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The Adversity of Angels

The Adversity of Angels
Adversity touches us all. It is true that we can have different facets of adversity or challenges; but none the less, without a doubt it will touch us all. There is no way, for instance, that I could write about adversity and not have had my share. Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes; it can last for only a single moment, or it can test us the entirety of our lives.
I can not pretend, to know the specific reasons for everyone’s individual road blocks in life; but there are reasons for all things under the sun and moon.
Recently, I suffered a great loss. Someone that I loved dearly passed away. It was not the first time that I had suffered such a loss; nor would it be the last. However, it was a challenge for me. Someone I loved and counted on died. I am fairly educated; I understand that our bodies were not built to last forever. This experience had me feeling all alone in a world larger than I would ever be. It was difficult to figure out how I would go on from that point on; in my opinion life wasn’t fair.
This got me to thinking about the larger picture; since I know that all things have their reason and season. I began thinking about my statement, “It wasn’t fair”. Fair to whom? Well, fair to me I guessed; then the flood gates opened up. Who am I to decide what is fair and unfair? So I began to unload on the things that I would deem unfair, in general. I don’t think it is fair that my sister died without warning, no one got to say goodbye. It’s at that moment that it hit me; I got to know her. I was blessed in having shared time with her. It really wasn’t about me. It was never about not getting to say good bye; but having the privilege of saying hello.
Adversity will affect all of us, it isn’t personal. The adage that what won’t kill us will only make us stronger, is very true. It may not be fair that a child has to where eye glasses, because inevitably they will be called names at school. However, since there are children that have never had eye sight at all, have never experienced a sunrise or sunset; have never spied the evening star or seen the colors of the rainbow; far sightedness seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Now, in truth, I wish that neither had to happen to anyone; but we all know that it does.
I have a family member who is an amputee; her life will forever be different than it once was. I am sure she doesn’t think that was fair; simply because it’s something she couldn’t control. In her defense though, she takes it in stride; knowing that it was God’s will. But I had a grandfather who could not walk at all. He had a stroke before I was born and he lost the use of his legs. I don’t think it is fair that people have to wear hearing aids or voice boxes; but there are those people who have challenges much larger than that. I don’t think it is fair that people get cancer, diabetes or lupus; but they do. Just because the adversity one has; is different than another does not mean that it serves a different purpose. Adversity challenges us; it gives us strength, we are not defined by an affliction. We can find lessons in all things; we only need to seek it.
I am not suggesting that people that succumb to cancer, diabetes, lupus or any other debilitating illness are weak. Sometimes we must seek the larger picture; it isn’t always easy to do this. As I stated earlier, I have been caught up in the fairness game. I do not think that it is fair that anyone suffers from anything; but it really isn’t my call, or yours.
We have a set path. Our path is unique from anyone else’s; we all may have the same destination, but how we get there can be amazingly different. My path may have more adversity than yours; then again, you may consider adversity renting instead of owning your house. Even in the definition of what we consider to be adverse conditions; we may differ.
Change is good. Change keeps us from getting too comfortable in or own skin. The best way to look at it is like this; things aren’t happening to you…they are happening for you. Your path is being molded everyday and you may have no idea what is in store for you; but your Creator does.
Adversity is an angel…sent by God. God does this to re-align us with our true path. Our plans for our lives are in vain; we plan nothing that is not willed by God. Sometimes God just needs to slow us down; give us a breather. We often just need to take a step back from how we are living to see what we need; in order to fulfill our pre-ordained destiny.
Take a moment today and look back on your life. Take a deep breath…exhale; give thanks for the ability to do so. I am always grateful for being brought here; to this place which has connected us…if only for the minute it took for you to read this. I wish you all peace and love; may your blessings be abundant and your life filled with smiles.




