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I used to take moments for granted

Put it off til tomorrow I would say

I was a procrastinator…the worst kind

But I tell you…not today

I would sparingly send “I love You’s”

Pick and choose calls I returned

But not today I tell you

There is a painful lesson I learned

When we think there is always tomorrow

When we buy into that lie we create

Our window of opportunity will close

If we do not act…today

Is there is someone in your life

That you have taken for granted

I would strongly suggest

No…I am going to demand it

Life is short as we know it

And once a life line ends

We’re left with regret boundless

No way to make amends

Make the most of this moment

For moments aren’t supposed to last

Like sand in an hourglass

Our time falls away so fast

I once did what most do

I didn’t take enough time to say

I love you…I need you

But I promise…not today

For the love in our lives isn’t forever

They have work here also to do

Don’t put off until next time

Or you will have regret too

Make the most of this time

Before the sands of life wash it away

The pain of “what if’s” could be eased

If we made the most of today

Give love and be love always

Leave no room for sorrow

The time for action is today

Don’t put it off til tomorrow

Even up to this last few lines

I want to give you love in this way

Don’t postpone what needs to be done

Tell them “I Love You” today

This Moment

This Moment

If for only one moment

I could have life today

There would be no suffering

Or hurt in any way

If only for a moment

Our hearts would be filled

With only thoughts of harmony

Loving each other still

If only for one moment

A tear would not be in vain

And I could reach up to heaven

To touch your face again

If only for one moment

We could share just one smile

To see your eyes of blue

For just a little while

If only for this moment

I could tell others too

Moments are too quick

Have caution in what you do

For a moment that was lost

Became the last we’d ever know

Now every moment with you

Is a random memory…so

Love live and laugh I ask

Every single day

Or you will struggle with missed moments

How I live today

If only for a moment

I could have your attention

Loss of life can be more painful

That anyone could ever mention

Smile into each other’s hearts

Create a warmer glow

Don’t give cause for another

I told you so

For this moment with you

Is the best that I can give

Reminding you to remember

We’ve only one life to live

Live it to the fullest

Make no room for regret

Remember to remember

Lest you will forget

Grab joy where you find it

In the corners of your mind

A clearer slice of Heaven

Here…we may never find

Care for each other’s hearts

Fragile as they may be

Let go of the anger and

Unbridled hostility

A smile is not weakness

But deeper even still

Anger is not strength

Never been God’s will

So if only for this moment

Your attention I could take

To warn against the pain

And precious hearts you break

During our moment today

I give thanks to you

Because during this moment

You gave me something too

What you didn’t see it?

How could you miss its tracks?

You gave me your time

Something you never get back

So in this moment

If one things came through

Know I appreciate the gift

Of time spent with you

What does a moment matter

In the moments we go through

A moment says you matter

It says I love you

**Please leave NOT ONE moment underappreciated…they are rare gifts**

L.M. Young

Welcome Guest

Welcome Guest

You came for a visit
One beautiful autumn day
I guess I never thought about
When you would go away

I suppose children don’t give it thought
This thing people call grief
But when it falls upon you
We are constantly seeking relief

I can still remember our great times
When it was just you and me
Smiling past grief filled tears
Not sure how this could really be

I often still seek you
When everything seems amiss
Your sweet sunshine smile
What am I to do with this

I miss your face appearing
When you called on the phone
Such pain and anguish
More than I have ever known

I have happiness of course
God made sure I realize
That the love you gave
Was never a disguise

I can almost hear your responses
When someone says something odd
Just further proof that we are children
Of a most gracious God

I may always have this longing
Deep within my soul
I’m left only with my writing
My own way of letting go

How does one really let go
Of such a true loving source
Being ever cautious…diligent
With my hearts true course

So I send on to others
Your message and mine too
Be careful with your words
And everything you may do

For the one regret
I hope they never have to know
Is the failure of Love
Or telling someone so

I miss you as always
Just every single little thing
But grateful for your new life
And all that may bring

Check in on us as often
As you may seem fit
And if I ever needed proof of God
No question…you are it

Don’t let my tears confuse you
I know it was your time
But sometimes my selfishness
Just makes me want to cry

Until next time when
I sit down to write my best
Where in my heart and mind
You are  a most welcome guest

Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy Don’t Go

Daddy don’t go

The girl softly cried

I’m coming back

Just another lie

I wonder if he knew

The choices he did make

Would damage a life

A heart he did break

If he had only looked back

Seen that last tear fall

He could have righted a wrong

In no time at all

Maybe if he had been there

She wouldn’t have needed

The attention negative or not

Which abandonment breeded

Her mom was there yes, but

Who can really say

What would have happened

Had he not left that day

Our daughters are precious

We must try and understand

Their fathers help create

Their future’s floor plan

For Daddy when you leave

Someone else will step in

And since you weren’t there

No telling how it will end

Are you responsible for others…no

But from the very start

You were supposed to be there for her

And that fragile little heart

When you stepped out on mom

You walked away from this sweet girl

Who loved you every single day

You were her entire world

So when she now makes choices

As we sometimes tend to do

Remember her greatest teacher

Was supposed to be you

Don’t make this love story

End before it starts

Cause saying “Daddy don’t go”

