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The Calm Before the Storm

   I have wondered why there is calm before a storm. Obviously it isn’t necessary, from a weather stand point. The sky hardly needs to pause before gusting blustery winds upon us. Yet there are moments of stillness, just before it feels like the Heavens open up and brings forth wind and rain. Is the calm provided to us, giving the world a chance to prepare? And if so, what are we preparing for; more importantly, are we prepared?

   Is there a reason why the night seems “still”? Do we pay attention to the stillness, or do we just take it as a cue for us to rest? It there a deeper meaning behind why we may actually need the stillness or calm of the day or night?

  Have you ever had a heated argument with another person? Did you notice that for a moment…there is silence? Why is the silence there, at that particular moment? One minute the two of you have limitless antagonistic words to say to each other…then there is a pause. Why? How were you feeling during the angry exchange of insults? How did you feel in that moment of silence? What were you thinking?

   Why do we laugh when we hear people say that while they were in prison or jail, they found God? We may find it humorous to think that a person can only find their Creator when he is taken away from his element. Is there ever a bad time to know our Creator? Perhaps, for some, prison or jail is the calm before the storm. Perhaps what happens at that moment will make the difference in that person’s life…and everyone he/she touches. Is it still funny?

   Why do we place children in “time out” or give them “quiet time”? What do we expect of a child during that time, other than quiet? I realize, when I make a correlation between an adults behavior and a child’s, it seems overly simplistic to some.

   But we, as adults, are teaching life lessons to children every day. These lessons are helpful to them as adults, as long as the message is not lost. So my question is posed, what lesson are we teaching a child when we give them time away from other children? What is the purpose of a “time-out”?

   I am of the opinion that silence…calmness…isolation are methods that our Creator uses to speak to us, internally. Most of the time, especially during the day…there are a million things going on, usually all at one time. We are waking up, taking showers, getting the kids dressed. We are preparing our day, going to work, thinking about what I need to get accomplished at work to get home on time. We are deciding what to cook for lunch and then dinner. We are deciding what clothes to wear, trying to get everyone motivated and moving so that our work is done in a timely manner. Sometimes I wonder if that is what God is doing, more on that later.

   Nothing is an accident. Everything has its time and place. If there is calm or stillness whether in the air or within us…it is intentional. The only question at this point should be…why?

  Why do I need things to be still? Why is there calmness before a storm? What am I supposed to be doing that I am failing to do? Are we moving too fast? Am I thinking about what to say, before I say it? Am I using my words like a weapon? Is my intention to hurt someone with my sharp tones and comments?

   When we have moments of quiet during a heated argument…am I listening to my inner voice? Did I learn the lesson that I was being taught as a young child? Why do we use “time outs”, as a punishment for children? For one thing, it is not a punishment…it is a lesson. We are teaching our children to think, before they act. We are showing them how to step away from a potentially hostile situation and come back with a fresh perspective. This is why this method of parenting can be useful. We are teaching our children how to think. We are teaching these tender souls how to listen to their hearts.

   Children are not little adults, but they will grow up to be responsible adults. We are teaching them how to take a moment to regroup. This is what God wants for us.

  And I can say He wants this for us, because of the calm before the storm. The calmness is what I call reflection. It is when that inner voice is telling you about your behavior. It is reminding you that speaking in anger will only create more anger and hostility. We are not thinking about our actions. Where did I hear someone tell me to think about my actions? Oh, on my Grandmothers couch…during “time out”.

  How can I be so confident about all of this? It’s simple. While we are laughing about the inmate who is claiming to have found God while incarcerated…God is embracing him. While we are making fun of someone who has to go to jail to be touched by God…God is showing him his true path. While we are throwing away and giving up on individuals that are incarcerated…God is waiting for them. Why does God wait on someone that we are willing to cast away as a waste of space? Simply put…God doesn’t give up on anyone. Our Creator loves us so much that he incorporates moments of stillness and quiet in our lives. He knows that those are opportunities for us, as human beings, to submit our will to Him. God loves us, as we love those children that are in “time out”. We are precious to Him. And even if we don’t get the lesson of the stillness…He will still create other moments of calmness.

   God loves us so much that He will lead us inside of a jail…to remove all outside influences. And if you don’t know first hand, let me inform you of this; when a person is incarcerated…they will feel like they have lost everything.

   God is all around us, His is the voice of reason and love in our ears. His voice is the one telling you not to argue, fight, hurt or war with anyone. His is the voice that we fight against. So, sometimes we feel broken down…but when it is God that is building us up it doesn’t matter if you are in a jailhouse or the White House. God is guiding us toward Him…He is making us whole…He is making us one.