The streets were crowded

People randomly shouting

But a voice which seemed softer

Had more people crowding

There were shouts made in anger

One said…I’m glad it’s not the time of Jesus

The crowd agreed…a small girl stepped up

And what makes you think …he’s not one of us

What makes you seem so sure

He was not the boy that got shot

Or the homeless man with the sign

The abused girl getting hit a lot

What makes us so smug now

That we couldn’t even agree

That God could even look like

The kid trying to save a tree

She walked as she spoke

Making sure to touch our hands

Even though we have read the stories

We still fail to understand

Jesus didn’t have a glow over his head

He wasn’t accepted or adorned

Not in the beginning…or the end

Proved by a crown made of thorns

He simply spoke about peace

Some people listened…others did not

Even those who were close to him

Even those…they forgot

He was not a rich man

A carpenter…who just roamed

Often no food to eat

Never really had a home

Let’s say He is here amongst us

Even if just in fun

Today if that was Jesus

You would call him a bum

You would make fun of his plight

You would kick him when he fell

You would judge and belittle Him

The obscenities you would yell

You would not fall to your knees

Nor would you even ask his name

You call yourself faithful

We should all be ashamed

For even if the Lord is not walking

Along side of us today

We learned nothing from the past

It’s why we live this way

We point fingers and belittle

Those we fail to understand

We are so filled with self

We rarely reach out our hands

Remember the story we were told

About the young woman being stoned

Those men picked up rocks

They wouldn’t leave her alone

Jesus spoke above their banter

They were having actual fun

Jesus said…you without sin

May cast the first one

Rocks fell like rain at that moment

They all walked away

But how many of us

Lead by example like this today

How often do you say to others

Judge not lest you be judged

The crowd grew deadly quiet

Could see not one person budge

Fear not judgment upon death

The girl said humbly and clear

For if you live a life of love now

You would have nothing to fear

In a moment she was gone

No one even saw her leave

Did anyone get her name

But there really was no need

For the message she delivered

Was accepted and known

When amongst all of our feet

Were casted away stones

Abundant Peace

Abundant Peace

There have been those who have doubted

My call to uplift man

Those who may not choose to

Or want not to understand

I’m not saying those who are suffering

Are less important than me

But more about the part we play

In our humanity

Why do we just sit and watch

Children starving to death

Look in awe all the while

People take their last breaths

We will say it’s far away

What really can I do

I say…how did you help

Those in front of you

They may not look the same

As those dying far away

But they are suffering…

How many did you pass today

How many homeless people

Did you turn your sight from

Hoping that on the way home

That eyesore would be gone

How many screams have you heard

Praying it would stop

Yet when you hear about their demise

You had the nerve to be shocked

How many more kids must die

At the hands of a gun

How many more will fall

Before this day is done

How many more coffins

Will lay premature in the ground

How many lives will be lost

While just trying to be found

How many hands could we hold

To say I am here for you

How it would put a heart at ease

The right thing for us to do

How many times have we wondered

What if I had done that thing

Could it have made a difference

With the love it would bring

How many times can we afford

To live a life full of regret

I can tell you …a long time

If we allow ourselves to forget

If we forget that we all are children

Under Our Creator so great

And every time we allow it

It’s His heart that we break

For our purpose, I promise

Is not to turn away

From the plights of man

What he’s faced with today

But to lift him up to the Heavens

To stop indifference and then

Remind him that we have humanity

So we can start loving again

Shower your down and out brother

Give him a shoulder to lean

Remind him of God’s love

And all that it means

For when we start that cycle

The wars can finally cease

And we can finally get back to God

Living in abundant peace

You Alone Are Enough

You Alone Are Enough

Sometimes the only reminder

Of what we are supposed to do

Comes from those on the outside

Looking in toward you

Reminders of what is right

Reminders of not so much

Reminding us to be kind

To all our words do touch

Reminders come in all forms

Including some less kind

Some we may have looked over

Never expected to find

Perhaps the reminder is found

In witnessing something unjust

Or an experience or shock

From one we used to trust

No matter what the package

The contents are the same

No matter how it’s wrapped

The Truth is what remains

God sends us these reminders

Like a gentle nudge

When we are being stubborn

Simply will not budge

Like the story about the wind

Trying to force the man

To remove his coat

Making it hard for him to stand

But the man held on tighter

Until his fingertips turned blue

The wind gave all he had

He blew and blew and blew

The wind in its ego thought

He could force the man

To remove his coat

By gale forces across the land

Then out came the sunshine

Doing all that it does

Beamed down God’s light

Warming with His love

The man removed his coat

The day it had gotten hot

The sun remembered something

The wind had forgot

Embrace people with love

Their hearts will then move

God’s love is bountiful

Like this lesson proves

Reminders of God’s reasoning

We were brought to this place

Is found in the hearts of men

On a child’s sweet face

Today this is your reminder

Find caution in your speech