Even breaks a woman’s heart



I thought of something today

I just had to give you a call

Then sadly I realized

There wouldn’t be an answer…no answer at all

It made me think of time wasted

And I was filled with regret

Regret of vacations not taken

And memories we hadn’t made yet

Did I ever tell about how your smile

Made you stand out in a crowd

And how every day I’m left hoping

That you are smiling down us now

To know you was to love you

And to love you was a gift

Now I’m left regretful

Of all the chances that I missed

The times I missed out on your calls

Missed out on your laugh

Missed the chance to look into your eyes

Missing now what we had

I don’t think I paid enough attention

And now I’m stuck trying to recall

The greatest sister since creation

The brightest light of us all

If you are watching…know that

I know you no longer feel pain

And for that I am thankful

But one truth still remains

My heart it is still breaking

But my lungs still fill with air

The world it keeps spinning

And it doesn’t seem fair

Please look down often

And remind us to go on

Until one day we are doing it

All on our own

One day in the future

You will look down from the sky

Smile down on us to say

See…I told you…you’re going to be alright

In closing my blue eyed angel

Give God thanks and a smile

For these precious moments with you

Made my life seem worthwhile

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Precious Moments

If I had taken a picture
For every time you smiled
I would have a creation of love
That spanned across the miles

If I had known this small hand
Would give my heart wings
I would have held it more often
And forgotten lesser things

If I had imagined that there were angels
With silken flowing hair
That gave God’s love freely…
By simply breathing our air

I would have hugged you more often
And frowned so much less
I would have dipped your dreams in chocolate
In spite of the mess

I would have understood that smiles are hugs
We give our broken hearts
And it doesn’t matter when you finish…
Only that you start

I would have seen that life isn’t
Always what we thought
And our souls cannot be purchased
And God’s love cannot be bought

I would have lined your path with rainbows
And little pots of gold
And given you more love and peace
Than your little hands could hold

I will not feel bad
About the things that I regret
About all of the goals
That I have not met

Instead I will give you
All I have and hold dear
This is knowledge
That God led you here

So beautiful soul,
Wherever your heart lands
I want you to know
That I finally understand

God has no boundaries
And has no sense of time
But our few precious moments
Are priceless treasures of mine

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~~ From my heart to yours

Like a Phoenix…

  I love the story of the Phoenix which rises from the ashes. In this story the beautiful, brilliant bird lives for about 100 years. In the part of its life it nests…in sticks and twigs…which slowly burn; until finally the entire nest is in flames around the bird. And just when you are certain that you know all that there is to tell…a baby Phoenix rises from the flames. This story is very personal to me…because I believe that through true adversity and against unthinkable odds…great things can happen.

  In my interpretation of this story…the fire is symbolic of life and its many obstacles. And like in the story of the Phoenix…just when you feel like the fire has become hotter than you can handle…it is then when we emerge our strongest.

  We have all faced situations that have tried our faith in ourselves or God. Life has a way of making us second guess decisions that we have made. We have faced the death of loved ones…where we may feel that the people who have meant more than anything else in our lives…were stripped from us. We may blame God, or whatever circumstances that led to the unexpected departure. I blamed myself when my sister passed away. I was stuck in regret…and I had a hard time forgiving myself. I couldn’t forgive the fact that I was only human. It took a while, and is still a work in progress, for me to realize that it simply was her time to go home. I most definitely felt that my wings were caught in a blazing fire that day. What I discovered that day though, was not that she left me. The hardest part was the realization that I had to be strong enough to continue on…and I was angry that I had to do it. My flames were my grief…and I burned for what seemed like a very long time. I only began rising from the ashes when I learned that I could forever keep our relationship alive on paper.

  There are people everyday who are plagued with terrible heart wrenching illnesses. There are some who are in emotional or physical pain every second that they are awake and sometimes even when they sleep. There are people can not walk, see, hear, or breathe without assistance. And this can be the flame to their Phoenix; burning brightly. However there those of us who believe that there are some fires that, like the mythical Phoenix, we are supposed to feel. I don’t necessarily think that we are martyrs or anything more special than anyone else…but perhaps the pain of our personal fires can ease the emotional pain of another.

  There are some struggles that make us stronger. Some people have struggled and the world never knew. We often do not see the gift, until their time has passed or the experience has become more enjoyable.

  So,in my rising from the ashes…I wanted to take a moment to point out some poignant beautiful survivors of the fire:

1. Never allowing his learning disability to hold him back…he was fired as a newspapers editor for lacking imagination and good ideas. WALT DISNEY…didn’t even let bankruptcy keep him down.

2. Getting a late start in life this young man did not learn to speak until he was 4 and didn’t read until he was 7. He was considered developmentally handicapped by his teachers and his own parents…luckily the Phoenix…that he is didn’t deter…ALBERT EINSTEIN.

3. One of the best known philosophers of the Classical era…SOCRATES was called an “immoral corrupter of youth” and was sentenced to death.

4. This great artist only sold 1 painting…to a good friend…but followed his passion…and created 800 more. His friend paid a fraction of what the art VINCENT VAN GOGH’s paintings g for now.

5. This renowned poet wrote over 1800 poems…although only 12 of EMILY DICKINSON’s poems were published in her lifetime.

6. His first book was rejected 30 times. In disgust he through t in the trash…thankfully “Carrie” and STEPHEN KING rose from the ashes as well.

7. Divorced, penniless, and driven…this single mom went from being a welfare recipient to one of the world’s richest women in a 5 year period…so the story of “Harry Potter” and J.K. ROWLINGS was born.

  We all have our fires to burn and rise from. Babe Ruth,  who was made famous by hitting 714 home runs during his baseball career…also struck out 1330 times. When he was asked about his record he earnestly stated, “Every strike brings me closer to my next home run”.

  In closing…please keep hope alive…it lives within us all. We need only understand that even when things seem their lowest…the best is yet to come.

~~ From my heart to yours

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