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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day to you

The greatest man in my life

And no it’s not the man

Who made my mom his wife

But it is her father who

Became my very world

When he reached out his hand

To a big brown eyed girl

He became my biggest blessing

Taking me on his long walks

Listened so intently when

We had heart to heart talks

He in fact showed me love

He was my biggest fan

Displaying the behavior

Of a wonderful man

He gave me hugs by the millions

Never tired of questions I asked

Patiently waiting for my inquiry

About today…the future…the past

You were the greatest Dad

That you never had to be

If little girls love gave medals

You would have it certainly

You wore my love with honor

I felt like a Princess or a Queen

You were there for every cut and scratch

And the bad stuff in between

And though now you live in Heaven

Where royalty does belong

Know that you made me who I am

Brave enough to battle any storm

So on this day of daddy’s

Know that I would choose you too

Thankful God chose you for me

Happy Father’s Day to you


Release into the universe

Release out to the sea

Past relationship woes

Man-made negativities

Release what he or she did

Release the things they said

Don’t feed into the hate

When love needs to be fed

Release the pain and anguish

Release promises not kept

Focus on the journey

It isn’t over yet

Release the weight of your baggage

Set down your emotional sobs

Find the forgiveness you seek

From a most loving God

Release all that now binds you

Let go of feelings from your past

Inhale the light and love

For this will most certainly last

Yes…take this moment

Let go of destructive thoughts

Let me tell you about Forgiveness

And others attributes I’ve brought

Kindness is healing

It is the center of our core

It makes way for our blessings

And I tell you there is more

Empathy is involvement

It says I understand it too

It’s the flowing of love

Saying…this is for you

Joy is the nutrient

Which feeds the souls need

To release all that stunts our growth

In fact…helps us be free

Free of frustration and anger

Free of negative vibes

Freeing a heart broken

Letting the memory subside

The last thing that I brought you

Is love boundless and bright

To show your beauty untapped

When washed in the Light

Release all the dark days

Make room for delight

And see yourself as I do

Beautiful in my sight

**Don’t make the great people in your lives pay for the relationships that didn’t work…these relationships were created to help us grow…stop living there

The Search Is On


Why are we always in search of the man/woman that we think will complete us?  Are we not complete, as we are? Wouldn’t it be better if we looked, instead, for someone that complimented who we are now and encouraged us to grow?

When we are seeking something…man, woman or some object of material possession…to complete us; we are searching in vain. No one and nothing can fulfill that need. The most that we may ever be able to hope for is to find someone to walk with us in life; someone that we can grow with.

We shouldn’t place unrealistic expectations on ourselves or on others. Throw away the list of characteristics that you are looking for in a mate. I can only tell you, based on my experience; you may never really know what you need…until your Creator places it right in front of you. We may know what we WANT…but is it a necessity?

This may sound like I am suggesting that you lower your bar of expectation, but I am not. Instead, what I am encouraging you to do is to accept your higher self…and embrace that part of you. Acknowledge your path; the only person that can fulfill that journey…is you. Once you have completely recognized and accepted (who and what) you are; things will be laid in front of you. You won’t have to wonder if he/she is THE ONE; all the answers you seek will become crystal clear.

People place impossible deadlines upon themselves; thinking they must find their TRUE LOVE before a certain age. We must have 2.5 children before a certain age. We must own a home and make a certain amount of money. We even call this idea “success”.  And for some people that may be all they have success with; but I will tell you that I know people that are more successful, more content, and happier than most people that the world calls “successful”.

This happens because they know who they are; and are of the perception which dictates …they will always have exactly what they need, in life. Does this mean they are without struggle? No. But it does mean that the struggle is part of the path.

When we embrace all things…as one thing; the need for one thing over another…disappears. When we realize that our divine connection…is our foundation; we will finally KNOW who and what we are. And that knowledge takes away the need….to have another complete us. We cannot complete other people…we can only support, engage, uplift and grow with…them.