Building Bridges

   There are people that will come in and out of our lives…and while we may notice there absence, it is my hope that we will not miss the lesson in the experience. We are often saddened by the loss, whether it is through death or people just moving forward. It is my hope that with this we can eventually rally around what they contributed to our lives…be it something profound…or something as simple as teaching us to laugh at the things that don’t kill us. 

   Laughing at adversity allows us to own whatever the stimulus might be…it makes us pro-active instead of reactive. Most people consider reactions to mean we were caught off guard…where as being pro-active infers that we were always ready for anything that may come our way. It gives us strength in the eyes of others…and re-instills the ideas that we are blessed and highly favored. Who doesn’t feel more secure with the knowledge that we are not alone?

  Life can definitely send some jabs and upper cuts our way…but the question is simple…are we so busy trying to patch up the injury that we no longer are looking for the next blow? Did we learn the lesson? There are those people who just sit and wait for the opportunity to present itself…and the opportunity usually tends to be isolation.

   You may say that you aren’t isolated…but let’s re-examine that thought. You may be physically surrounded with numerous people…you have more contacts in your cell phone than most people get holiday cards from…but are you free of isolation? It’s is ironic that these people are called contacts…yet very few actually touch us.

   What is isolation? Generally speaking, isolation occurs when a person sets themselves apart or cuts themselves off from others. You might still think that you don’t do this…but do you? How many people on your contact list…are you truly touched by; keeping in mind that “contact” generally means the state or condition of touching?

   Do you isolate yourself from what happens around you? Do you turn off the news or ignore news articles about things that you find disturbing or negative? Many people do. It can be emotionally taxing to watch how others suffer everyday…perhaps looking the other way will allow us to go on with our day, at least. Who really wants to read or watch stories about homelessness, or crime? Who wants to hear day and day out about the famine in Horn of Africa…and who can bear to see those poor children dying? We have our own problems…and I do not think for one moment that people who think this way are callous or uncaring. They are human. But they are humans who have chosen to isolate themselves.

   Why do you think that so many people rallied around the recently executed Troy Davis? After all, he was found guilty of killing Mark MacPhail…why did he deserve any support? My best guess is this; Troy Davis…showed us that people are not expendable. I don’t think that anyone was supporting a murderer…they were supporting a human being. People gathered together by the groves…to unite for a common cause…to love their fellow man. Troy Anthony Davis woke people up. He made us look at our justice system with clarity…as if we had been walking around in a daze for centuries. Even if for just that moment…we didn’t want to isolate people. We actually wanted contact. We wanted people to know us…and us them.

  From this…conversations started…not just angry debates…but calm intellectual conversations. We started talking about everything! We wanted to know more. If you had a situation that was causing your frustration…I wanted to know about it. Your life began to matter to me. Even if for just one moment…we started remembering that we are supposed to love each other. Inadvertently, we began to “Occupy our Hearts”. The ice around our veins began to slowly melt. It was beautiful.

  Troy Davis reminded us that true justice will only occur when balancement exists. When the scales are tilted…it does not solve anything. He reminded us that only when we live in a society where we are not prejudged for some physical, financial, or religious difference will true justice happen.

  Ultimately, if we were to try and say that these biases do not exist…we are only further proving the fact that we are living in isolation.

  When this world was created…it was populated with living organisms that were molded to our Creator’s liking. We were chosen to live here…and we were chosen because we are all compatible. We can all live here harmoniously…if we so choose. Our problem has never been that we are not being able to love each other; the only problem is our own pre-conceived notions that we are better than another being. We are highly evolved creatures…we have learned how to communicate…we have invented machines to make life simpler. We have sent man and woman into space. We have raised children who would become future diplomats and literal geniuses. Yet we are the only living organisms that refuse to live together…without trying to destroy each other. There are millions of species of animals…that get along better than we do. And we will be the ONLY group of living organisms…who place themselves on the endangered species list. We would rather kill each other off into distinction than to learn how to live harmoniously.

  This is not the end of our story…but if we don’t make changes…it very well could be. Love life…make changes…say hello to someone you have never met. Hold a door open for a complete stranger…get to know your neighbors. Embrace your differences…you might learn something that will enhance your life. You may touch another person by just smiling at them. Encourage the conversation; offer each other loving solutions to a world full of problems. Take the initiative; it is what God has been waiting for all along. If we spend more time building bridges…we can spend less time building prisons.

The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road


  Growing up I often heard the expression…not to choose is to choose. The meaning of which became much more clear as I aged and matured.

  How often had I heard some one say that they were angered or frustrated with a situation and yet did nothing? Often we decide to sit the fence about issues…so to speak. We may feel a certain way about something, yet we take no stand. It is unfortunate that we don’t understand…when we fail to take a stand…we already did.

  We may say that we are against slavery…yet if we do nothing to stop the enslavement…we are silently approving the action. True, it may not be easy to stand up against those who are seemingly in the majority…but what are we REALLY saying…by saying nothing…by taking no stand?

