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Greatest Love


   I found the greatest loves of my life when I learned how to love people inside out. I learned that the outer shell was only a peek at the person within. Of course, we must be attracted to something, before seeking the inner being…be it a smile, laugh…or just a sense of humor. However in some rare cases, the inner being will shine through the eyes of those that we may have over looked.

  Whatever brought us to this place seems irrelevant…for now all that matters is that we are here…together. Our inner light is that part of us that connects to others on a higher plain. It is our soul or spirit…our core. I have always been of the belief that our center…or core is the very thing that we started with. Our core comes from God; it is the very loving nature He instilled in us. It is the part of us that allows us to connect to others…similar to how magnets attract one another or how light will attract a moth. It is what brings us together…and sometimes, sadly, tears us apart. The core of us is what hurts when we see another human being in pain. It is the part of us that is moved to protect our environment. Our core is what causes 9000 people to search for an 8 year old autistic boy in Virginia…someone that most did not even know. Our center is the part of us that prompts an illegal immigrant to put his life on the line to save a little girl that he didn’t even know…placing his own citizenship at risk. It is the thing within us that has us get our bone marrow checked to see if we can save the life of one person…which can be a painful process. It is doing the right thing…without a second thought. This is our origin…what every other part of us is based on. This is our purpose under Heaven. And as long as we are listening to our center…our core…our spirit and soul…we are doing Gods work.

  So what happens when we are doing everything else? What happens when we watch someone who is broken down on the side of the road and we just drive past? What happens when we hear someone yell for help and we act like we don’t hear them? What are we thinking when we tell socially acceptable lies…and still teach our children the importance of telling the truth? Why do we make excuses for behavior that we know in our hearts to be wrong? What message are we sending when we punish a murderer by becoming murderers? Where are our hearts when we are telling our law enforcement officers to stop worrying about crimes and just look for people who have a “criminal look”?

  These may seem like extreme cases, but are they really? Or do we just say that to take attention away from the real issue? How do we have balance when the scales of our lives are so obviously tilted? Native Americans believe that within us we have two wolves…one wolf is positive…loving…caring and compassionate. The other wolf is negativity…adversity…violence…anger and rage. In some Native American culture it is said that the wolf that we feed or cater to the most becomes the winner of our internal struggle. This is really the old story of good versus evil. The one that we allow to grow…becomes the victor. But the truth is this…God created all things, ideas and situations. Why would God, who loves us, create something that could eventually lead to our downfall? Some believe that the reasoning is this: He allows us to decide what we want for ourselves. He allows us to make our own noose and decide if we are going to hang ourselves or others. He allows us to make friends or enemies. We are allowed to show compassion or contempt. Why are we allowed to even know of a choice which could cause us or others pain or anguish? Because, we know what the right thing to do is…it is in our core. We have been equipped with the only thing we ever really needed to get by…love. We have always been equipped with the love of our Creator…which arms us with the knowledge that we are supposed to love others also.

  Why is doing the wrong thing so easy for most? Doing what is wrong is easy because it is acceptable and most of the time it is expected. We expect people to cheat, steal and lie to us. We expect people to disrespect us or those around us…so we continually watch for it. We look for deception because we really believe that all people will be tempted to deceive. We expect our fellow man…that was created with the same divine love that we were…to do us some huge disservice. Unfortunately, a lot of the time…we aren’t disappointed.

   Of course, we choose to live this way. We choose to allow people to do the opposite of what we know is right; then we they do this evil…we just nod and smile, as if it is okay. We become complacent. We choose to sit the fence, instead of standing up for anything. And in our complacency…we have failed God. We have said so much…by saying nothing. When our hearts are crying, yet our mouths fall silent and our heads hang in shame…we have betrayed ourselves and Our God.

   The important lesson in all of this is that any injustices that we fall upon silent ears about…are injustices that very well may come back around to destroy us, as well. Never say that any given situation could never happen to you or anyone you know. By now we should all understand that just because we think we have stuffed a wrong in a closet doesn’t mean that is goes unnoticed. God brings everything to light.

  It is our job to defend those who are wronged…no matter who the oppressor may be. It is our job to shine light on those who pray on the defenseless. As people we do our best to stand up for children…and since we were all created from God and are His children…why do we not defend our fellow man? Why do we not stomp our feet and scream to the top of our lungs every time someone is treated with malice?