Release the expectations that we have allowed the world to place on us. If we adopt and accept the mindset that we are ONE…even the idea of mother/fatherhood takes on a different meaning. Do you remember, as a child, when your next door neighbor would watch out for you? They might even threaten to tell your mother or father if you misbehaved. These people were not thinking that you were not their biological children…yet the loved you.

When we accept the notion that we are all connected under one sun…by one Creator…regardless of how that Creator is referred; we have acknowledged and accepted our path. We have begun to grow…not only physically, and mentally, but spiritually. This growth will present more opportunities and the world will, literally, open up to us.


Looking For Love

Looking For Love

I have been pondering the idea lately; how people are looking for love. You can find this topic in books, music, movies and television shows. Everyone is seeking the love of their life.

But what if I told you the LOVE is their life? Think about that thought for a moment…love is your life. So in that respect, what are you really looking for? There is no hidden key to happiness; you have had the ability to be happy your entire life.

We make choices, and then we give those choices a life of their own. We are not victims of circumstance; we get to choose. The problem occurs when those choices turn out to be something we have a hard time living with.

We were born with everything that we needed to be happy. We, as infants in a womb, were not worried about what we would wear when we were born. We were not concerned with when we were going to be married; or if we had the perfect hair. When we were in the womb; we trusted in a source greater than any that we had ever known. Yet as adults, we are seeking love.

Love is everywhere. There is love in every sunrise and sunset. There is love in the sound of a baby laughing or crying. There is love in all animals and in all things. Have you ever heard the oceans tide breaking against a cliff? Have you stood so close to the ocean crashing around large rocks that you can feel the mist from within? All of this is love; we may not get to choose where the love comes from…but we receive it daily.

You may see a sidewalk with a large crack in it and see fault; but if you look at it with loving eyes…you may just see on opportunity for a flower to grow. You may not see the love in a thunderstorm…but I see the possibility of a rainbow. You may not see the love in a blizzard, but I see a Creator that is purifying the air.

Are you looking for love? I will tell you; you only get back from this world…what you put into it. We come from a Creator which is an endless supply of love. Yet we are so busy going to that Creator in prayer, with what we don’t have and how much more we need…instead of showing gratitude, that we have blocked our own blessings.

As long as we are stomping our feet, because a door was shut on us…we won’t even feel the draft from the open window. Love is eternal…boundless.

If we do not have the things in this life that we THINK we need…perhaps instead of pointing a finger…we should ask why.

Why didn’t I get that job, promotion or car that I wanted? Have you given love in every opportunity? Did you pass that man on the street, carrying that cardboard sign, and judge him…even if it was silent? Let me tell you my friends…our Creator knows NO silence. You thoughts are louder than your voice…your intentions are brighter than the stars. When we turn our back on love…we have begun the process of dislodging, disengaging and dismembering…our souls.

You are given a gift every day…the gift of life. How many people take that for granted? How many people will say they value and appreciate life, while criticizing the efforts of others? How many walk out of a religious service…filled with the message from our Creator…and mindlessly curse at their neighbors or children?

Are we getting the message? Are we awake? Love is around us, in us. In closing I have one final thought…what are you going to do with the love you have?

What Are You

What Are You

If all that you are

Is the THINGS you need

If you lost those things

What would happen to THEE

If all that you are

Is all that you do

If all that stopped

What would happen to you

If we place identity upon

Places and things

What happens to a soul

What does this mean

All that you are

Is an investment in Creation

Remember life isn’t a part of

Your personal recreation

Dig deep within yourself

Find the core of your being

Let go of what you think

Nonsense you are believing

You were created from love

And that is who you are

Your greatness is with THE ONE

Who lives amongst the stars

We are from one Source

It is all that we ever need

What you are is enough

This is my Humanity Creed

You need not try to become

What others may perceive

Trust in the one who guides

That’s TRUE love indeed

Break down barrier lines

Tear down walls of frustration

Give love…be love

It’s my Humanity declaration

For when we return indifference

With love as our sword

We have accomplished our task

What we are striving for

What are you now

Do you finally see the light

We are lambs of God

And beautiful in His sight

One final take before

I end my little rhyme

What are you to me

Perfect…Every time



I used to take moments for granted

Put it off til tomorrow I would say

I was a procrastinator…the worst kind

But I tell you…not today

I would sparingly send “I love You’s”

