Death By Decision

As I look around me now

People saying killing is wrong

But even the state does it

Having done it so long

True there needs to be punishment

Of that I must concur

But it is wrong to kill ANYONE

To the Holy Books I must refer

We are killing no one in His name

But making excuses for a crime

There is only ONE truth

Not yours and not mine

A kill for a kill

Is lunacy…it shows

How evil expands

Continually grows

Let me be clear on the issue

So there will be no doubt

I know of rape, murder

Feelings these bring about

But it changes nothing of truth

No matter how my heart may break

We created NO life without God

It is not ours therefore, to take

Revenge via public execution

While claiming we are civilized

Shows our barbaric minds

It is time we realized

The lives we lead are a reflection

Of the anger in our path

Like looking for the great ocean

In a small bubble bath

Expand your thoughts

Extend your own hearts beat

By showing the grace of Our Creator

To brothers on the street

Killing is wrong no matter

Whose hand makes the blow

Whether it’s a Governor turning his head

Or a hunter with his bow

Death by decision kills all of us

We are tainted in corrupt blood

In this where would be find peace

Where did we lose the love

What do I ask of us now

In Fact plead to our humanity

End the cycle of violence

So-called legal insanity

Murder by lethal injection

Is murder by another’s hands

Murder is murder

WE must take a stand

I am not diminishing the loss

When a life has been taken

But talking about our souls

And mistakes we are making

Stand up today I beg of you

Fight the Creator’s good fight

Before we blow out Gods candle

And must live without His light