  War does not create anything…it destroys us all. Do the soldiers of war ever come home feeling happy; and if not, why? War only creates the need for larger cemeteries…larger orphanages…and more wars. And by the way, wars are not only fought with guns. Wars happen at the work place, in our schools and in our neighborhoods. A sharp tongue is worse than an assault weapon. Guns are fired and they kill…where as words can continue to injure and re-injure us. And like in a war…once we have been fired upon…we will retaliate…and it won’t matter if it is justifiable or not.

  Peace starts within us…and once we have it we can share it with the world. We only need to nurture the love that we were created with…and then we give it out to everyone we come into contact with. We smile, greet and acknowledge our fellow man and woman…and with those simple gestures…love blooms. Love is never out of season and you can never have or give too much love. It will feel strange at first…but that is just because we are out of practice. Give love…receive love…Be love.

My World

My World

  Today I want to extend an invitation to you…it is an all day pass to visit “My World”. Don’t worry everything that you will be needing in this 24 hour period will be provided for you. The only stipulation is that you have to leave behind all of your pre-conceived notions of what you think life is really about.

  The first thing that you will notice in my world is that everything is natural…the food tastes better…the air smells more clear…and your mind and body will begin to feel lighter. Do not be alarmed by these changes…these are just adjustments that you will feel when only the love and peace of our creator is free flowing around us. You will notice that the only sounds that you will hear are the birds singing and crickets chirping in the distance.

  When you walk with me we will watch as children are playing together…laughing and running. They aren’t calling each other insulting names or bullying each other…because in my world parents do not speak harshly of one another…so the children remain innocent.

  In my world when the television is turned on there is no bad or destructive news. There are no people protesting or rioting…because my world never got into the shape that your world did. In my world all people are treated fairly…regardless of what they look like, sound like, and no matter how or if the pray.

  In my world we will all sit together at one huge table. We will join hands and give thanks that we woke up today…and we were able to once again join hands…like the large family that we are. You will find skin tones of every hue and our hairstyles and textures will be varied. We will wear different types of clothing…all of which is acceptable…and peaceful. We will dine on foods from every corner of this beautiful earth…and everyday will try to eat something that we had never tried before. We will discuss our day and our plans for the future. We will laugh and sing and talk about our history.

  When we get done eating we will sit around a huge fire pit and talk to our children and listen to the elders tell stories of times past. Our children will ask us about a time when our world wasn’t such a beautiful place. They will ask if it was true that people were killed and maimed because of where they were from…or because of the color of their skin. The children will ask if there really was a time that we chased people out of nations because of their religious practices and beliefs.

  We will all get very quiet, so much so that the crackling of the fire would be the only sound you could hear. Then a soft older voice would say…”sadly, yes…that is so”. The elder would go on to tell the children of a time when we killed those that we could not communicate with…out of fear. He would go on to say that we chose to not only avoid…but banish entire groups of people…to places where they had very little hope of survival. A silent tear would roll down his cheek as he went on to say that we used war as a means of taking care of a problem…killing innocent men, women and children.

  Another elder man began where the other left off stating that when man was unsatisfied with destroying each other…he began destroying the earth. He said that man would dump trash and oil in our many oceans…where our creator placed aquatic beings…until they had a hard time surviving. Man did not even stop when huge whales would beach themselves onto the shores trying to get away from the trash in their homes…the oceans. And when this was not enough he took large ships and dumped oil into our waters…making complete cleanup virtually impossible. Man cut down our mighty forests…leaving animals and living organisms no where to live. He built sky scrapers and interstates…he tore down natural bridges and rock formations. He killed not only his own kind but the mighty animals that had roamed the earth for hundreds of years before him.

  He committed hate crimes…and hid himself behind a mask…sheet…or badge. People no longer felt safe…children cried. There was no place that any one or anything could hide. Man made excuses for wars…yet cried when they too, were attacked; never learning that any animal will turn on you when cornered.

  When asked the old man said, “Yes, the fighting finally stopped”. The fighting stopped when entire nations were destroyed…and bodies of the citizens were lying all around…in their homes…fields…streams. But the victors of this destruction…never found peace…for our creator was angered and as those people destroyed HIS earth and loved creatures…so HE destroyed them.

  One boy laughed…lightening the mood. “Wow, I’m glad it isn’t like that here”. And we all agreed in unison. What is this place anyway? This world is called Heaven.

