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Looking For Love

Looking For Love

I have been pondering the idea lately; how people are looking for love. You can find this topic in books, music, movies and television shows. Everyone is seeking the love of their life.

But what if I told you the LOVE is their life? Think about that thought for a moment…love is your life. So in that respect, what are you really looking for? There is no hidden key to happiness; you have had the ability to be happy your entire life.

We make choices, and then we give those choices a life of their own. We are not victims of circumstance; we get to choose. The problem occurs when those choices turn out to be something we have a hard time living with.

We were born with everything that we needed to be happy. We, as infants in a womb, were not worried about what we would wear when we were born. We were not concerned with when we were going to be married; or if we had the perfect hair. When we were in the womb; we trusted in a source greater than any that we had ever known. Yet as adults, we are seeking love.

Love is everywhere. There is love in every sunrise and sunset. There is love in the sound of a baby laughing or crying. There is love in all animals and in all things. Have you ever heard the oceans tide breaking against a cliff? Have you stood so close to the ocean crashing around large rocks that you can feel the mist from within? All of this is love; we may not get to choose where the love comes from…but we receive it daily.

You may see a sidewalk with a large crack in it and see fault; but if you look at it with loving eyes…you may just see on opportunity for a flower to grow. You may not see the love in a thunderstorm…but I see the possibility of a rainbow. You may not see the love in a blizzard, but I see a Creator that is purifying the air.

Are you looking for love? I will tell you; you only get back from this world…what you put into it. We come from a Creator which is an endless supply of love. Yet we are so busy going to that Creator in prayer, with what we don’t have and how much more we need…instead of showing gratitude, that we have blocked our own blessings.

As long as we are stomping our feet, because a door was shut on us…we won’t even feel the draft from the open window. Love is eternal…boundless.

If we do not have the things in this life that we THINK we need…perhaps instead of pointing a finger…we should ask why.

Why didn’t I get that job, promotion or car that I wanted? Have you given love in every opportunity? Did you pass that man on the street, carrying that cardboard sign, and judge him…even if it was silent? Let me tell you my friends…our Creator knows NO silence. You thoughts are louder than your voice…your intentions are brighter than the stars. When we turn our back on love…we have begun the process of dislodging, disengaging and dismembering…our souls.

You are given a gift every day…the gift of life. How many people take that for granted? How many people will say they value and appreciate life, while criticizing the efforts of others? How many walk out of a religious service…filled with the message from our Creator…and mindlessly curse at their neighbors or children?

Are we getting the message? Are we awake? Love is around us, in us. In closing I have one final thought…what are you going to do with the love you have?

I Love You

I Love You

I love you like

The sunshine gives way to night

I love you like

The moon…makes room for new light

I love you like

A branch releases his brother leaf

I love you like

Happiness chases away our grief

I love you like

A rainbow’s arch so vibrant and bold

I love you knowing

That the best has yet to be told

I love you like

A river becomes populated by the stream

I love you with

Peace untold…your most wondrous dream

I love you like

The snowy peaks looking down on ice castle homes

I love you always

No matter where in life…that you may roam

I love you, my child

Because whatever differences that people may see

You were created to be a reminder

That you are all in the likeness of me

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