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I Will
I will not give up today
No matter what transpires
My soul will march forward
Even when my body begins to tire
I will smile at Gods creation
Even if it doesn’t smile back
I will count all of my blessings
While the world tells me what I lack
I will keep on walking forward
While there are obstacles in my way
And when man says there is no hope
I will still continue to pray
I will look for the good in all
Whilst people acknowledge only the bad
And although you may want me to sit
I will continue making a stand
I will keep erecting bridges
Where people are torn apart
And even as you may think its over
I will tell you its barely begun to start
I will construct a chain of hope
Where some may break a link
I will smile and continue on my path
Before you get a chance to blink
I will smile in adversity
While staring at your fist
I will sing the praises of our Father
And the angels in our midst
I will love always my neighbor
While he may swear in my face
You may take my possessions
But never my Creator’s Grace
I will get back up and start over
Every time I do fall
I will be reminded of the tests
Which are placed on us all
I will talk about my Father
Hallowed be thy name
And while you may try my faith
The outcome is the same
I will ask God for forgiveness
Father they know not what they do
For while you may cast stones upon me
I will always pray for you
I will continue to spread joy
While man displays his hate
And I will submit to God’s will
And pray that before it’s too late
That you will see the light
Because the darkness tends to hide
The beauty you were born from
And the love you have inside
I will fail from time to time
As only real people do
But I will never give up on God’s will
How about you?



I really just need a moment

A deep breath so to speak

God…if you’re listening

Can I borrow some peace

My heart it feels heavy

My frustrations are too high

I’m forcing back the tears

I don’t even know why

It may take a miracle maker

To give my heart release

But if you have it to spare

Can I borrow some peace


My child my creation

My heartbeat my breath

My light my stars

I love you past death

This peace that you seek

This heaviness you bear

Is not yours alone

I am always there

The thing you are after

The gracious release

Is here for the asking

Because…you ARE peace

You reflect my morning light

You embrace my moon beams too

All the peace you seek

Has been housed within you too

So take a deep breath

Let go of the weight

Peace is what you are

And therefore what you create

Smile that brilliant smile

Don’t let life take His glory

There’s also a path for that

But that’s another story

Shine on my peace maker

You are what you seek

May your heart be filled with love

And you have eternal peace

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

  I was watching a movie the other night. In a particular scene a parent was yelling at his children and the children muttered under their breath that he didn’t need to speak to them in that manner ; stating they are not animals.

  I found that statement to be funny…yet so true; although I am certain that how I took the statement was not the way the actors lines were meant to be received.

  We do have a tendency to think that we are better than most other living organisms. On one hand, yes we are highly evolved and intelligent creatures; but on the other hand…we often do not use that intelligence.

  I would suppose that we could say animals attack one another, and it looks brutal and senseless. But for one moment let us take it a step further…why are they fighting? Are they fighting because one is wearing a gang color? Are they fighting because one is wearing a pair of shoes or an item of clothing that the other wants? Of course not, that would make them irrational…wouldn’t it? After all of this time, I would think that we would know that all that we NEED in this life will be given to us…in God’s time. The fact that we have actually gotten to a point in our existence where we feel the need to take another’s belongings simply because we do not have them is a sad sight. This can be caused by two basic reasons…one of which is greed…we want more than we have. And for some reason we are of the belief that we should be able to have whatever we want whenever we want it. The second reason is deprivation. There are people walking around on our streets who go without the very basics in life…this can lead to behavior that would seem irrational. However if we, as a society, began treating one another as brother’s and sister’s then we would become proactive in each others lives. Whereas one may say that it is not my problem if another person doesn’t have food to eat, clothes on their backs, or shelter from the cold…we might say we have enough to worry about. I, too, have moments where I have felt like I have a lot on my plate; that I cannot take on another thing. However, when I am communing with God, I am gently reminded that all that I have is a gift. It is our job to look after one another…we are a family with ONE heavenly father. As a family, it is our responsibility to reach out for one another. If you watch a pack of wolves, you will begin to understand what family is about. They are one unit. They hunt for the entire pack…it is NEVER one for himself. Animals have a divine understanding, and unlike human beings they do not try to rationalize why they should veer from their path or purpose.

  We search for reasons not to care about one another. We create boundaries based on a physical difference…a skin color…a texture of hair…an accent or the shape of a facial feature. But underneath all of this…we are exactly the same in design. We all are made up of bones, blood, and skin. We should care and be concerned about one another because we were all created under the same heaven…by the same Creator.

  We will often pass by another human being in the street who has no home…no food…no money…no hope and we will fall to our knees in prayer that night asking for God to help us with one thing or another. And when we do not receive the outcome we had hoped for when we prayed; we will question what God is doing. Perhaps we should re-evaluate our lives…because I have been raised to believe that the homeless man on the street…is GOD. He is not God in the literal sense…but representative of what we are supposed to be doing for God. When we give unselfishly we are rewarded…every time.

