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Two Hundred Little Girls

The issue lives on

Two hundred kidnapped little girls

They aren’t from your country?

But aren’t they of this world?

They aren’t misplaced

They aren’t runaways

Someone plotted

And stole them that day

Two hundred kidnapped little girls

The world should wonder why

While parents tuck in their angels

These parents wipe their eyes

Two hundred kidnapped

Two hundred taken

Two hundred souls

My heart is breaking

May they be watched over

May they be in no pain

May what they have endured

Never be played out again

May God grant us His mercy

May God forgive the indifference

May this terrible insanity

Somehow start making sense

So tonight when I lay down to rest

And give my worries to the Most High

May these girls troubles be lightened…

As the whole world sighs…

Send one another this gift

So clearly within our sight

The presence of ALL

And Love filled with Light

                                                       ~LM Young

Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls


In Nigeria, over 230 school age girls have been kidnapped. It makes me sad every time the thought of that crime comes into my heart.

But some will still say…half way around the globe…why should we care? We have our own problems. Yes, we do have our own problems…and in part…it can be found in that statement. We should care, because if it happened to our daughters…we would want the world to stop spinning. We would want all businesses to halt and all laughter to cease. Can you imagine? They are sitting in a classroom…where many people don’t want them to be anyway, and they are taken. There is no cell phone to call for help. The police aren’t storming in with a swat team…ready to rescue them.

Can’t you almost feel their fear? Can you hear their cries? I can. Anyone who is in touch with their own humanity can most readily feel these beautiful girls seeking help…blindly. Who would do this and to what end? This becomes the sad part for me… There is a myth that says that if you are HIV positive and you have sex with a pure virgin girl…the disease will be stricken from your body. The girls taken for these purposes are sold for $12…that is twelve dollars. This is so sad, not only because this is just a myth, but because of the desperation involved.

Why should we care? We should care, because we do have our own problems. That may seem strange to some, so allow me to elaborate. During the worst struggles of my life, when I was stricken with the reality that this thing or that will most assuredly take my lively hood; I reached out to someone else. I held someone’s hand, I listened while they cried, I sought a solution that they may have missed, I wrote a poem…and when I started living my life in this way…my rewards became abundant.

Is it easy to let go of whatever ills or bad feelings we have, not usually. But I promise, if you are able to look outside of yourself…you can literally heal a nation. I challenge you and your mind…let your heart feel. Let it touch others…allow it to gently hug another. Don’t be afraid to feel or be felt. There is nothing quite as beautiful as love when it starts to bloom. Allow the kindness of strangers to heal your broken heart. You will be surprised at how easily that can happen. A simple touch on the shoulder…telling us that they understand, even if they are not personally touched by our plight. In the end we all want to be loved…as love is the universal antibiotic.

So when you hear about the story of these precious Nigerian girls that were stolen away…open your heart. Understand that giving your heart to someone does not take away from you at all. Think about them when you pray…think about them when you think of your own children. Give thanks for these precious moments we are given…they are the things that dreams are made of.

And tonight, as I write this, know that I am extending my heart to you.

Light and Love be yours, LM Young

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