  We are saying…it is okay. We are lending our support to those that we may very well be opposed to. We may say that we do not support the destruction of our planet…but unless we are willing to stand up for the world around us…our well wishes…will always fall upon deaf ears.

  It takes bravery to speak openly against those that oppress us…and often those people are targeted as troublemakers. I almost laugh at those statements…because I personally know one of those troublemakers. I have watched and heard her young heart standing up for what she believes is right or wrong in this life. I have seen people try to muffle her cries for justice…with laughter or jokes, hoping to discourage her candor. But I promise you that this angel is only fueled by any opposition. She is never deterred by society’s criticisms…she keeps her head held high and marches on. She is strong and vigilant…she will stand up even when she feels she is under attack. She always makes her position known…regardless of the viewpoint or perception of others. I have seen her defend the life of a tree more passionately than I have seen men or women defend their fellow man.

  In mid conversation, she will say that it is wrong for the state to kill someone…to prove that killing is wrong. The act in itself emphasizes the “do as I say and not as I do” idea. Even before Troy Davis, the Georgia man who was executed Sept 21, 2011…for the death of an off duty police officer; as a fifteen year old girl…my daughter was debating the death penalty with educators. Did she have some information that we didn’t? No, she simply didn’t need anyone to tell her that killing is wrong. She didn’t seek or desire direction on this matter…she just always knew that loving our fellow man was our primary objective. To put it in her own words…how can our parents teach us that we are not supposed to fight…and that turning the other cheek is what God wants from us. Yet…we send our nation to war. It may seem like an over simplification to some…but again, in her words…wrong is wrong…no matter how many words you dress it up with.

  This young woman is one of my personal heroes. She has won no awards…there have been no stories written about her…outside of my own efforts. She has no National Holiday…but she sings her song of justice loudly…to anyone who will listen. She hasn’t prevented a war…she hasn’t stopped famine or the ongoing problems that we have created for ourselves. But everyday she will tell people openly that the man in the mirror is the change needed. For our reflection is who we are…not who we may think we are. We have a voice…we choose when and where to use it.

  As a society, we have chosen to be led. Growing up; we are told how to behave. Where to sit or stand…who to be nice to…what to wear; the problem is that we are now conditioned. We are conditioned to believe that we need permission to do what we already know is right. It is this conditioning that causes us to allow the destructive actions and decisions of others. No one is dictating to us what we should be doing…so we do nothing. As if we need permission to carry out the work of God.

  What I am saying is that the truths we were taught as children…theses still are true today. The fact is that the TRUTH….always will be TRUE. It is the one constant in our lives. Life can be like a long and winding road…seemingly endless; but the path is the one we have always known.

  We were created to love one another…and with love, comes peace. There can be no negative in that…for the basis of love and peace…comes from our Creator.

  Taking a stand can be hard…but masking who we really are in our silence…is a crime against our nature. Stand up for those that have no voice…be the voice of reason and justice…like our fore fathers before us. Be what we teach our children to be…every day. Lead by example…love by choice…be the humanity we seek in others.


The Chain of Hope

  I know that life can seem unfair. We often are faced with situations and circumstances that we are not prepared for. It can seem overwhelming at times. We can come to cross roads…where it can appear that we are left to our own devices. Sometimes we might feel like we have made poor decisions and now we feel trapped or snared…like a hunted animal. But what if we really aren’t trapped? What if the poor decision wasn’t really as negative as it appeared? What would you say if I told you that in the times that you feel at your weakest…it is then that God is at His strongest within you? When we are weakened…it is then when we submit to God’s will…so often those times are used to guide us down our true path. You might suggest that for me to even make such a suggestion that I probably had never been faced with such adversity. You would, of course be incorrect, but I can understand how you could be led to that assumption. There have been many times when I have come face to face with traumatic events. I have been forced to make decisions that I would later believe were mistakes. I have suffered considerable loss in my lifetime. I have known pain deeper than most people can imagine. I, too have the scars that abuse and life choices can leave. I have even had moments where I felt completely alone and isolated. But just as surely as the troubles appeared…they would eventually disappear. There are times when we are faced with terrible life altering circumstances that would appear to make us feel victimized or helpless. Everyone experiences this…in one way or another. The importance is not in what happened…but how you rose above it. What happened in that moment when you felt like all hope was lost? How did you get past that ordeal? Often we are tested and it seems unfair or cruel…as if we are left all alone…but we really aren’t. We should use these experiences as spring boards to uplift others. I have found ways of taking my hurtful experiences to help others who have been in the same or similar situation. The whole idea behind this is to continue the chain of HOPE. Hope is a wondrous thing…it can make us decide to get up every single time we fall down. All we really need is for someone to tell us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We really only need to feel like we are not left alone…someone understands. I am here to let you know…hope springs eternal. It doesn’t have an expiration date. Hope is recyclable…once you have hope…then you can pass it on to someone else. It never leaves us…we just have to remember that we have it. NO one can take hope away from us…all they can do is make us pack it away. But when you remember that you have it…it will be there for you. Hope is a gift from God…it is that thing that gives us drive. Hope is what gives victims of abuse the strength to survive. Hope is the feeling we give others with the knowledge that they do not have to walk through life alone. It is reassurance…that we also know what they are feeling and coping with. It is important for all of us to know that…adversity is not the end of our story…it’s just the action in the middle. And I know this because all things begin and end with God. Do you ever wonder what makes people cry when something good happens? Or why people cry during a romantic or suspenseful movie with a loving ending? Why do we cry when we watch a baby smile or say their first word? Why do we cry when we see a loved one after an extended period of time? We cry during these times because it is our proof that God is all around us. We aren’t alone. We are so loved that we get to experience a baby’s smile and laughter. We have hope…for the future of ourselves and our loved ones. It gives us reason to go on. Having hope gives us peace…peace of mind. It fills our hearts with the hope that one day we won’t be at war…one day we won’t have children starving…one day we will be accepted for who we are and not what we look like. It gives the hope to believe that one day our fellow man will love us…as we love him. It gives us the hope to believe that people will stop killing…killing our neighbors….killing our friends…killing our families…that man will stop killing our hope…for the future.

