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What About Me

What About Me

I hate you she cries

Vile names he blurts out

Mommy and Daddy

What’s wrong now

This marriage was a mistake

A huge waste of my time

What about me?

Says innocent eyes

You are worthless

Cheater not a real man

But what about me?

Wrings her little hands

Hit me I dare you

I will have you locked up

Mommy what about me

Cries a voice not so tough

Throw out my clothes

I can start a life with her

As inaudible sobs

Careful not to stir

Mommy and Daddy

If this was a big mistake

What does that make me

Just another promise to break?

Start another life

Throw my daddy in prison

Do you hear her heart breaking

Are you even listening?

She loves you both

Use caution in your debates

Or you…Mommy and Daddy

Will be her first heart ache

So when waging this war

Use caution and care

For a little…what about me

May be standing there

                            ~ LM Young

Burying Love

Burying Love

I watched a little boy today

He was sad within his eyes

Too often I had seen it before

Yes this pain can’t be disguised

His nine year old sister

Bullied with cruel words of hate

And on some level

I think we all can relate

He wrote a letter to Santa

Said God is too busy…I cried

You could see determination in him

With the depth of his sigh

He loved his sister so deeply

Her pain was his too

How we tend to justify

The evils that we do

The mother she whispered

With tears in her eyes

Her daughter said

Sometimes…I just want to die

They called her fat and dumb

Hideous was the word they used

That brought me here now

Why I am talking to you

Children are becoming assailants

Their weapon a sharp tongue

Those helpless victims

Are also our young

They aren’t weak or less

They aren’t bull’s eye targets

But they may be a “Too Soon” grave

If somehow we don’t stop it

Use caution in your speech

As if ONE higher is standing there

We must first check our hearts

Are they still there?

We are better than this

Better than what we have seen

What happened to guarding our sisters

Remember she is a Queen

Children are dying

Giving up hope

Don’t say suicide is wrong

And hand them a rope

Don’t say be nice to all

Then talk poorly of others

Bullying is taught

By father’s and mother’s

This is not what God wants for us

This is not a path of reason

Humanity must start now

It is never out of season

Bullies aren’t stealing lunch money

They aren’t sticking out a tongue

They are threatening and disturbing

The peace of our young

If we start today

Look a little longer at your reflection

See the beauty of God

Upon further inspection

For we came from a Great Source

And Greatness is what shall be

But what you want for yourself

You should also want for me

For I am…You are…We are

Descendants of Pure Light

We let things go wrong

But can also make them right

Teach love by being love

In everything you do and say

And maybe…I hope

We won’t bury a love today

When Is Rape Okay

When Is Rape Okay

When Is Rape Okay

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook. I went to the author’s website and found (just for clarification); that when these high school students were asked to answer the questions, it was on a rating scale 0-5. Zero equaled not agreeing at all, therefore symbolic of “NO”. Any rating over zero, would be counted as a “yes”. I just wanted that to be clear before I wrote this, although I don’t think that the number on the scale that each child chose, above zero matters. Allow me just this courtesy…RAPE IS WRONG.

This post had me thinking, past the lump I felt in my throat. I was disappointed in the fact that these young males felt this way; for any man to think it would ever be okay to force sex upon another.  What I found deeply disturbing was that any female would think this behavior was acceptable; why would we think that any situation would make this horrible and vile act appropriate?

Beyond talking to our children about the dangers of strangers; what do we teach them? Do we teach our sons that it is NEVER okay to force anyone to have sex? Or do we think that the logic is implied? At this point, we can effectively come to the conclusion that it is not. Where are our daughters getting their education from? Why would anyone of our young women think that she has no say over her body? Where is the self-respect and honor? Where would our sons develop the mentality that they EVER have the right to force sex on another person?

This posting had my heart feeling heavy. If I learned nothing from the rape of the Steubenville, Ohio teen; I learned that far too many people think that when a woman is drunk or high…that consent is implied, even if she is unable to say no.

To the young men and women who answered “yes”; by responding that it was okay for a man to force a woman to have sex if:

1. He spends a lot of money on her

2. He is so turned on he doesn’t think he can stop

3. She is drunk or stoned

4. She has had sex with others

5. They have dated for a long time

6. She wanted to, but then changed her mind

Allow me to share something with you, rape cannot be changed. Rape is not one moment on a random day/night; rape lasts your entire life. You never forget the feeling of degradation. You never forget the questions that your mind poses, that will never have an answer. Rape is far reaching…no matter what anyone says.

Anytime someone tells you that rape isn’t THAT bad…they are lying. It destroys lives and can permanently destroy the hearts and souls of men and women.

As parents, it is our responsibility to arm our children with the knowledge of love. Respect must be taught…through observation. Our children are watching what we say, do and respond to; our speech must be kind and loving. Keep in mind, we teach our children callousness.

