dead

What happened to Sierra was awful

Kidnapped raped pulled from her bed

We seem to be sleep walking

For we are making the same mistake

Stepping on the hearts of children

The lies we are telling…rules that we break

But we can’t kiss away

A wound which is so deep

When there are cowardly adults

Upon our children they do creep

She was a baby…in fact

When evil seeped through

Not only taking her purity

But her last breath too

She wasn’t old enough

To fight someone so truly ill

That they would invade her body

Til she lay completely still

The police will search for it

This nameless evil thing

To bring about justice

But what does that mean?

Will an arrest change

What I just read

Will it make her okay

Will she be less dead?

The answer is no…it won’t

Parents will mourn yet again

Just like parents after them

We just don’t know when

We are so highly evolved today

Understanding more than one could believe

But sleep walkers is what we are

So another family will grieve

Our humanity is absent

Letting our hearts grow cold

And if that’s insulting…good

Because only part of a story was told

WE allow the violence to happen

It happens every single day

We close our eyes to what doesn’t touch us

Yet get on our knees to pray

What are we praying for now

Are we in some kind of need

Oh the lessons we overlook

The warnings we never heed

Sierra was a child of God

She had a future bold and bright

We allowed it to be stolen

On one mid summer’s night

Please make a change I beg you

One day it could be someone you know

Someone whose life was cut short

Being stolen of a chance to grow

Be humane…it is our nature

Speak up and do it loud

Before YOUR Sierra is next

TO only live amongst the clouds

**RIP Sierra Newbold…another angel gone too soon



The streets were crowded

People randomly shouting

But a voice which seemed softer

Had more people crowding

There were shouts made in anger

One said…I’m glad it’s not the time of Jesus

The crowd agreed…a small girl stepped up

And what makes you think …he’s not one of us

What makes you seem so sure

He was not the boy that got shot

Or the homeless man with the sign

The abused girl getting hit a lot

What makes us so smug now

That we couldn’t even agree

That God could even look like

The kid trying to save a tree

She walked as she spoke

Making sure to touch our hands

Even though we have read the stories

We still fail to understand

Jesus didn’t have a glow over his head

He wasn’t accepted or adorned

Not in the beginning…or the end

Proved by a crown made of thorns

He simply spoke about peace

Some people listened…others did not

Even those who were close to him

Even those…they forgot

He was not a rich man

A carpenter…who just roamed

Often no food to eat

Never really had a home

Let’s say He is here amongst us

Even if just in fun

Today if that was Jesus

You would call him a bum

You would make fun of his plight

You would kick him when he fell

You would judge and belittle Him

The obscenities you would yell

You would not fall to your knees

Nor would you even ask his name

You call yourself faithful

We should all be ashamed

For even if the Lord is not walking

Along side of us today

We learned nothing from the past

It’s why we live this way

We point fingers and belittle

Those we fail to understand

We are so filled with self

We rarely reach out our hands

Remember the story we were told

About the young woman being stoned

Those men picked up rocks

They wouldn’t leave her alone

Jesus spoke above their banter

They were having actual fun

Jesus said…you without sin

May cast the first one

Rocks fell like rain at that moment

They all walked away

But how many of us

Lead by example like this today

How often do you say to others

Judge not lest you be judged

The crowd grew deadly quiet

Could see not one person budge

Fear not judgment upon death

The girl said humbly and clear

For if you live a life of love now

You would have nothing to fear

In a moment she was gone

No one even saw her leave

Did anyone get her name

But there really was no need

For the message she delivered

Was accepted and known

When amongst all of our feet

Were casted away stones

In The Blink Of An Eye

In The Blink Of An Eye

Life can be funny
Then one day it is not
One day graduating
The next day you were shot

A future so filled with brightness
An honor student in demand
A parent’s pride and joy
Life robbed by another’s hand

Tears come out of nowhere
Childhood friend’s hearts are breaking
Because some one didn’t think
About the life they were taking

Just kids at a party
Celebrating a future that was bright
Ended with bloodshed
On that cold Saturday night

Now instead of planning for college
As always doing his best
A mourning family musters up strength
To put this fallen angel to rest

My house is certainly solemn
My daughter needed to be held
Hard to convince our world is loving
When she’s experiencing Hell

How do we explain to our children
Why things like this occur
When the victim was a good child
Someone just like her

Why do bad things happen
I still recall her quest
He was only there 5 minutes
Always doing his best

Sadly I have no answer that
Would ease her troubled heart
Except that like right now
Ty’Quan was an angel from the start

So even though it is hard to let go
Of the ones that have come to touch our souls
Remember he now resides in Heaven
With more love than we’ll ever know

As a service I will tell you all
Treasure the children in your sight
For those moments can be stolen
At the blink of an eye.

**RIP TY’QUAN JOHNSON…you will forever be in our hearts

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