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Heaven’s Brilliant Light

This child of mine

He goes by many names

But no matter how you see him

I still love him the same

You may see only his skin

Or a style of clothing he wears

But I see him with my heart

Something most mothers share

You may see a trouble maker

An assumption most will make

But to me he was just my son

He had a future…can’t you relate

This child of mine is not a token

He doesn’t stand for your cause

He was a child taken too soon

Caused an entire country to take pause

You may decide he was nothing

A waste of time and energy

But he was my love and life

He meant the world to me

A year ago today a young man

Was stolen from us all

And if we decide he wasn’t worthy

Because of tattoos…or he was too tall

Perhaps we should re-evaluate

Our values and moral ideals

Because when a child is killed

It’s about…how do we heal

How does a family mend

When life has been shot down

And explanation as of yet

Has yet to be found

This angel has a name

It isn’t thug or criminal

He’s just a debate to most

But your view is minimal

Tonight when you go home

Tucking your children to sleep

Remember sometimes we try to

Make wolves out of sheep

Rest In Peace Trayvon Martin

May you watch over us today

And remind us what happens

When we put hate in our way

Give us patience and grace

From our Creator so bright

Until we meet you in heaven

To bask in Heavens brilliant light





I’m not much for politics

Will never hold office or such

Just seems like we analyze

Our world way too much

If we were all loving by nature

Kindness were our only creed

Microscopes wouldn’t be necessary

Could be judged by our good deeds

Not how much a charity was given

Not how many babies we kissed

But we’re so caught up on dissecting

There’s so much we have missed

We overlook true kindness

For the flashy displays of “humanity”

We mistake lies for the truth

And other such insanity

We should think a man true

For kissing a baby’s head

Babies are easy to love

Let’s talk about life instead

You want to make the world safer

Let’s talk about ridding our arms

Let’s contribute to peace

Stop doing others harm

This do onto others

Before he does to me

Creates human extinction

Via political party

Not caring about which party

You tend to subscribe

More concerned about love

Shining my Creator’s light

In the world that really matters

We have begun a cycle of hate

It isn’t about who is strongest

But the fragile hearts we break

What good is a human display?

If it is followed up with lies

We cover up evils of men

With well-padded alibis

Believe me we are being watched

From places unforeseen

Our actions are being scrutinized

Our intentions are unclean

We may pray in a cathedral

All are welcome to enter

For God is not as we are

Completely self-centered

Yet every day we are given

The chance to make a change

Yet the mistakes we are making

Vary little in their range

I’m observing nothing more

Not saying I am less at fault

But shouldn’t we start today

End the domestic assault

Stop the hateful name calling

What are we teaching our young?

That the winner by default

Is the one with the cruelest tongue?

Do you see the insanity now?

