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The greatest thing ever

I was ever told

Was I am here for you

You are not alone

Such a simple phrase to deliver

So simple to relay

Yet far reaching it is

To give love in this way

A verbally connected hug

A word of unity

A beautiful moment shared

A divine opportunity

You are not alone now

Your cries I hear and know

It’s okay to be afraid

Love starts to grow

For the true essence of love

Is not in a ceremonial ring

But in the unity of a people

And the comfort that brings

You are not alone in your anguish

Your breaking heart is my key

That you are seeking understanding


Your situation may be unique

Of that we both know to be true

But the isolation you feel

It’s something I’ve gone through

So when your blue skies turn gloomy

The clouds are dark and grim

I will be there to talk to

Reaching the soul from within

I may not be able to change it

But I will sit and hear your sighs

My heart will reach out

Further than you realize

So scream…yell or sob

I will hold your hand…have your back

Your journey although different

I know where you are at

And I will sit and quietly listen

May shed a tear or two

For I remember that Fall day

When the one I needed…was you


The World’s Greatest Dad

The World’s Greatest Dad

Our time was shortened

You were called away

I know that you wouldn’t

Want me to hurt this way

The shoulder I could lean on

The storm chaser for me

My best friend and more

My Dad…my family

I miss you more than I knew

I could miss any thing

But I hold tight to the love

And comfort you would bring

When you see a tear fall

Don’t worry I understand

I just miss the days

You reached out for my hand

You were gone too soon

I didn’t realize it then

I didn’t just lose my Dad

But my very best friend

But along with the sorrow

That makes me so sad

I have joy in having loved

The World’s Greatest dad

** Appreciate the love we have in our lives…every moment not spent with them is a lifetime of memories we failed to make**

God Bless you, Kerry

Welcome Guest

Welcome Guest

You came for a visit
One beautiful autumn day
I guess I never thought about
When you would go away

I suppose children don’t give it thought
This thing people call grief
But when it falls upon you
We are constantly seeking relief

I can still remember our great times
When it was just you and me
Smiling past grief filled tears
Not sure how this could really be

I often still seek you
When everything seems amiss
Your sweet sunshine smile
What am I to do with this

I miss your face appearing
When you called on the phone
Such pain and anguish
More than I have ever known

I have happiness of course
God made sure I realize
That the love you gave
Was never a disguise

I can almost hear your responses
When someone says something odd
Just further proof that we are children
Of a most gracious God

I may always have this longing
Deep within my soul
I’m left only with my writing
My own way of letting go

How does one really let go
Of such a true loving source
Being ever cautious…diligent
With my hearts true course

So I send on to others
Your message and mine too
Be careful with your words
And everything you may do

For the one regret
I hope they never have to know
Is the failure of Love
Or telling someone so

I miss you as always
Just every single little thing
But grateful for your new life
And all that may bring

Check in on us as often
As you may seem fit
And if I ever needed proof of God
No question…you are it

Don’t let my tears confuse you
I know it was your time
But sometimes my selfishness
Just makes me want to cry

Until next time when
I sit down to write my best
Where in my heart and mind
You are  a most welcome guest



Blinking past tears
Getting harder to hide
Something is missing
I no longer can deny

I understand the selfishness
That breaks my heart so
But I’m left with a pain
My life has never known

I know you were a part
Of God’s much larger plan
But your absence in my days
Is almost more than I can stand

I’ll have moments of peace
Followed by sudden dismay
Praying to God
Please don’t let me hear her name

The silence can be so deadly
Like a terminal disease
I keep moving forward
But it’s so hard to find relief

You were a blessing in my life
And all others you did touch
I know you have eternal peace
But I still miss you so much

Your life was a constant reminder
To make the most of today
Because as surely as God giveth
He most readily can take away

Not take away to punish
Or as payment for our sins
But to replenish His Heavenly Kingdom
With the angel you were within

How wonderful is our Father
Who truly understands
The impact of those eyes
The strength found in your hands

The sweet beauty of your laugh
That ever so bears…on my heart
Yet and still it is these things
Which make it difficult being apart

And yes of course I know
That you are with me always still
It is only your voice I’m missing
Which I know is God’s will

So tonight like nights before
I will fall down to pray
Always letting God know
I submit to His way

And whatever His plan
For my path and for me
Will be all that I want
As I fall to my knees

So while I will always miss you
And your beautiful way
I give thanks for the chance
To say I love you…today

~~ From my heart to yours



You met on that beautiful night
your heart ran away
Promises of “I’ll love you forever’s”
And “I’ll never go away”

Butterflies in your stomach
Desires running so deep
This must be what God wants for me
He satisfied your deepest need

But moments turned to days
Days turned into years
Suddenly everything you wanted
Became your deepest fear

Conversational smiles over breakfast
Turn into barely looking at me
We are no longer in love
But strangers with memories

How did it go wrong?
When did it go awry?
No midday phone calls
And again today I cried

We pass each other everyday
With barely so much as a “hello”
We are dying inside
Yet still can’t let each other go

Once a home of life
A dream still untold
But a house of cards
And doors begin to close

Not knowing where to turn
I reach up for the sky
Crying out in prayer
I don’t understand…please tell me why

There was the worst silence
I ever in my life heard
Not a sound did I experience
Not a single little word

As a tear of desperation fell
When I knew I was alone
I heard a sobering voice
“Tell me what seed you have sown”

You only bring me to your life
When you have had enough
Even though I gave you all the tools
From my garden of divine love

You never mention me in life
Unless your heart starts to break
Do you see how the silence
Can be more than anyone can take?

Do you not understand?
All things must come through me
It isn’t about you
Or whatever you think you may need

The love I send to you is a gift
Not something that you are owed
It is the beginning of bigger love
The seed you are supposed to sow

But when you walk through life
As if your love us enough
I’m telling you it is
But only if it’s replenished from above

You may have known love
As beautiful as a rose
But you cannot contain anything
And not allow it to grow

And my child the only growth
I wish you could see
Comes from replenishing it
All must come through me

So rest your weary heart
Remove it from your mind
I will replenish your love
And that of all mankind

Before life gets overwhelming
And you begin to lose your way
Remember the blessings of your life
And fall to your knees to pray

~~ From my heart to yours