  We have become so concerned with judging the actions of people that we fail to see the larger picture. The conditions of one another’s lives are our business…because it is a human condition. Something that affects your neighbor…should feel personal to you, because it could BE you…you could be the one being beaten, abused, raped, and murdered. I always try and speak in a way that everyone may be able to relate to…what if the woman next door who is being abused was your child? Wouldn’t you want her neighbor to look out for her…simply because she is your child? Don’t you think God feels the same way when we see something like that…and do nothing? Wouldn’t it make you sad or angry if someone saw your child freezing to death…with no coat…no food…and they just walked past?  What if that person then turned to you because they wanted a favor?  What would you do?

~~ From my heart to yours

A Conversation With God


Children are dying
With nothing to eat
Where is God
Is He asleep?

Our neighborhoods are violent
Killing is what we find
What is He doing to mankind

Women are abused
Left in total dismay
What is God doing
Looking away?

That child that they found
Her poor body invaded
What is He allowing to happen
To all He created?

Religious wars out breaking
Man versus man
Is this His vision
Of a world so grand?

Our air is polluted
We can hardly breathe
what should we think
How can we believe?

Then the skies grew darker
Than they had been at first
And a voice came down
“I will speak of my earth”

You question my intention
And the love for my beings
I could ignore your doubts
But I’ll tell some things

Yes, my children are starving
It’s sadly true what you say
But tell me…how much food
Do you throw away?

There is blood on the streets
I see it every day
They walk around aimlessly
They have lost their way

They are seeking acceptance
It is love they do need
They are my sole creation
Not a new breed

So while you are judging
From your house made of glass
Are you forgetting the help you needed
In your not too distant past?

And those women …my angels
So battered and bruised
And physically abused

Depicted in the media
As less than a thing
And beaten at home
Because of a ring

How many signs did you need
To take notice of her plight
And yet you sleep soundly
Like everything is alright

You listened to the story
About that sweet little girl
But I see it happen
All over the world

Children’s bodies assaulted
By the most evil ones
They will know my wrath
When their time comes

Wars and murder
From sea to shining sea
Yet you do nothing
But question me

Of course you can’t breathe
The ecology looks grim
But seek the real problem
It comes from within

You are pointing your finger
Up toward the sky
You question my existence
And you wonder why

Why is the world
So out of control
Why has God
Made it so

But the answer is no further
Than your own troubled heart
Instead of coming together
You push further apart

This is your world too
And while you want to place blame
I could never fault you
But…cry your own name

You watch the starving
And the abused
You could step up
Yes…you’re being accused

Accused of indifference
Accused of hate
Accused of blaming me
And calling it fate

If you want your world
To be a better place
It’s up to you
Start setting the pace

Love one another
For it is that which you do
That can make the world better
For them and for you

And while I won’t abandon you
For you are children of mine
I will continue to focus
For my light always shines

I never left you my child
And I never will
Even through your mistakes
I love you still

But if you fail to reach out
And open closed doors
The blame will not be mine
…It will be yours

~~ From my heart to yours

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You met on that beautiful night
your heart ran away
Promises of “I’ll love you forever’s”
And “I’ll never go away”

Butterflies in your stomach
Desires running so deep
This must be what God wants for me
He satisfied your deepest need

But moments turned to days
Days turned into years
Suddenly everything you wanted
Became your deepest fear

Conversational smiles over breakfast
Turn into barely looking at me
We are no longer in love
But strangers with memories

How did it go wrong?
When did it go awry?
No midday phone calls
And again today I cried

We pass each other everyday
With barely so much as a “hello”
We are dying inside
Yet still can’t let each other go

Once a home of life
A dream still untold
But a house of cards
And doors begin to close

Not knowing where to turn
I reach up for the sky
Crying out in prayer
I don’t understand…please tell me why

There was the worst silence
I ever in my life heard
Not a sound did I experience
Not a single little word

As a tear of desperation fell
When I knew I was alone
I heard a sobering voice
“Tell me what seed you have sown”

You only bring me to your life
When you have had enough
Even though I gave you all the tools
From my garden of divine love

You never mention me in life
Unless your heart starts to break
Do you see how the silence
Can be more than anyone can take?

Do you not understand?
All things must come through me
It isn’t about you
Or whatever you think you may need

The love I send to you is a gift
Not something that you are owed
It is the beginning of bigger love
The seed you are supposed to sow

But when you walk through life
As if your love us enough
I’m telling you it is
But only if it’s replenished from above

You may have known love
As beautiful as a rose
But you cannot contain anything
And not allow it to grow

And my child the only growth
I wish you could see
Comes from replenishing it
All must come through me

So rest your weary heart
Remove it from your mind
I will replenish your love
And that of all mankind

Before life gets overwhelming
And you begin to lose your way
Remember the blessings of your life
And fall to your knees to pray

~~ From my heart to yours

One Day

One day

Once blue skies filled with dark clouds

Birds struggling to fly

Blue waters of the oceans polluted

And we stop and wonder why


Cans laying along the roadsides

Factories running all night

Not even a Native American crying

Made everything alright


And when my daughter asks me

Why the glaciers are starting to melt

I tell her because man is careless

Thinking what a poor hand she was dealt


Starving children in Somalia

With little water there to drink

And we stand on the outside watching

Not knowing what to think


I mean is it really our problem

What is happening to them?