Pick and choose calls I returned

But not today I tell you

There is a painful lesson I learned

When we think there is always tomorrow

When we buy into that lie we create

Our window of opportunity will close

If we do not act…today

Is there is someone in your life

That you have taken for granted

I would strongly suggest

No…I am going to demand it

Life is short as we know it

And once a life line ends

We’re left with regret boundless

No way to make amends

Make the most of this moment

For moments aren’t supposed to last

Like sand in an hourglass

Our time falls away so fast

I once did what most do

I didn’t take enough time to say

I love you…I need you

But I promise…not today

For the love in our lives isn’t forever

They have work here also to do

Don’t put off until next time

Or you will have regret too

Make the most of this time

Before the sands of life wash it away

The pain of “what if’s” could be eased

If we made the most of today

Give love and be love always

Leave no room for sorrow

The time for action is today

Don’t put it off til tomorrow

Even up to this last few lines

I want to give you love in this way

Don’t postpone what needs to be done

Tell them “I Love You” today

Greater Than She Would Mention

Greater Than She Would Mention

You see her everyday

And yet she goes without attention

She moves ever diligently

No one even seems to mention

The sacrifices that she surrenders

The life strides that she makes

Her woes are gone unnoticed

She never seeks what we take

Often wearing a smile

So we never feel her pain

And tomorrow when we wake

She’ll do it all again

She is a beautiful warrior

And her armor is so divine

She is every woman we know

She’s your mother or mine

Our joy is her reward

And she wears it like a crown

Even if we seem ungrateful

And sometimes let her down

The passion found in her eyes

Is not about her own rewards

But the help she’s given others

And what they are striving towards

She’s our very own routing section

Our fan club president

Never complaining about what she doesn’t have

Or the time she has spent

On cheering us on

With our daily dreams

This undefeatable force

Who promises brighter things

She never lets us down

Unless she has no other way

She gives us hope for the future

Pushing us forward today

Unfortunate at times

We tend to take for granted her love

But she is vigilant still

Like our Father from above

So today when you have a moment

Make one if you must

To give thanks for the woman

The first you did trust

And tell her that you love her

And because of her…your love will increase

To all the beautiful women in your life

And to all the people that you may meet

Never forget her sacrifice or the fact that she

Made it without regret or intention

Knowing the blessing of being your mother

Was greater than she would ever mention

**Happy Mother’ s Day to all**



What is the greatest weakness of man

To give a clue…it’s not of another’s hand

Not love, hate or indifference others shout

 Its ye of little faith… those who harbor doubt

Its that little inner voice saying I don’t know

Fear of the other voice saying…I told you so

It’s the fear of the unknown…shadows in the dark

Inner self making you afraid of who you are

Do not let another single soul

Remove you from your place

They know not of you

Only their own dark space

For when evil comes knocking

Telling us all that we are not

It shows not our shortcomings

But THEIR lives are on the spot

When in doubt seek direction

Let no other man guide you blindly

The truth is never hidden

But you must desire to find it

Doubt not your selves ever

Nor your Creator from on High

For you exist because of He

Doesn’t really matter why

We all have a path which is written

Upon that which we came

Seek Truth…set aside doubt

For Truth is without blame

Love not waste not

For moments are best spent

With love all surrounding

It’s a show stopping event

Doubt not my loved ones

The love which brought us here

Will guide you through all storms

There is nothing but doubt to fear

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

 Today is International Lupus Awareness Day. Those of you who know me; or have followed my blog, may be aware that I have Lupus. I usually write something poetic about that specific struggle; but I have decided to just share my day with you, instead. Let me first start by saying…this is not a ploy for sympathy; sympathy will not change anything. I know you may have heard of Lupus…but are you aware of it?

