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I’m not much for politics

Will never hold office or such

Just seems like we analyze

Our world way too much

If we were all loving by nature

Kindness were our only creed

Microscopes wouldn’t be necessary

Could be judged by our good deeds

Not how much a charity was given

Not how many babies we kissed

But we’re so caught up on dissecting

There’s so much we have missed

We overlook true kindness

For the flashy displays of “humanity”

We mistake lies for the truth

And other such insanity

We should think a man true

For kissing a baby’s head

Babies are easy to love

Let’s talk about life instead

You want to make the world safer

Let’s talk about ridding our arms

Let’s contribute to peace

Stop doing others harm

This do onto others

Before he does to me

Creates human extinction

Via political party

Not caring about which party

You tend to subscribe

More concerned about love

Shining my Creator’s light

In the world that really matters

We have begun a cycle of hate

It isn’t about who is strongest

But the fragile hearts we break

What good is a human display?

If it is followed up with lies

We cover up evils of men

With well-padded alibis

Believe me we are being watched

From places unforeseen

Our actions are being scrutinized

Our intentions are unclean

We may pray in a cathedral

All are welcome to enter

For God is not as we are

Completely self-centered

Yet every day we are given

The chance to make a change

Yet the mistakes we are making

Vary little in their range

I’m observing nothing more

Not saying I am less at fault

But shouldn’t we start today

End the domestic assault

Stop the hateful name calling

What are we teaching our young?

That the winner by default

Is the one with the cruelest tongue?

Do you see the insanity now?

How crazy this all seems

To crush the will of man

Squashing his hopes and dreams

I pray we wake up soon

Before it is too late

The cost of sin is high

The punishment is great

Embrace your fellow man

Whether black white yellow or blue

For the greatness that created them

Also created you







The Only way

The Only Way

I cried a tear of frustration

When I heard the news

Another child was found

Abandoned and abused

There was no huge story though

No fanfare or plea for help

Just a brief intermission

Then it moved to something else

I wonder why it’s no big wonder

Or no big conversation

Abused kids get less attention

Than talking about taxation

I guess we have gotten accustomed to

Seeing our world growing cold

No real shock factor or ratings

When these stories are told

Sad when you think about it

More attention is gained

When we hear a meteorologist

Promise for more rain

A world going frigid

Forgetting our true path

Not concerned about destination

Only the things that we have

I saw a report about the war

The gunmen were just little kids

They spoke of the evil

And the things that they did

Still don’t think it’s your problem

Because they are so far away

We get further from God

When we look at life this way

Our children are dying

Being recruited at ten

Once they are taken

Hard to come back again

Take the world by its reins

Slow down the beaten pace

This isn’t about geography

It isn’t about race

It’s about light and love

It’s about God and truth

It’s about saving lives

Restoring our youth

Make a stand with me

Children are a dying breed

Stop staring into space

While they continue to bleed

Teach hope and possibility

No more negative displays

Give love…by being love

It’s the only way

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