REALLY love your neighbor

By giving a smile to each

Brighten up a gloomy day

For a heart that has a frown

Like throwing a life vest

Before a soul starts to drown

Remember to remember to

Embrace a heart gone cold

Bringing sheep back to God

Into His loving fold

In closing I remind you

I know this task can be rough

But with God as your shepherd

You …yes you, alone are enough

True Men

True Men

Be strong I heard him say

It made me feel bold I must admit

But in his lessons of manhood

There’s something I must have missed

I heard him tell mom he loved her

But when she got in his way

His face turned to stone

His heart it filled with rage

My eyes would fill with tears

He would turn to me and say

Real men don’t cry…stand up

Be strong…learn to walk away

I thought I would never forget

The sadness in momma’s face

He said…your tears mean nothing

He killed a part of her that day

Throughout life as a young “man”

My father taught these lessons to me

How to look tough…never stand down

Be the man you’re supposed to be

Slowly I grew out of my childish ways

Got girlfriends of my own

Slowly their tears meant less

With every fist I’d thrown

Still ringing in my ears

This voice…be a man

Do whatever you want

Only REAL men can

My tender hearted ways subsided

I finally stepped up to the plate

No one could stop me now

I’m a man…I am great

He taught me all I needed to know

Saying life is a great big test

Step on the weak…women…children

As he puffed out his chest

I became my father one year

Not sure when it did occur

Dad got older…had a stroke

His voice started to slur

We got into an argument

He disputed my state of “man”

I told him to shut up

I quickly lifted up my hand

He said what you are doing

I’m your father…you’re my son

God spoke down from above…

Are you happy with what you’ve done?

You took my innocent lamb

Made him heartless and cold

Taught him to be you

He only did as he was told

Now he hits women and children

Wouldn’t think twice about you

And you dare ask who he is

What did you think he would do?

He has become the victim

Of an age old disease

Where man thinks he is great

So why fall down to his knees?

Instead of instilling My Light

You left him alone to die

The very first moment

He watched his mother cry

If we do not make a change

The chain of hate goes on

Our children are not tokens

They are not little pawns

My mindful of what you teach

For strength is not found in the hand

But in the hearts of children

I hope you understand

Men are not savage and cruel

That is evil…nothing else

Use your arms for loving

Be a better self

For the disease of hatred

Can end here today

But you must submit

And walk in My Way

I never forgot that moment

When God spoke to my Dad

He gave me the biggest lesson

The largest I ever had

Be kind in your gestures

Even words can cut deep

Be mindful of who you are

And the company you keep

It’s not okay to hit

It’s not okay to cause harm

My heart refilled with joy

My soul began to warm

So here is my message to you

It’s the best one I can send

Keep your focus on God

He’s the maker of TRUE MEN

I’ll Pass

I’ll Pass

Kindly do me a favor

Before this day is done

Take a simple kindness

Thoughtfully pass it on

Pass on the wonders

Of a world gone so bleak

Pass on a hidden strength

To another who is weak

Pass on a smile today

When a frown is all you see

Pass on the gifts

Of our Royal Majesty

Pass on the blessings

We receive every day

Remember there are lives

Who don’t have it that way

Pass on the hope

True salvation brings

Pass on the love

From the King of Kings

Pass on the wonders

Found in a Hummingbird

Pass on a joke

No matter how absurd

Pass on a friendly wave

When another does go past

Pass on a slow reaction

In a world moving too fast

Pass on the joy you hear

Every time a baby cries

Pass on the look of love

Into another’s eyes

Pass on a poem which

Made you smile today

Pass on the love intended on

Pay It Forward Day

**Happy Pay It Forward Day…Peace to you all

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

    The end of humanity does not occur when man does evil…but when man sits and watches…yet does nothing.

We are armed with all the weapons that we will ever need to defend ourselves, from birth. We were created with love, but with that comes great responsibilities; we are responsible for holding the love of God dear and to give it too others. It is only when we look for outside implements or instrumentation that we actually go against our very purest nature. The very purest part of us is that with which we were created; over time depending on our circumstances and our will to accept that which others find acceptable…we can develop negative or destructive tendencies. This happens when we no longer attempt to communicate…with our very being. We were created with many means in which to communicate…with our mouths, lips, hands, eyes, ears, even our legs and feet…all can communicate what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

For instance I can either speak to you using my mouth…orally creating vibrations which are expressed in words audibly detectable. Or I can just use my lips to mouth the words…with out a sound. Both are forms of communication…but one would actually take active reception. What I mean by that is…the person I am communicating to would really have to pay attention to what I am trying to relay to them. Not only that…but I would have to take my time and make my words easy to receive. Have you ever argued with some one speaking so harshly, and fast that even you can not even remember exactly what you said? Yet the emotion behind the sentiment is never lost…you are angry. However…if you had to take a moment and actually make your words clearly decipherable, due to an inability to yell, or orate any sound at all…then perhaps the communication would not be lost and the emotion would be more even tempered.