I wanted to share my day with you, because sometimes the “Lupus Talk” can be overwhelming…or perhaps it is hard to picture what it is like. This is MY day with Lupus…it will be different than many other Lupus survivors; as the true “Gem” of this disease is that it will attack us all differently.

It all started so simply; I am going to run an errand. I know I won’t be gone long; so I don’t take the necessary precautions. I will go over those momentarily. I put on a t-shirt and pants…throw my hair up in a hat and I am off.

Unfortunately I got stuck in a traffic jam for 30 minutes and it is 86 degrees; the sun is beaming down. For most people, this is not a horrible thing…but I have Lupus and everything is different for me.

In 30 minutes, I have severe sunburn…my face has blisters. My skin is hot to the touch…not because the wind wasn’t blowing, but because Lupus has destroyed my body’s ability to cool itself off…I never sweat. For those of you that don’t realize this; when you cannot cool your skin…it can be very damaging. By the time I get to my errand, I am physically ill. I have to run to the bathroom…I can’t seem to stop getting sick.

By the time I get home; my skin is burning…my face swollen and blistered. It hurts to open and close my eyes, because Lupus often comes along with other auto immune diseases; so I also have Sjogrens. Sjogrens tends to dry my eyes out; causing them to swell and often they turn black and blue. I am running into the bathroom…after getting sick once again, I tear off my clothes so I can take a cool shower…I must cool my skin down.

As I told you earlier, Lupus attacks us all differently. Severe sun damage can do more than sunburn and blisters; it has, previously caused some organs to shut down. I have gone into a coma…had several strokes.

I want you to be aware. Lupus is more than a purple ribbon. Lupus is more than a “Spoon Theory”. Lupus is more than a word. Lupus, for 1.5 million people in the U.S. alone, is a way of life. Up to 15% of Lupus patients will die from this disease…but what that means is up 225,000 Lupus patients , in the U.S., will die; that is 750,000 people worldwide. While Lupus patients are 90% women…it is usually more severe in men. Lupus tends to show up more in minorities; but can affect all people.

Don’t just “Hear” about Lupus…be aware. Be aware that when he/she says she is tired or in pain…it is REAL.

I was raised in a deeply spiritual home. I was taught to be thankful for every moment. But I will tell you…Lupus made me aware. I am aware that my day can change in a moment’s notice. I was in a coma for 2 ½ months; that does something to a person. I am thankful for every single day that is more “Normal” than the last. My kidneys and liver have shut down; my lungs have developed blood clots; yet I am thankful. I am still here…so today…I wanted to share a day in my life. Be thankful for what you have and be aware that some of us have it a little harder than you may realize.

As always, I wish you love and light.

All That You Do

All That You Do

I wonder when it happened

When we started to deface

The integrity of others

Solely based on their race

I’m not even certain when

Races came to be

We certainly weren’t created

From this hostility

It is man made but I wonder

Why would one think

That being superior

Would make all others shrink?

Hmmm, one must realize

With the logic we have

That looking down on others

Just makes us look bad

I mean God created all things

Who are we to say

What is better…who is brighter

How are we living today

We merely exist, I tell you

Due to our own selfish pride

It’s clear we are making errors

We are barely getting by

The planet is dying

Our air is dirty

Everyday we prove

Why we are unworthy

Yet every single day goes by

More hate being spread

And we are deciding

Who is better off dead

There is no superior man

No greater race

No perfect culture

This is not OUR space

May God be patient

With our egotistical ways

And may we find His Grace

Before kneeling to pray

So here’s to us all

Man and woman alike

Love all skin tones

Black yellow red or white

Let us recall with humility

The love inserted in our being

Allow us to spread God’s joy

To all people and things

May we all cross the finish line

With the answer to this

Did you give back to My Creation

Or did you merely exist

What did you contribute

Our Father will ask

Did you love all things

It was your only task

My friends give love…be love

In all that you do

Shine light and hope

As He has shone on you

Be the greater being

Be the example of our Creator

You are part of a plan

Of something so much greater

So when looking down on others

Remember this poem’s for you

Reminding all to shine brighter

In all that you do

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