Bent But Not Broken

Bent But Not Broken

  I can recall having conversations with people where the language or tone that they used seemed to hang in the air…like jagged glass. You could almost feel yourself ducking and diving from the impending injury that the words were intended to cause. There are certain words…demeaning…insulting…degrading words that are used like weapons. And there is no mistaking that these weapons are intended to destroy. They may not destroy us, in the literal sense, but they can chip a way at our inner being. Unfortunately what tends to happen is that we direct our anger or frustration of these words, comments or conversations on unsuspecting individuals, who are undeserving of such treatment. This like most things can be a vicious cycle.

  People can impede our progress by creating a wave of negativity which can become extremely destructive…to us or others. When such things are said to us…it is similar to inhaling small doses of poison over an extended period of time. The primary use of any poison is to kill. Verbal poison does not only make us feel bad, but can literally destroy our spirit. I can think of no reason that such behavior should be acceptable. It is only our loving nature that allows us to sit still when others say things that are obviously malicious in intent.

  To say that it is anything other than our good nature that allows us to participate…actively or inactively…in such conversations…would mean that our intent was also poisonous in nature. It is not…no matter what anyone may contend…our nature to be destructive to one another. We have simply for gotten the other part of us. We have forgotten how good it feels when someone is saying nice, kind and loving things to us. If you ever want to test the theory…hold a door open to a stranger…look at the response. Loving behavior begets loving responses.

  I am not suggesting that you hand out money on a street corner…but I am saying use simple loving statements to people. A simple “thank you” and “Good Morning” statement can change the course of some one’s day. With this knowledge…it is also true that being intentionally rude or cruel to people also creates the same behavior. So now can we really sit and judge people for not being kind and good to each other without looking at ourselves and actions more carefully?

  I promise you, the next time someone tries to create a negative conversation with you…concerning you or another human being…if you walk away…they will eventually realize that the behavior is unacceptable to you. Not only this but, to engage in a negative conversation with anyone…just creates more negativity…poison. Walking away is a form of preserving our environment…ridding our atmosphere of hate pollution.

  Even walking away does not have to be negative…just politely let the speaker know that you don’t engage in gossip, or slanderous behavior. Perhaps you will help to show them that what they are doing is not productive. However, even if they do not see it that way…they will know where you stand as an individual.

  I think that we have all been victim of negativity…either directly or indirectly. So this next statement is very important to remember. You are bent…not broken. What does this mean? Simply put…some of the strongest materials have to bend to a forces that appears stronger than them …temporarily. Steel can bow to a stronger wind…an aged oak tree moves when the forces of nature will it to be so…but very seldom do they break. Have you ever thought that you couldn’t take any more…of whatever you are being faced with? Yet…here you are today…bent but not broken. You have learned and adapted. But please understand something…you were allowed to survive. Our Creator had bigger plans for you…and those plans did not include retaliation. We were meant to be forgiving…loving and peace minded souls. We were created to persevere. We will always come up against those who want to challenge our God-given nature. We will meet and be touched by those that only want to cause harm and hurt. But we control what effect they have within us. No one can disrupt my peace unless I allow it to happen. This is very important, because it is a public service announcement…you may throw me off balance…but I will steady myself and I will walk away unscathed…because I was created of peace.

