These Children of Mine

What a sad state of affairs

Our world has become

Constantly living in fear

Nowhere to run

When we place more concern

On a man with a sign

Than the sins put upon

Your children and mine

We are definitely lost

Standing in the cold

Living a life of “I”

Ego’s growing bold

Children being murdered

On a street in a home

More sins against humanity

Than can truly be known

A risen angel on trial

A lost life forsaken

Another light blown out

Sins for the taking

We are selling drugs to them all

But we call it another name

“Just the way life goes”

God shakes His head in shame

Sure on a street corner

You may see a dealer or two

But the real drug is a lie

Hidden as the truth

Still don’t understand

Let me make it more clear

We don’t look deeper than

How things seem to appear

The home seemed to be happy

No one ever complained

Don’t mistake joy for the truth

Silence masking shame

Need more clarity still

Let me draw you a picture

Lives are not expendable

Children are not fixtures

Life is precious I tell you

Stop spreading the hate

One day you will have to own

Indifference you create

It’s a sin against humanity

To blow out an eternal flame

No need to look around

We are all to blame

For even if the only weapon

Is the sharpness of our tongue

We are still arming our children

Killing souls of the young

We give publicity to pedophiles

Magazine covers to the vile

Saying we know it’s wrong

But reading all the while

Do you get what I am saying

Do you know what I mean

We have the power to change

So many things

Change your tone and reflection

Give hope to the masses

Before more are killed

As time again passes

Reach out and reach up

Stop enforcing the loss

Humanity is endangered

Is it worth the cost

Too high a price I can tell you

This truth will remain

While we were debating

Two children were slain

Still think you have time

To consider being involved

The next child could be yours

No question at all

Then you will be the parent

Living with such anguish and pain

Left with only a handful of memories

And tear drop stains

On my last few points

This travesty is too real

Stop thinking too much

It’s time for you to feel

Thaw out your heart

Shine the light of the Divine

I beg you please…please

Save these children of mine