As for these young women, who also participated in this “poll”?

Love yourselves. No one has the right to force sex on you. Respect your body and your decisions; do what is right for you. You do not owe anyone anything; your body is sacred.

We need to change the rules, so we can change our frame of mind. If she/he does not say YES…the answer is no. If she/he says yes, then changes his/her mind…the answer is no. Paying for a meal, present or any other such thing…does NOT purchase him/her sexually. If you are so turned on that you don’t think you can stop…don’t even start. NO matter how long you have known him and no matter what your relationship is…it is always your decision to make.

We must do better. We are assisting in the demise of these young souls, by sitting in silence. We must take a pro-active role in the lives of these young people, who are our future. Rape is not a phase that someone goes through…it is a felony.

Remember my friends, rape is a crime that destroys. Talk to your sons and daughters; do not make excuses, like those made for the rapists in the Jane Doe case in Ohio. Stop placing the victim on trial, when we do this…we are embracing the sexual predator.

While no one wants to think their child is a predator, when we sweep such behavior under the rug…we are breeding it.

Love one another…and please…please stop the insanity.

The Best of Us All

The Best of Us All

We should never have cause

To mourn a child

Because we live in a world

That has simply gone wild

Children battered

Being constantly abused

The color of love

Is not the shade of a bruise

I have no understanding

Of how a parent can fore sake

The life of a child

The divine rules we do break

We have no right to injure

Or impose our gross interpretation

Of how we want life to be

Causing further alienation

Children are not little adults

They need our protection

Instead we have become the problem

The ongoing infection

I honestly can NOT tell you

I know why this occurred

And can’t get wrapped up in

How you might be disturbed

She was 9 years old

And then she was not

You were her father

I guess you forgot

So let me remind you

Her body was never yours to know

She was a baby…innocent

Now to never grow

So you took her life

To buy her silence about you

But let me give my voice

Another point of view

She no longer breathes

I think you should remember why

Because of what you did

Her silence you couldn’t buy

Children are true blessings

Each and every single one

Evidence of God is found

In our daughters and our sons

We must stop the violence

We can no longer turn away

Too many children are dying

Let us pray:

Oh Father…who is above Heaven

Please forgive our ignorant acts

Protect the children from us

For we know the facts

The fact is we neglect and abuse

The biggest blessings we’re given

We have no excuse

For the way we are living

Father please guard the children

We need to harbor them from the storm

It’s been our duty…our job

Since the day they were born

I don’t know when we lost our way

I just know that we did

Our children fell prey

We became sordid

Please remove the evil

Which flows through our veins

So we may meet you in Heaven

When we see you again

And too all those innocents

Which we sent home to you so fast

I hope you have finally found the love

You have needed at last

May you all have eternal peace

Knowing no harm can again befall

You TRULY are the very

Best of us all


The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Walls came Tumbling Down

In the heat of the moment

In the still of the night

So many things go wrong

The blink of an eye

I’m sure in after thought

You would have complied stat

Are you following him?

We don’t need you to do that

A moment of thought

Could have made this just a debate

Now it’s up to the courts

To decide your life’s fate

A sad turn of events

A trip to the store

A child’s life

Will live no more

Oh we have the memories

Those precious moments in time

When he was laughing and loving

Remembering how he did shine

Anger will not change

What happened that night

But he was just a child

Keep that in your sight

No matter what we hold onto

When we think of his time

Was he a trouble maker

Or an angel of our mind

He was a child of God

He was created by Him

His life was ended

Due to a human’s whim

Why don’t we ask questions

Before acting it out

Oh the tragic results

When this comes about

Trayvon had a message

Even with his death

Even if it was only found

Upon taking his last breath

The message is clear

I hope we all one day can see

We are all important

Even someone like me

Someone who is loved by their parents

Someone who had a beautiful smile

Someone who, yes, was human

And got in trouble once in a while

Someone who had a future

Could have fallen in love

Was someone you could count on

When push came to shove

My race didn’t make me better

But God knows didn’t make me worse

But a decision made in haste showed

You acted before thinking first

I hope you one day understand

What really came about

Because there are parents now

Who are living without

I pray God will show us

The way to heal hearts broken

Before more angry actions are taken

While less words are spoken

For one thing is definite

Death cannot be undone

And grief is a morbid battle

Never can be won

So, Lord if you’re listening

As I write this down

Show us your grace before

The walls come tumbling down

 **IN conjunction with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness…we are happy to donate a portion of the proceeds from our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter

Our Master’s Touch

Our Master’s Touch

We are linked together

Love is our only rope

Connecting us as one

With a chain of hope

We can lean on one another

Or push each other away

But hand in hand we can develop

The tools needed today

We need them for compassion

What the world seriously lacks

Or a tool of forgiveness

And kindness perhaps

We can learn that we

Were created to be one

And somehow together

God’s work will be done

Put down your weapons

Lay down your swords

And stop taking jabs at people

With your unkind words

Remember a jagged tongue

Can leave a brutal scar

And is one of the reasons

We are in the shape we are

Spreading vicious rumors

And using vindictive tones

Can sometimes be more harmful

That throwing large stones

We need to set aside our differences

Life is far too short

War is not necessary

No matter what the news reports

You will not get to heaven

With my blood on your hands

You must find kindness and mercy

It’s what God commands

So let’s stop preparing our children

For an untimely death

And teach them how to love

And show them they are blessed

Our children have important matters

Like school…sports…learning to run

They should not be bothered

With purchasing a gun

They are like fine spun crystal

So easily it will break

Far too many have perished

We have no time left to wait

Love one another often

You can’t say I love you too much

And I will see you at the divine alter

Waiting for our Master’s touch

Over The Rainbow


Over The Rainbow


  I was told about a story where some children had taken a firecracker and put it in the mouth of a dog. The children taped the dogs mouth closed and were laughing as the dog suffered miserably before it died. And while I found this to be a reprehensible act…it made me think a little deeper into the character of human beings.

  We tend to make excuses for the poor behavior of people. Take the example of the tortured dog…there are people who will say it was JUST a dog. But was it JUST a dog? I tend to believe that the dog was a symbol of how we live our lives today. We often entertain ourselves at the expense of others…with no thought to how the victim of that entertaining act must feel. By now, you should know that I am not talking just about a tortured dog…but how we treat everyone and everything that we come into contact with. I will start with animals first…so it doesn’t appear that I think this act was in any way acceptable.

  We do not have the right to bring harm or danger to any one or anything that was created by God. And since we are all His creation…we do not have free license to bring harm to anything…period. Animals are not JUST anything…they are creatures that were brought here…just as we were. They have the right to live, eat, breathe and maintain life…just as we do. Yet, we as people are the only living organisms that not only kill for the mere entertainment of the sport…but we also find some innate joy in torturing living beings as well. You won’t ever see an animal play with its food, never mind tormenting it. Cruelty to animals is a huge problem in this country…and when it is done it just shows how very heartless and cruel we can be. And as a parent…I feel obligated to tell you that most serial murderers started out torturing small animals…maybe that is something that we should look at.

  However when we set aside the animals…and look at how we also sit by and watch our children torture other children…one must wonder what we are doing. It is true that in most cases our children aren’t binding other children’s mouths together and stuffing explosives in their mouths. But look at how we sit by idly and watch as they torture one another verbally. What have we become, as people? Have our lives boiled down to a kill or be killed society? Why are the only roles that we play “the victim” or “the attacker”?

  Anytime we are entertained at the cost of someone else…it is wrong. We have no way to know what kind of effect that has on another human being. We can not determine how very much or little bearing our words will have on another person. Does that mean that we are all powerful? NO. But it does mean that we are in a position to make a positive effect on someone, as opposed to tearing down their self esteem. We have a responsibility to one another…which was given to us at birth. From birth we were entrusted with the responsibility of being kind and loving towards one another. We were brought together for a specific reason…and that reason was NOT to determine who was stronger via a fight to the death. When we break the hearts of people…we are tearing away at their spirit. We are making them feel weak and less than they actually are. This is not a trophy to wear around your neck…because as life will have it…and most certainly it will…someone bigger and stronger will do the same to you.

  And before anyone gets the chance to say that “they are just kids”…allow me to say…you are absolutely right. As adults in a community…we are responsible for speaking up when we see a child being bullied. We are responsible for taking children to the side and telling them that this is unacceptable behavior. We are also responsible for telling the onlookers of this travesty that they are just as guilty as the bully. Indifference is a terrible offense. And even if the onlooker doesn’t agree with what is being said or done…by sitting quietly…they are silently siding with the abuser.

  This is what our world has come to…and it gotten to this point by our children…watching us. They watch us demean and demoralize certain groups of people…whether on the television or in person. They have watched us ridicule and criticize someone who we may say is weaker than we are. We have subliminally been training our children to be warriors against one another.

  We all cheered when a war in another country is over and our soldiers can finally come home. So why are we turning a blind eye to the war we are waging in our own back yards? Take responsibility for the way our children fail to communicate…it is our fault. Remind them to love each other…and while they will get angry with one another…forgiveness is imperative.

  Everyone wants to believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…and there is. But the “rainbow” is our path and the pot of gold is the reward we get spiritually by learning how to live together in peace and harmony. Do not tolerate violence…teach love…and we can go over the rainbow together.


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