  Everyday when I wake up…I have already decided who I am going to be that day. I have already decided that I am going to remain positive…in the wake of war. I have decided to be peaceful…while our world is killing just for the sake of the kill. I will be loving even in a world that hates just because of the tone of my skin. And I will stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves…because I am of God.

  Why is Bent but not Broken such an important statement to me? Well, it was a lesson my sister taught me a long time ago. And the lesson was simple…you may have bumps and bruises and even scars from life…but it didn’t kill you…you lived to tell the story. It is about giving thanks…divinely.




Forgive Us

Forgive Us

 Often, myself included, we will drop to our knees when we are in need of something which we feel would be unattainable without your assistance. We remember to reach toward heaven when we feel weak or desperate…with no place to rest our weary hearts. I want to thank you and acknowledge all of the bountiful gifts that you send our way, and apologize for those we don’t seem to be grateful for.

 But today, I want to ask your forgiveness…for all that we don’t say and for all the things we do or fail to do. Please forgive us for not falling to our knees, humbling ourselves, every given moment possible. Forgive us for not only creating wars, but for breeding hate…among our fellow man. We make excuses for the reasons we say war is necessary…but is the cost of a tank of gas really worth the innocent lives of men, women and children? Forgive us for being so self indulgent that we believe, that we are better than anyone or anything else…on your earth. How dare we belittle another person for not being exactly like we are…when did we become so arrogant? I humbly apologize for mankind believing that we have the right to take another life…for whatever reason. Our justifications for murder, on any level, are just created to absolve us for any feelings of guilt…and we should feel guilty…because how can we believe we have the right to destroy life when it was created by you? Forgive us for standing by and watching, as innocent children are abused and murdered everyday…by the very parents that were supposed to guard and protect them. How lazy we have gotten, when did parenting become a chore…and not the gift that you bestowed upon us? Forgive us for preaching about how much we love our fellow man…while selling poison to him on the very streets our children play on. Who are we to glorify, and make excuses for men and women who sell drugs to every man, woman or child who have their hand out? What kind of people create petitions to force a homeless person to vacate a bridge…because it bothers us to see some one in that state? I suppose it would be too much to try and help him/her find housing or a job…after all everyone just loves having no place to call their own. Forgive us for using televisions, computers and gaming systems as replacements for active parenting. When did we stop caring what happened in our children’s classes? Why do we no longer question what our children are taught? Forgive the absent fathers and mothers, who fool themselves into believing that their absence doesn’t matter. If for one moment the absent parent had to listen to a child cry themselves to sleep because they hold themselves responsible for the abandonment…maybe they would see things differently. Forgive us for not taking the time to spread love and joy to our neighbors…regardless of race, creed, and religion. I’m not sure why we are of the belief that we are superior to anyone or anything.

 I ask that you forgive us for destroying the very forests that took hundreds of years to grow…and for destroying the communities of living organisms that depended on that growth for survival….and shame on us for believing that replanting a tree would make up for that act. Forgive us for being so thoughtless that we throw trash into a body of water…where marine life is trying to survive. I guess if some one threw trash into a glass of water we were trying to drink…we might feel differently. Forgive us for all the people we have enslaved, killed, raped, tortured, and demeaned…for our own greedy purposes. And please help us learn from this huge error in judgment…so that we can stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

 I ask that you forgive us…so that with your guidance we can learn to appreciate all that you have given us. And with this knowledge we can teach, by example, our children to love all that you created for us. Help us to stop making excuses and start making amends. Please allow us the opportunity to learn how to love without bias, and show us how important it is to not only reach out…but lift up.

Blog Award

Blog Award

I think this lovely blog nomination was so touching…it was really a great surprise to me…just the fact that I was thought of was amazing. I only write what I am compelled to…the fact that anyone other than my mom reads this stuff is GREAT!!!!


  1. Many thanks to Janice …who is constantly giving me moral support. I so appreciate her nomination…not everyone wants to hear about my ideas about peace and love.


  1. I know I am supposed to have 8 blogs…I have 6 favorites. The have all touched me in way or another…check them out when you get a chance…


  1. 6 Things about me:

–        I love all things purple…lol. Which can get a bit out of hand…like when my best friend would buy me purple bath sets for the holidays…smelled really bad.lol

–        I was born and raised in Alaska…it is there with my family that I learned most of my ideas about life, love and peace. It is a time I will always cherish.

–        I am raising the most brilliant teenager ever!!!! I will admit I am a bit biased…but she is my largest blessing and my experiences with her have helped keep me grounded.

–        I have written an E-book of some of my first blogs…which are also on my website  www.myraysoflight.com

–        I really love to write…I always have. Even when I start off ranting about something…it feels like my creator takes over and makes it a smooth loving ending.