We often we use our bodies as a means of letting other know what we are feeling at the time…often without realizing it. We will point our fingers…which can be interpreted as accusatory or to place blame. We can cross our arms which can be interpreted as I don’t want to hear what you are saying, or I don’t want to disclose something. Of course these things could also mean other things such as pointing when giving direction or folding our arms because we are cold…but again, these are ideas that we are still communicating.

We can use our legs and feet to position our body in such a way to display our interest or disinterest with what is being said to us. If we sit facing away from someone it clearly states that I am not interested in what you are talking about, or telling me. If I tap my foot it may mean that I am impatient or running out of time. If I stomp my foot it can be out of anger or excitement depending on the dialogue prior.

But the most important communication tool that we are armed with is our ears.  How carefully do we listen to what is being communicated? If we were asked, could we mirror what we were told or asked? Often, we only hear the first and last thing that is said to us. Which is unfortunate because then we are missing out on the communication.

We often take these tools of communication for granted. When I was a child …to show us our many blessings my grandmother would blindfold us or have us cover our ears…to show us how carefully we actually listen or watch things. When your vision is impaired in that way…you would be surprised at what we hear that we didn’t hear before…a bird chirping, the snow crunching, footsteps in the distance…and trying to figure out who the footsteps belonged to. We learned that we had to listen carefully to tones and words, because we didn’t have the luxury of seeing a facial expression. When our ears were covered we had to watch things carefully because we couldn’t hear them…or our hearing was impaired to such an extent that it wasn’t clear. We were no longer rushing to say what ever we pleased but actually taking the time to try and read the lips and expressions being communicated to us. Now, of course, the entire purpose of this exercise was not to punish us, but to teach us that we need to take more time with life. We needed to take time to smell the flowers, to watch a sunset, to be more loving and kind with one another.

Why do we dislike the silent treatment? Because we want to communicate…but often we would rather wage war than take the time to actively listen and participate in a conversation. We would rather lash out than to calmly verbalize what we are thinking and feeling. Words can be like weapons…they can inform us or others…or they can cut like a knife. I can remember, as a child, hearing certain tones and unflattering words that adults used towards one another. They were not speaking to me, no one was calling me names…no one was angry at me. But I absorbed the words…it hurt deep inside of me…it felt like my insides were shaking. I felt violated, like someone had picked up a club and hit me in my stomach. Of course the adults that were doing this made up, they moved on…but I will never forget the feeling it left me with. I was scarred…and even now when I hear certain words I get the same feeling again.

We, as human beings have the power to create or destroy and we do so everyday. We build up people or we tear them down…every single day. The point being, with that knowledge…which will you choose to do? We have the power to make each day better then the one previous…just by opening our mouths, our minds and our hearts. We can leave loving embraces on the hearts of our fellow man or we can scar them. Keeping in mind very often when we scar people they lash out at others…leaving them scarred, as well. We create a cycle no matter which way we go…but we get to choose which road to take. All that I am suggesting is that we choose that which will help uplift and rejuvenate. If we leave loving kind words…they will resonate in people…and hopefully that will be the trend.

Does it sound like I am being unrealistic? Talking about love towards our fellow man…I have been told that it does. The thing is this…if being loving towards each other seems like a foreign idea…it is only because we have been living far too long with the idea that we must kill or be killed.

Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough

There are angels among us

I wanted you to know

They are the feeling saying stop

When we only want to go

It’s the pang of conscience

Urging to do what’s right

It’s the reminder of the day

When we want to hide at night

It’s the proof that we are loved

Even if it’s not what we perceive

It’s God’s love saying…stay

When all we want to do is leave

Have you ever been so angry

Never wanting to ask why

The evils of men stopped

By an innocent baby’s cry

Once I heard a story

Two elderly women being robbed

They told him to take what he wants

Saying…you are loved by God

The man stopped in his tracks

He simply dropped his head

Laid down what he had stolen

Out the door he fled

For those women were his angels

Saying take what you may

But when you leave go with God

What a loving thing to say

We should remind each other often

How we are loved by Him

Loved no matter what we do

It’s who we are within

That man could not do the evil

He started out to do that day

Because those angels he met

God set in his way

If we all just took a moment

Just a passing glance

We would see God’s signs around us

Wouldn’t need a second chance

SO today before you speak

Listen and watch for your sign

Because God wants your eternal life

TO be one that is divine

I will tell you right now

I love you because you are

It is as clear as God’s light

Bright as a shining star

I love each and every one

Of God’s creations for all time

If we hold on to that thought

It’s the greatest treasure we can find

SO the lesson for tonight is simple

Ask for nothing you cannot sow

Cultivate God’s love

And watch your bounty grow

Hard times will fall upon us

Times they will make it tough

Remember you are simply

God’s diamond in the rough

Find Humility

Find Humility

Another sweet child

We laid to rest

Humanity escaping

Another failed test

Failing to reach out

Failing to lift up

Another coffin

We helped to seal shut

Bruises …a reminder

Of the evils men do

Another crack

A child has fallen through

Only six years old

The violence we eject

Taken by a parent

Was supposed to protect

No excuse will do

It can not be made right

One less child of God

Will breath again tonight

IN after thought I know

This child is better today

No more possibility of abuse

Like ones from yesterday

Still I wiped away a tear

It fell from my eye

Could say I understand

But that would be a lie

Wasn’t wearing a hoodie

Not carrying a bag of skittles

Another unjustifiable killing

Of a soul…so little

Just violence that’s all

I don’t really care why

The hate we emit

Can no longer be denied

Another last breath taken

A life stolen in haste

Any regrets that are felt

Now seem in bad taste

After the smoke clears

The fire has burned out

All that is left is…why

Why did it come about?

Children are not little adults

Silence is not peace

Oh the sins we commit

Promises we don’t keep

When a stranger kills a child

They didn’t know them…we feel bad

But what can we say

When the murderer is their dad?

Can we say it was about race

Being outside when it was late

We didn’t know their intention?

NO…this was just about hate

Hatred of self

Hatred of the divine

The idea of alibi’s

Is all in your mind

I pray God can forgive

The evils of man

But we have to change

Take a firm stand

No matter whose child you touch

In my heart it’s an offense to me

You’re an insult to my God

To my tranquility

Do not raise your arm

To a child any more

You may win that battle

But will lose the war

An offense on a child

Is slapping God in the face

You are killing off

Our human race

Stand on alert

States kill men for less

The tables might be turned

You might be next

Love that child often

Be the being you should be

I pray that God will forgive us

And we find humility

 **I wrote this in memory of Afton Allison…a 6 year old child of God killed by his father…I hope you get to read the article about him**

~RIP Afton

Best Friend

Best Friend

It’s been a while since I wrote you

Not that I don’t miss your face

But God has reminded me

Has let me borrow His grace

He has shown me your life

Touched so much more than me

So to keep you all to myself

Would be nothing less than greed

I still miss your contagious laughter

The way you wrinkled up your nose

The way your eyes sparkled

Oh, I really miss those

I miss calling you up

And you yelling for it taking so long

Yes, sometimes I still cry

When I hear your favorite song

I still wish this was a dream

That I could go to your house

Watching and enjoying you

Just watching you go about

The days sometimes go forever

The nights can be so hard

To say how much I love you

Would fill a greeting card

I get angry so often

People take for granted time

I wish they could see

This broken heart of mine

How foolish people are

Wasting words of vile intent

Oh, the regret that happens

When all your time is spent

I feel closer to God now

We talk a lot more

About His divine plan for me

The blessings He has in store

I’m sorry if I ever failed

To tell you enough

I’m proud to be your sister

I love you very much

When I mess up…we know I will

Just give me a gentle nudge

I know you will mean well

And you aren’t trying to judge

But that’s what families do

Look over each other’s hearts

That hasn’t changed even though

We’re further apart

Thank God for the time

He gave to us down here

We will always have your memory

Only your body disappeared

If there’s one thing I got

From your time with me

I hope it was your loving way

And bright energy

Cause sometimes the clouds seem to part

When I’m missing you too bad

Like God’s giving me a moment

With the best friend I ever had

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