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My Memory of You

My Memory of You

I often wish you were still here

But when I pause for a while

I remember my life fulfilled

Memories by the mile

I remember the funny things you said

Even using some of it now

Hoping to share your sweet love

Through my grief some how

I still yearn to escape

To your loving abode

Enjoying your take on life

The stories you told

Will anyone really ever

Hear the angel in your voice

Now it seems as if

There isn’t much choice

I miss your melodic harmony

Chased down with that smile

Blue eyes sparkling and dancing

In a world gone wild

It’s funny the things

We all take for granted

Saying words…doing harm

Things can’t be recanted

I laugh to myself when

I call to you in a dream

Seeming even in slumber

God knows what you mean

He sends you when I’m weary

Can’t seem to find my way

Reminding me to be thankful

For new memories I’ve made

So true you aren’t in them

But lucky for others and me

You are felt all around

Like the bark on my tree

Remember the story I told you

About people and a tree

Fruit and leaves are temporary

It’s the roots which ground me

You were always my root

Holding me steady and strong

Keeping my eyes on God

Right where they belonged

You are and were

My truest best friend

Which God bonded in blood

Were there til the end

And while my heart still aches

Over the loss of my sister my friend

I hold you closer still

With every memory I spend

For every memory I lend out

Reminds me that I didn’t lose at all

Instead of focusing on a broken heart

I’ve built a memory wall

So those who need it

Maybe are heart broken too

They can come and smile

At my memory of you



Blinking past tears
Getting harder to hide
Something is missing
I no longer can deny

I understand the selfishness
That breaks my heart so
But I’m left with a pain
My life has never known

I know you were a part
Of God’s much larger plan
But your absence in my days
Is almost more than I can stand

I’ll have moments of peace
Followed by sudden dismay
Praying to God
Please don’t let me hear her name

The silence can be so deadly
Like a terminal disease
I keep moving forward
But it’s so hard to find relief

You were a blessing in my life
And all others you did touch
I know you have eternal peace
But I still miss you so much

Your life was a constant reminder
To make the most of today
Because as surely as God giveth
He most readily can take away

Not take away to punish
Or as payment for our sins
But to replenish His Heavenly Kingdom
With the angel you were within

How wonderful is our Father
Who truly understands
The impact of those eyes
The strength found in your hands

The sweet beauty of your laugh
That ever so bears…on my heart
Yet and still it is these things
Which make it difficult being apart

And yes of course I know
That you are with me always still
It is only your voice I’m missing
Which I know is God’s will

So tonight like nights before
I will fall down to pray
Always letting God know
I submit to His way

And whatever His plan
For my path and for me
Will be all that I want
As I fall to my knees

So while I will always miss you
And your beautiful way
I give thanks for the chance
To say I love you…today

~~ From my heart to yours

Waiting For You

Waiting For You


A pulse races

Faster every night

She should feel safe

Hidden out of sight


He knows every rhythm

Her heart beats so loud

Like a trapped animal

Again today…she was found


Bruises, scrapes and cuts

Scars obviously real

Another is placed on her

Before they have time to heal


No relief in sight

No help at her beckoned call

Afraid to reach out

She has no peace at all


She knows people hear her cry

For help like a beacon in the night

People watching all around her

But still nothing…no relief in sight


She is your mom or sister

Or someone she could be

It could happen to anyone

It should be easy to see


But as long as we turn

Away from her plight

We all become her abuser

With no hope in sight


Reach out for her hand

Even if it seems there is no need

You may be her only hope

Her only way to be free


Let the bruises on her face

Be a lesson to us all

Watch out for her stumble

Don’t wait for her to fall


Be the net she needs

To know God loves her too

Time is too precious

And she is waiting for you


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