Or is it Gods will to kill

Innocent women and men?


Take away a few forests

What harm can that do?

It’s not like I live in a tree

Why does it bother you?


A hole in our ozone layer

Like a slow leak in a balloon

Exposure to gases and dangerous sun rays

Are problems but only a few


Large company vessels spilling oil

Into our oceans far and wide

Destroying aquatic creatures

We are killing everything… she cried



People all over the world are dying

War is in the air

Plants and animals are disappearing

Why doesn’t anyone care?


Every time I mention

Our world and this plight

All the adults say is…

Everything will be alright


But I see no plan

No way to make it better…they admit

But if you cant fix things

Can you at least stop breaking it?


They say it’s not the end of the world

Everything will be okay

But really…it’s what you plan to do

…not what you say


So she hailed in a voice so strong

It made my heart swell

I will not stop until things are better

Even if I have to yell


This is not what God had planned

When He created us one and all

We were supposed to love each other

Regardless of how big or small


Every tree that is cut down

Is another creatures home

And they can’t check into a hotel

They have no one they can phone


It is up to us to step up

And stand up for the cause

Too many things are going wrong

And after a brief pause


She stood up and looked at me

And said I will ask God too

I know He will have the answer

He will know what I can do


Because there is no doubt

Of the beauty in His sight

He will help to fix the problems

And make everything alright


He will help me tell others

To stop killing His earth

And remember we are all one

And we all have great worth


I can not remember being more proud

Of my angel than on that day

Because I knew she wouldn’t rest

Until she had found a way


So in keeping up my special promise

To take a step and do my part

I will ask each and everyone

To do what is right…look within your heart


Treat each other with kindness

Do not tear each other down

Love one another always

And enjoy the peace you have found


Be loving to your environment

Stop destroying what He has made

Maybe we can make up for our sins

And He will forgive us one day




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If You Are Listening

If You Are Listening…

 She is always a little reserved; some may say that she is shy. But I have seen this look before, she is not quiet…she is afraid. She only wants to walk through life quietly without conflict or confrontation; not realizing that what she is doing can not be called living at all. She wants friends, but who would understand the way she is forced to live? She can not even confide in the family and friends that she has now…without the threat of bringing the darkness to their doorway, as well.

  How would she live with the fact that someone she loved may be hurt or even killed simply because they stood by her? So she moves silently…careful not to draw unnecessary attention to herself or her life. She flies under the radar, this self-isolating being of God…praying silently that one day this will all end.

She falls to her knees in desperation. “Dear God, if you are listening…please make him stop”. “Please let me fall asleep forever”. But the next day will look very much like this one…he will watch her; even if he doesn’t speak to her. His presence will speak more loudly than words or actions…”I am here”. “I am not going away”. “I am in control”. “I can not be stopped”. “If you tell anyone, I will kill them…and you will know it was your fault”. And at the end of this day, again, she will pray.

  Understand, her story is not as unique as you may think. Most likely you know someone similar to her, as over 1 million women are stalked in the United States every year. And 89% of femicide victims, the misogynous killing of women by men, have been abused and stalked by their killers12 months prior to their murder.

  What these statistics show is that this is an ongoing problem in our nation. One way of bringing this issue into the light is to remind people that stalking…following…pursuing…and tailing people for the purpose of keeping tabs on them…is not a sign or symbol of love and affection. This is a crime. We need to stop placing blame on the victims of this offense and start pointing fingers at the assailant. We have no reason or cause to continually attack the victim by making excuses for the perpetrator. “If she had said no more loudly…”, “If she hadn’t smiled at him…”, “If she hadn’t worn that outfit”…, “If she had told someone”. She was not at fault…and chastising her will not make the situation get better; all we do when we criticize her…is empower the abuser.

  Stalking is a step below assault and murder. It is compulsive, controlling and violent behavior. We must become aware of this problem…by humanizing the women who are under attack. She could be your mother…your sister….she could be your daughter. Raise your hands up; this is not a big boys club. This is not about brotherhood, it is about mankind. Speak up whenever you can, put your foot down…take a stand against misogyny and femicide.

  Begin today, re-evaluate the way we treat the women in our lives. What starts out small can become enormous…and the beauty in that statement is that we can make it better. Create awareness. January 2012 is Stalking Awareness Month; be aware of this problem. There is no age cap on the female victims, embrace our children. Teach our young boys and girls about respect and boundaries. Guide these young minds and hearts…they are looking to you for support and leadership.

  Show love, by expressing your intolerance of abuse. Don’t make the assumption that the behavior is harmless just because no one has been harmed yet. And if you want to get an idea of what this behavior feels like, on the receiving end…try this exercise: Take down all the curtains, blinds and shades from all of your windows in your home. Leave all your doors wide open…including the front and back door, in fact even leave your bathroom door open; How safe and secure do you feel? How does it feel to think that someone may watch you while you are watching television, eating, sleeping, changing clothes, and bathing? Imagine that every day of your life is like this…are you having fun yet?

  We MUST make a change…in ourselves and then in others. Spend today showing love to all of the women in your life. It can be cold living in the shadows shame and doubt…tell her you love her…let the warmth begin with you.