–        I love people. And as long as I am able I will try and reach out to as many as possible, because I truly believe that our divine purpose on the planet is to uplift, guide and spread love to as many people as possible.

***Thank you guys for your support……Jenyfer



And God Cried

And God Cried


     I have been thinking a lot about what happened, in the United States, on September 11, 2001. I actually listened to a song that had been re-mixed with a speech given by, then, President Bush. There were also cut INS where reporters were reporting the traumatic event…the shock in their voices spoke in volumes. The song also showcased onlookers screaming and trying to explain what was happening. I heard jets flying low and then a crash into the building…emergency vehicles…and panic in the air. I spent a lot of time recollecting what happened that day. Yes…our World Trade Center was destroyed when Flights 11 and 175 crashed into the towers, killing over 2700 people…another commercial flight, Flight 77, crashed into the Pentagon killing 189 people and Flight 93 crashed into a Pennsylvania field, killing 40 people. That day seemed to go on forever, probably the first time we, as a country, had felt vulnerable since the attack on Pearl Harbor. It felt like my heart was breaking every time I heard it…and yet every time…I couldn’t stop listening. How could this have happened in our own backyard? I listened to our nations President giving a speech, to try and make us, as citizens, feel comforted. Never, in my life, had I ever experienced 102 minutes of terror, until that day.

 I had never experienced anything, in 102 minutes, which would cause so many people…basically good people…to hate. In the Presidents speech he said that the attack was meant to “frighten our nation into chaos and retreat”, and he added “but they have failed”. But, did they fail? Of course, on that day…we tried to comfort each other, but how long did that last? Did they fail to make us start looking at each other differently? Did they fail to cause us to take a closer look at what a REAL AMERICAN looked like, or decide how they should sound? Did they fail to cause us to forget that we were supposed to love each other, even amidst chaos and confusion? Did they fail to cause us to isolate people based on race or religion? Did they fail to bring out the very worst in our nature? I don’t think they failed at all. I think they accomplished what they set out to do. I suppose, it is fair to say that fear was a natural response.  But it did not bring out the “very best in all Americans”, as Mr. Bush stated. It did, however bring out our very lowest in human nature. It was devastating…the loss of almost 3000 lives…friends, neighbors, family…in only 102 minutes. I heard some one say once…God cried on that day. And we all seemed to rally around that thought. It gave us hope, I guess, to think that God was displeased with this despicable act of violence against the United States.

  But it got me to thinking about something else…is God just as displeased with all of the lost lives in Afghanistan and Iraq? Does God shed tears for them also? It can’t be disputed or even denied that given the statistics that are printed in English in those areas that hundreds of thousands of those countries citizens have died in the war in Afghanistan.  I guess it is hard for us to have compassion for those individuals, even though the majorities are civilians, since it is a war that the United States is involved in.

  It saddens me to know that under pressure…we turn our back on people…from all walks of life. I have seen people be extremely caring and loving to people in crisis situations, under many dire circumstances. So it makes me sad to sit and watch those same people place judgment on others. But I have watched it…news reporters, YouTube videos, blogs, music, movies, basically coming from all forms of communication…telling us why we should hate. So, as I often do, I looked into MY reference books…the Bible, Quran and the Torah…looking for information telling me how to hate. I came up with nothing.

  The events on that fateful day in September were awful indications of the state our world is in. But please understand it was a statement; there are people all over this earth…whose daily lives, are exactly like that. It was 102 minutes for the United States, but it can be, and is a lot of the time, all day for other people. Just think about it for a moment…close your eyes, and remember the panic that day…for most Americans, it’s a day we won’t forget. And then imagine that every day is like that. It can be hard to imagine, because we don’t have to see it. Even if we are aware of the situation, a lot of the time if we don’t experience it, we can disconnect from it. After all who really wants to think about starving children in Africa? Who wants to think about millions of people dying as a result of war? To be honest, I don’t even want to think about it; however NOT thinking about it…does not make it go away.

  What if the day the World Trade Center fell…was a way of waking us up to the condition of our world? It isn’t like famine and violence is a new concept. But instead of us becoming aware of the condition of our world…we just started hating…the very citizens of this country. We decided that we could no longer trust any Americans that looked a little different. We began eyeing people that looked Middle Eastern…suspiciously. We no longer felt comfortable around women who covered there heads, out of religious practice. We stopped feeling safe in grocery stores, at ball games, or in places of business…if people spoke with an accent. Instead of being understanding and loving to Gods creatures…we hated them. We made them feel uncomfortable, unwanted. We forgot that these people were our friends, neighbors…our fellow countrymen. Perhaps we should try and define a REAL AMERICAN…because this country is nothing but a melting pot of immigrants. There are millions of people who are considered citizens of this country, and we do not look alike…we all do not have the same faith…we do not dress the same or sound the same. We do not all have the same educational background, or social status. But we are still considered Americans.