How crazy this all seems

To crush the will of man

Squashing his hopes and dreams

I pray we wake up soon

Before it is too late

The cost of sin is high

The punishment is great

Embrace your fellow man

Whether black white yellow or blue

For the greatness that created them

Also created you






The Only way

The Only Way

I cried a tear of frustration

When I heard the news

Another child was found

Abandoned and abused

There was no huge story though

No fanfare or plea for help

Just a brief intermission

Then it moved to something else

I wonder why it’s no big wonder

Or no big conversation

Abused kids get less attention

Than talking about taxation

I guess we have gotten accustomed to

Seeing our world growing cold

No real shock factor or ratings

When these stories are told

Sad when you think about it

More attention is gained

When we hear a meteorologist

Promise for more rain

A world going frigid

Forgetting our true path

Not concerned about destination

Only the things that we have

I saw a report about the war

The gunmen were just little kids

They spoke of the evil

And the things that they did

Still don’t think it’s your problem

Because they are so far away

We get further from God

When we look at life this way

Our children are dying

Being recruited at ten

Once they are taken

Hard to come back again

Take the world by its reins

Slow down the beaten pace

This isn’t about geography

It isn’t about race

It’s about light and love

It’s about God and truth

It’s about saving lives

Restoring our youth

Make a stand with me

Children are a dying breed

Stop staring into space

While they continue to bleed

Teach hope and possibility

No more negative displays

Give love…by being love

It’s the only way

I’ll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You

The storm it is brewing

The war has been waged

We have altered a life

A child filled with rage

Where we might think it isn’t

A communicable disorder

We have started a chain

Can not be afforded

Outside looking inward

Logic is lost for a while

Why would an abused adult

Then abuse another child

It is a painful cycle no less

If we don’t stop the track

More children will be tainted

Falling under attack

This is not the legacy

We want to leave behind

Breaking young hearts

Tainting little minds

We can do better I know

It’s what must be done

We’re all victims…trapped

A vicious web has been spun

Let’s take back our lives

Stop giving in to neglect

It’s what God wants

What He expects

Protect the children now

There is nothing to think through

Would you want your parents silent

If it was happening to you

Our lives they are on fire

We are burning as we speak

Protect our children

The young…the weak

We have created our own hell

By being silent and still

These acts of cowardice

Are of our own will

Please join in my call

Make your actions follow my voice

It doesn’t have to be like this

We do have a choice

I will choose love forever

And too show my true way

I will announce and denounce

Those who live in the gray

You know the gray matter

Those who know but don’t speak

We have the power to change

We are not the ones weak

Be strong and stand tall

Know that God walks with you

Bring child abuse awareness

And I’ll walk with you too

**We MUST stop child abuse now…END THE CYCLE

True Men

True Men

Be strong I heard him say

It made me feel bold I must admit

But in his lessons of manhood

There’s something I must have missed

I heard him tell mom he loved her

But when she got in his way

His face turned to stone

His heart it filled with rage

My eyes would fill with tears

He would turn to me and say

Real men don’t cry…stand up

Be strong…learn to walk away

I thought I would never forget

The sadness in momma’s face

He said…your tears mean nothing

He killed a part of her that day

Throughout life as a young “man”

My father taught these lessons to me

How to look tough…never stand down

Be the man you’re supposed to be

Slowly I grew out of my childish ways

Got girlfriends of my own

Slowly their tears meant less

With every fist I’d thrown

Still ringing in my ears

This voice…be a man

Do whatever you want

Only REAL men can

My tender hearted ways subsided

I finally stepped up to the plate

No one could stop me now

I’m a man…I am great

He taught me all I needed to know

Saying life is a great big test

Step on the weak…women…children

As he puffed out his chest

I became my father one year

Not sure when it did occur

Dad got older…had a stroke

His voice started to slur

We got into an argument

He disputed my state of “man”

I told him to shut up

I quickly lifted up my hand

He said what you are doing

I’m your father…you’re my son

God spoke down from above…

Are you happy with what you’ve done?

You took my innocent lamb

Made him heartless and cold

Taught him to be you

He only did as he was told

Now he hits women and children

Wouldn’t think twice about you

And you dare ask who he is

What did you think he would do?

He has become the victim

Of an age old disease

Where man thinks he is great

So why fall down to his knees?

Instead of instilling My Light

You left him alone to die

The very first moment

He watched his mother cry

If we do not make a change

The chain of hate goes on

Our children are not tokens

They are not little pawns

My mindful of what you teach

For strength is not found in the hand

But in the hearts of children

I hope you understand

Men are not savage and cruel

That is evil…nothing else

Use your arms for loving

Be a better self

For the disease of hatred

Can end here today

But you must submit

And walk in My Way

I never forgot that moment

When God spoke to my Dad

He gave me the biggest lesson

The largest I ever had

Be kind in your gestures

Even words can cut deep

Be mindful of who you are

And the company you keep

It’s not okay to hit

It’s not okay to cause harm

My heart refilled with joy

My soul began to warm

So here is my message to you

It’s the best one I can send

Keep your focus on God

He’s the maker of TRUE MEN

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

    The end of humanity does not occur when man does evil…but when man sits and watches…yet does nothing.

We are armed with all the weapons that we will ever need to defend ourselves, from birth. We were created with love, but with that comes great responsibilities; we are responsible for holding the love of God dear and to give it too others. It is only when we look for outside implements or instrumentation that we actually go against our very purest nature. The very purest part of us is that with which we were created; over time depending on our circumstances and our will to accept that which others find acceptable…we can develop negative or destructive tendencies. This happens when we no longer attempt to communicate…with our very being. We were created with many means in which to communicate…with our mouths, lips, hands, eyes, ears, even our legs and feet…all can communicate what we are thinking and feeling at any given time.