  And I brought you here today to show you that you still have time to fix what you have broken. It is not too late for you to make amends. You get to go back to your world and make a difference. You can start loving each other right now. You can mend fences and tear down borders anytime you choose. You can decide to be proactive in your life and the lives of those around you. You can stand up…and after you do…others will stand up also. You can create peace starting in your own home…and then in your neighborhood. If everyone did that then there would never be a need for the tragic ending that will inevitably happen…given our current course.

  Understand that loving is our natural course…we decide to destroy. We decide to hate. Now you must decide…where do you stand?



Blog Award

Blog Award

I think this lovely blog nomination was so touching…it was really a great surprise to me…just the fact that I was thought of was amazing. I only write what I am compelled to…the fact that anyone other than my mom reads this stuff is GREAT!!!!


  1. Many thanks to Janice …who is constantly giving me moral support. I so appreciate her nomination…not everyone wants to hear about my ideas about peace and love.


  1. I know I am supposed to have 8 blogs…I have 6 favorites. The have all touched me in way or another…check them out when you get a chance…


  1. 6 Things about me:

–        I love all things purple…lol. Which can get a bit out of hand…like when my best friend would buy me purple bath sets for the holidays…smelled really bad.lol

–        I was born and raised in Alaska…it is there with my family that I learned most of my ideas about life, love and peace. It is a time I will always cherish.

–        I am raising the most brilliant teenager ever!!!! I will admit I am a bit biased…but she is my largest blessing and my experiences with her have helped keep me grounded.

–        I have written an E-book of some of my first blogs…which are also on my website  www.myraysoflight.com

–        I really love to write…I always have. Even when I start off ranting about something…it feels like my creator takes over and makes it a smooth loving ending.

–        I love people. And as long as I am able I will try and reach out to as many as possible, because I truly believe that our divine purpose on the planet is to uplift, guide and spread love to as many people as possible.

***Thank you guys for your support……Jenyfer



The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

    The end of humanity does not occur when man does evil…but when man sits and watches…yet does nothing.

    We are armed with all the weapons that we will ever need to defend ourselves, from birth. It is only when we look for outside implements or instrumentation that we actually go against our very purest nature. The very purest part of us is that with which we were created; over time depending on our circumstances and our will to accept that which others find acceptable…we can develop negative or destructive tendencies. This happens when we no longer attempt to communicate…with our very being. We were created with many means in which to communicate…with our mouths, lips, hands, eyes, ears, even our legs and feet…all can communicate what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

  For instance I can either speak to you using my mouth…orally creating vibrations which are expressed in words audibly detectable. Or I can just use my lips to mouth the words…with out a sound. Both are forms of communication…but one would actually take active reception. What I mean by that is…the person I am communicating to would really have to pay attention to what I am trying to relay to them. Not only that…but I would have to take my time and make my words easy to receive. Have you ever argued with some one speaking so harshly, and fast that even you can not even remember exactly what you said? Yet the emotion behind the sentiment is never lost…you are angry. However…if you had to take a moment and actually make your words clearly decipherable, due to an inability to yell, or orate any sound at all…then perhaps the communication would not be lost and the emotion would be more even tempered.

  We often we use our bodies as a means of letting other know what we are feeling at the time…often without realizing it. We will point our fingers…which can be interpreted as accusatory or to place blame. We can cross our arms which can be interpreted as I don’t want to hear what you are saying, or I don’t want to disclose something. Of course these things could also mean other things such as pointing when giving direction or folding our arms because we are cold…but again, these are ideas that we are still communicating.

  We can use our legs and feet to position our body in such a way to display our interest or disinterest with what is being said to us. If we sit facing away from someone it clearly states that I am not interested in what you are talking about, or telling me. If I tap my foot it may mean that I am impatient or running out of time. If I stomp my foot it can be out of anger or excitement depending on the dialogue prior.

  But the most important communication tool that we are armed with is our ears.  How carefully do we listen to what is being communicated? If we were asked, could we mirror what we were told or asked? Often, we only hear the first and last thing that is said to us. Which is unfortunate because then we are missing out on the communication.