  More importantly than any of this…we are supposed to love EVERYONE. I understand that, at times, it is hard to love every single person…but the thing is…THAT is our purpose. We are supposed to reflect God’s love on everyone…there is no amendment to that statement. If we were to constantly treat everyone the way they treat us…chances are we would never stop being at war. But it only takes one person to stand up and say…NO MORE. I know it is not easy to go against the grain, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. If you go to someone with God’s pure love…no matter how they respond…you did what God expected of you. But if we shake fists instead of shaking hands…we are failing God, no question about it.

 Now is the hard part, because you have to choose between love and hate. You have to decide whether you are going to bask in the light of God…or in the ignorance of negativity. If it makes it easier think about it in third person…how would you want someone to treat your children? Remember the children are watching our actions…what do you want them to emulate?


 As a small footnote, I am compelled to add a few comments. I love my country. I am not anti-American…however, like it or not…I AM PRO-WORLD. We only have one world…and we are in the unique position to make smart decisions. I know it seems like it is difficult to make a difference in lands so far away, but it really isn’t. We just have to start being loving to everyone we come into contact with. Remember…race, religion, nor geographic locales cause wars…PEOPLE DO.

 You can start today…don’t believe things people say …just because they seem knowledgeable…ask questions. Do research…from many sources, I’m not even asking you to believe me…look it up. Take charge of your minds…and open your hearts. It doesn’t have to be US against THEM…because, guess what? WE are THEM.




   Everything I needed to know about life I learned when I was 5 years old. I learned that I would not always get what I wanted, even if the people in my life wanted me to have it.

  I learned the only thing to fear in the dark was my own imagination…because when the lights were turned on …it really was just a jacket hanging on a coat rack. Closet monsters amazingly had become me… forgetting to close the closet door before I lay down. The creepy things outside really were only branches scraping against my window.

   I learned that people die, and that even though we may be sad for a moment…we should be thankful,  for their final destination would be their greatest reward. I learned that people come in and out of our lives, for a reason. And we should be thankful for the experience…and hold on to the memories we were allowed to have.

  I learned that loving someone could be as simple as a hello, and I never had to worry that it would not be enough. I learned that some people had more or less than I had. I was taught that we all have our own individual paths…and even though it may seem unfair that others seem to have it easier than most…that wasn’t necessarily true. I learned that God loves us all, no matter what our circumstance…but would lovingly hold us accountable for our actions.

   I learned that a simple prayer would ease my mind, and all I had to do was decide to do it. I learned that sometimes the most important things I had to learn could be the most painful. But I was taught to get up…brush myself off and try again. I learned that just because one door might not open to me, not to be discouraged…because I wasn’t supposed to go there anyway.

   The most important lesson I learned was to give my frustrations to God. There was no problem that HE didn’t have the answer to, and even though the solution may not have been what I wanted it to be…later in life it would make sense.


   What changed; my emotions began to form and I concentrated on those rather than the message I had learned early in life. People in my life died…and the pain of that experience was very real to me. And although I knew they were in a better place…I felt cheated. I forgot that the moments I had with them while they were here…those were God’s gifts to me. God loved me so well that he brought them into my life…so their passing was not to cause me pain…it was Gods way to help me hold on to who they helped me become.

   Emotions are hard, they are a way we can express how we feel, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, and love…but they don’t have to be everything. I have found that when we allow our emotions to become everything…we miss the larger picture and the REAL lesson.

   Even as an adult…I have feared the darkness and closet monsters. But I came to the realization that those things are only what I allow them to be. If I open myself up to negativity and darkness…it will thrive. However, when I started closing windows and doors to the shadows…they disappear. Have you ever tried to touch a shadow? It’s only an image…and as quickly as it entered…it can leave just as fast…it’s all up to us. This, too, is God’s way of showing us our path.

   As an adult, I learned that loving the way I do, may not be enough to some people…but that doesn’t mean I need to change it. Love is not possession…it is the free flowing energy that surrounds us all…it is what we were created from. Loving is natural…it’s why we feel good when we are doing it. Once we realize that we don’t have to be everything to everyone…real growth will occur. Even in writing this I am showing you how much I love you. I am expressing to you how much God loves you…which allows me to love you as well.

   The hardest thing to do as an adult is to give our problems, situations and frustrations to God. It is hard because it means we have to stop trying to fix it. We have to allow God to do His work…and when we are really able to do that…everything will be lighter. We, as humans, are always trying to fix things…forgetting we have no power. All we HAVE to do is follow Gods lead…everything will become clear. Sometimes we just have to take a step back to see what needs to be done.

   What I have had to learn lately is forgiveness, not for others but for myself. I have to forgive myself for my transgressions, and acknowledge the lesson that God sent me by allowing the transgression to begin with.