For instance I can either speak to you using my mouth…orally creating vibrations which are expressed in words audibly detectable. Or I can just use my lips to mouth the words…with out a sound. Both are forms of communication…but one would actually take active reception. What I mean by that is…the person I am communicating to would really have to pay attention to what I am trying to relay to them. Not only that…but I would have to take my time and make my words easy to receive. Have you ever argued with some one speaking so harshly, and fast that even you can not even remember exactly what you said? Yet the emotion behind the sentiment is never lost…you are angry. However…if you had to take a moment and actually make your words clearly decipherable, due to an inability to yell, or orate any sound at all…then perhaps the communication would not be lost and the emotion would be more even tempered.

We often we use our bodies as a means of letting other know what we are feeling at the time…often without realizing it. We will point our fingers…which can be interpreted as accusatory or to place blame. We can cross our arms which can be interpreted as I don’t want to hear what you are saying, or I don’t want to disclose something. Of course these things could also mean other things such as pointing when giving direction or folding our arms because we are cold…but again, these are ideas that we are still communicating.

We can use our legs and feet to position our body in such a way to display our interest or disinterest with what is being said to us. If we sit facing away from someone it clearly states that I am not interested in what you are talking about, or telling me. If I tap my foot it may mean that I am impatient or running out of time. If I stomp my foot it can be out of anger or excitement depending on the dialogue prior.

But the most important communication tool that we are armed with is our ears.  How carefully do we listen to what is being communicated? If we were asked, could we mirror what we were told or asked? Often, we only hear the first and last thing that is said to us. Which is unfortunate because then we are missing out on the communication.

We often take these tools of communication for granted. When I was a child …to show us our many blessings my grandmother would blindfold us or have us cover our ears…to show us how carefully we actually listen or watch things. When your vision is impaired in that way…you would be surprised at what we hear that we didn’t hear before…a bird chirping, the snow crunching, footsteps in the distance…and trying to figure out who the footsteps belonged to. We learned that we had to listen carefully to tones and words, because we didn’t have the luxury of seeing a facial expression. When our ears were covered we had to watch things carefully because we couldn’t hear them…or our hearing was impaired to such an extent that it wasn’t clear. We were no longer rushing to say what ever we pleased but actually taking the time to try and read the lips and expressions being communicated to us. Now, of course, the entire purpose of this exercise was not to punish us, but to teach us that we need to take more time with life. We needed to take time to smell the flowers, to watch a sunset, to be more loving and kind with one another.

Why do we dislike the silent treatment? Because we want to communicate…but often we would rather wage war than take the time to actively listen and participate in a conversation. We would rather lash out than to calmly verbalize what we are thinking and feeling. Words can be like weapons…they can inform us or others…or they can cut like a knife. I can remember, as a child, hearing certain tones and unflattering words that adults used towards one another. They were not speaking to me, no one was calling me names…no one was angry at me. But I absorbed the words…it hurt deep inside of me…it felt like my insides were shaking. I felt violated, like someone had picked up a club and hit me in my stomach. Of course the adults that were doing this made up, they moved on…but I will never forget the feeling it left me with. I was scarred…and even now when I hear certain words I get the same feeling again.

We, as human beings have the power to create or destroy and we do so everyday. We build up people or we tear them down…every single day. The point being, with that knowledge…which will you choose to do? We have the power to make each day better then the one previous…just by opening our mouths, our minds and our hearts. We can leave loving embraces on the hearts of our fellow man or we can scar them. Keeping in mind very often when we scar people they lash out at others…leaving them scarred, as well. We create a cycle no matter which way we go…but we get to choose which road to take. All that I am suggesting is that we choose that which will help uplift and rejuvenate. If we leave loving kind words…they will resonate in people…and hopefully that will be the trend.

Does it sound like I am being unrealistic? Talking about love towards our fellow man…I have been told that it does. The thing is this…if being loving towards each other seems like a foreign idea…it is only because we have been living far too long with the idea that we must kill or be killed.

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