  We often take these tools of communication for granted. When I was a child …to show us our many blessings my grandmother would blindfold us or have us cover our ears…to show us how carefully we actually listen or watch things. When your vision is impaired in that way…you would be surprised at what we hear that we didn’t hear before…a bird chirping, the snow crunching, footsteps in the distance…and trying to figure out who the footsteps belonged to. We learned that we had to listen carefully to tones and words, because we didn’t have the luxury of seeing a facial expression. When our ears were covered we had to watch things carefully because we couldn’t hear them…or our hearing was impaired to such an extent that it wasn’t clear. We were no longer rushing to say what ever we pleased but actually taking the time to try and read the lips and expressions being communicated to us. Now, of course, the entire purpose of this exercise was not to punish us, but to teach us that we need to take more time with life. We needed to take time to smell the flowers, to watch a sunset, to be more loving and kind with one another.

  Why do we dislike the silent treatment? Because we want to communicate…but often we would rather wage war than take the time to actively listen and participate in a conversation. We would rather lash out than to calmly verbalize what we are thinking and feeling. Words can be like weapons…they can inform us or others…or they can cut like a knife. I can remember, as a child, hearing certain tones and unflattering words that adults used towards one another. They were not speaking to me, no one was calling me names…no one was angry at me. But I absorbed the words…it hurt deep inside of me…it felt like my insides were shaking. I felt violated, like someone had picked up a club and hit me in my stomach. Of course the adults that were doing this made up, they moved on…but I will never forget the feeling it left me with. I was scarred…and even now when I hear certain words I get the same feeling again.

  We, as human beings have the power to create or destroy and we do so everyday. We build up people or we tear them down…every single day. The point being, with that knowledge…which will you choose to do? We have the power to make each day better then the one previous…just by opening our mouths, our minds and our hearts. We can leave loving embraces on the hearts of our fellow man or we can scar them. Keeping in mind very often when we scar people they lash out at others…leaving them scarred, as well. We create a cycle no matter which way we go…but we get to choose which road to take. All that I am suggesting is that we choose that which will help uplift and rejuvenate. If we leave loving kind words…they will resonate in people…and hopefully that will be the trend.

   Does it sound like I am being unrealistic? Talking about love towards our fellow man…I have been told that it does. The thing is this…if being loving towards each other seems like a foreign idea…it is only because we have been living far too long with the idea that we must kill or be killed.

Marked By Misogyny

Marked by Misogyny


  This particular topic…I have pondered for close to a month now. It is an issue which of course affects me personally. But for those that didn’t know, or weren’t aware…misogyny is hate of women. Now I realize that this blog will cause people to stir and grumble about it. That actually is the point, and recently I realized that unless you shine light on issues…people will behave like it isn’t even there. And as I have learned when talking about injustices due to race, religious beliefs and bigotry, as a whole, people would rather it not be discussed. But since I am a woman…and it affects me directly, I am not willing to wish it away.

  There will be some people that will say that I am wrong, or that I am making something out of nothing…however, since it is hate against an entire group of people it does warrant an educated discussion.

  Women are often the scale in which manhood is decided…for instance, “you throw like a girl”, along with other various other names that men or boys are called that refer to a female or her body parts…used to demean and isolate boys or men.

  Why is it socially acceptable for women to wear garment usually termed “masculine”, such as jeans or pants…yet when a man or boy want to dress in attire termed “feminine” he is ridiculed? Why is a girl being called a “tomboy” acceptable but a boy being called girl-like…or anything similar, but not as kind…is an insult? Why is it that we make fun, or create jokes about males who are in the Ballet, nurses (instead of doctors), beauticians, or various other gender biased professions?

  I suppose that who ever started and carries on these ridiculous ideas about women…never really has a REAL woman in their life. And I say that because the strongest people I have ever known in my life…are all women.

  A woman was chosen to carry an embryo for 40 weeks and give birth to a baby weighing usually around 7-8 pounds. Why do we go to our mothers when it feels like the world is crashing down around our ears? I know men, who I find extremely masculine, that lean on their mothers when the world has gotten too heavy. How many men do you know that look for someone they can count on when seeking a wife? Would you feel like you could count on some one weaker than you?

  Let us not confuse compassion, and kindness for weakness. They are not the same thing. There have been women throughout history that have broken through barriers created by their male counterparts…which I can assure you makes them anything but weak:

1910 Alice Stebbins Wells became the first police officer in the United States…she joined the L.A.P.D.

Early 1800’s Molly Williams became the first female firefighter in the United States…coincidentally…she was also the first African-American female firefighter also.