   What is the solution to the problem in all of this? Walk through life with the intelligence of an adult and the heart of a child…because children love freely without fear or doubt. …………………………….

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

    The end of humanity does not occur when man does evil…but when man sits and watches…yet does nothing.

    We are armed with all the weapons that we will ever need to defend ourselves, from birth. It is only when we look for outside implements or instrumentation that we actually go against our very purest nature. The very purest part of us is that with which we were created; over time depending on our circumstances and our will to accept that which others find acceptable…we can develop negative or destructive tendencies. This happens when we no longer attempt to communicate…with our very being. We were created with many means in which to communicate…with our mouths, lips, hands, eyes, ears, even our legs and feet…all can communicate what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

  For instance I can either speak to you using my mouth…orally creating vibrations which are expressed in words audibly detectable. Or I can just use my lips to mouth the words…with out a sound. Both are forms of communication…but one would actually take active reception. What I mean by that is…the person I am communicating to would really have to pay attention to what I am trying to relay to them. Not only that…but I would have to take my time and make my words easy to receive. Have you ever argued with some one speaking so harshly, and fast that even you can not even remember exactly what you said? Yet the emotion behind the sentiment is never lost…you are angry. However…if you had to take a moment and actually make your words clearly decipherable, due to an inability to yell, or orate any sound at all…then perhaps the communication would not be lost and the emotion would be more even tempered.

  We often we use our bodies as a means of letting other know what we are feeling at the time…often without realizing it. We will point our fingers…which can be interpreted as accusatory or to place blame. We can cross our arms which can be interpreted as I don’t want to hear what you are saying, or I don’t want to disclose something. Of course these things could also mean other things such as pointing when giving direction or folding our arms because we are cold…but again, these are ideas that we are still communicating.

  We can use our legs and feet to position our body in such a way to display our interest or disinterest with what is being said to us. If we sit facing away from someone it clearly states that I am not interested in what you are talking about, or telling me. If I tap my foot it may mean that I am impatient or running out of time. If I stomp my foot it can be out of anger or excitement depending on the dialogue prior.

  But the most important communication tool that we are armed with is our ears.  How carefully do we listen to what is being communicated? If we were asked, could we mirror what we were told or asked? Often, we only hear the first and last thing that is said to us. Which is unfortunate because then we are missing out on the communication.

  We often take these tools of communication for granted. When I was a child …to show us our many blessings my grandmother would blindfold us or have us cover our ears…to show us how carefully we actually listen or watch things. When your vision is impaired in that way…you would be surprised at what we hear that we didn’t hear before…a bird chirping, the snow crunching, footsteps in the distance…and trying to figure out who the footsteps belonged to. We learned that we had to listen carefully to tones and words, because we didn’t have the luxury of seeing a facial expression. When our ears were covered we had to watch things carefully because we couldn’t hear them…or our hearing was impaired to such an extent that it wasn’t clear. We were no longer rushing to say what ever we pleased but actually taking the time to try and read the lips and expressions being communicated to us. Now, of course, the entire purpose of this exercise was not to punish us, but to teach us that we need to take more time with life. We needed to take time to smell the flowers, to watch a sunset, to be more loving and kind with one another.

  Why do we dislike the silent treatment? Because we want to communicate…but often we would rather wage war than take the time to actively listen and participate in a conversation. We would rather lash out than to calmly verbalize what we are thinking and feeling. Words can be like weapons…they can inform us or others…or they can cut like a knife. I can remember, as a child, hearing certain tones and unflattering words that adults used towards one another. They were not speaking to me, no one was calling me names…no one was angry at me. But I absorbed the words…it hurt deep inside of me…it felt like my insides were shaking. I felt violated, like someone had picked up a club and hit me in my stomach. Of course the adults that were doing this made up, they moved on…but I will never forget the feeling it left me with. I was scarred…and even now when I hear certain words I get the same feeling again.

  We, as human beings have the power to create or destroy and we do so everyday. We build up people or we tear them down…every single day. The point being, with that knowledge…which will you choose to do? We have the power to make each day better then the one previous…just by opening our mouths, our minds and our hearts. We can leave loving embraces on the hearts of our fellow man or we can scar them. Keeping in mind very often when we scar people they lash out at others…leaving them scarred, as well. We create a cycle no matter which way we go…but we get to choose which road to take. All that I am suggesting is that we choose that which will help uplift and rejuvenate. If we leave loving kind words…they will resonate in people…and hopefully that will be the trend.

   Does it sound like I am being unrealistic? Talking about love towards our fellow man…I have been told that it does. The thing is this…if being loving towards each other seems like a foreign idea…it is only because we have been living far too long with the idea that we must kill or be killed.

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