1870 Esther Morris became the first female judge in the United States.

1917 Loretta Walsh was the first woman to enlist in the military; she joined the United States Navy.

1995 Lt. Kelly Flinn became the first female B-52 Bomber Pilot.

1849 Dr Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to graduate from medical school.

  The female pioneers broke through some thoroughly masculine career fields…I can assure you it was not an easy task. And I am certain that like most things, they were heavily scrutinized in their every move. However it did not stop them from making the way for other great women in history and our lives.

  So the next time that you consider the weaker of the sexes…perhaps you should remember…just because you might say it… doesn’t make it so.

  It is true that women did not choose to carry children, we were created that way…but I have never spoken to a man that said he could withstand all that birthing a child entails. Remember when we are belittling the women in our society…that mean YOUR mom, YOUR grandmother, and YOUR daughter…do you really think she is the weaker sex?


Is Your Soul For Sale?

Is Your Soul For Sale?

  How much of yourself are you willing to sell? Can your attention, intention, or virtue be purchased? Those questions seem, insulting, don’t they? But have you ever given something of yourself, simply because you were given a gift, a job, a promotion, or even something as simple as a kiss?

  Obviously I am not talking about the black market purchasing or selling of entire bodies, or their organs…but something I consider much more serious…the selling of your inner being. The part of you that is touched by God…the inner voice that tells you…yes or no. The very core of you that says; I will never do that; or I will never let some one do that to me. It is the part of you that when watching others…you say…I can’t imagine that I would ever let myself get into that situation.

  I am sure many are tempted everyday, to let go of the very essence of who they are…even if for just a moment. And many more will do so, with the justification that the ends will justify the means. Do the ends justify the means?

  Has anyone ever offered you a gift to entice you into going on a date with them? In business, have you ever accepted a “token of appreciation” for helping some one out? Would this be termed as “a sale”? It’s pretty simple to figure out…all you have to do is ask a very simple question…why? Why would some one who hasn’t ever been on a date with you buy you a gift? And if you were to say no, would that person still want to give you the gift? Of course, it’s flattering when people want to do things for us…but is there an ulterior motive? What are the chances of you being flooded with gifts from some one who knows there is no possibility that you will date, or spend any intimate time with them? And in business, if you are doing the right thing by helping another business associate out…why would you need to be given a gift? Is it possible that by accepting the gift, the giver of the gift…will think that you may “owe” them something?

  Let’s take it a few steps further. Have you ever done anything that you know was against your personal beliefs or morals? Have you ever encouraged another person to do something, either personally or in business, that you know is something that you wouldn’t do? How many men would encourage a woman to pose in pictures wearing very little or revealing clothing…if they looked at that woman as if she was his daughter or mother? By asking her to do so, are you asking her to give up her virtue…for your own personal gain? As for the woman…are you willing to pose for that picture, because of some financial situation? Would either of you do this willfully if you had all the money you needed? So the question is posed…is your soul for sale?

  But I won’t insult you by saying that it is limited to money. Have you ever told a lie, or overlooked a situation, simply because it would allow your career to advance? Wouldn’t you consider that action, selling part of yourself? If you are an honest upstanding person, wouldn’t the implication of a lie alone be enough to send you running in the opposite direction? When is it acceptable to set your morals aside? Have you ever set aside the very ideas that you were brought up with…or sought to have…for some personal gain? In reality when a person does this, they are, in fact selling something of themselves.

  We were created from love; it is the very core of our existence. This may be the most important lesson that you ever learn in life, so it is important to pay close attention. You are created from love, but if you do not love yourself…then you can never completely give love to another person, thought, or idea. If we love ourselves, we will hold ourselves up high. We set the bar for which others will have to reach for in order to deal with us, on any level. We control who we allow into our space, by either letting them know that they either have to reach up…or we have to step down. If you step down, its like going in reverse…you are making an exception to the virtue that you should hold so dear.

  This does not mean that you are better than anyone else, but it does mean that YOU love yourself better than anyone else ever could. I always try and make the vision of what I say easy to understand. If your child was coming to you and asking you advice about this very thing, what would you tell them? Because, we as parents, rarely would tell our children to do anything that would take away from their character. Be your own child; don’t make excuses for giving away the very essence of who you are. The stakes in this life are high; don’t sell yourself short. In the end, you are held accountable for all that you have said and done in this world. Your life’s story should make a proud memoir for others to strive for, not a Greek tragedy.

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