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I’ll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You

The storm it is brewing

The war has been waged

We have altered a life

A child filled with rage

Where we might think it isn’t

A communicable disorder

We have started a chain

Can not be afforded

Outside looking inward

Logic is lost for a while

Why would an abused adult

Then abuse another child

It is a painful cycle no less

If we don’t stop the track

More children will be tainted

Falling under attack

This is not the legacy

We want to leave behind

Breaking young hearts

Tainting little minds

We can do better I know

It’s what must be done

We’re all victims…trapped

A vicious web has been spun

Let’s take back our lives

Stop giving in to neglect

It’s what God wants

What He expects

Protect the children now

There is nothing to think through

Would you want your parents silent

If it was happening to you

Our lives they are on fire

We are burning as we speak

Protect our children

The young…the weak

We have created our own hell

By being silent and still

These acts of cowardice

Are of our own will

Please join in my call

Make your actions follow my voice

It doesn’t have to be like this

We do have a choice

I will choose love forever

And too show my true way

I will announce and denounce

Those who live in the gray

You know the gray matter

Those who know but don’t speak

We have the power to change

We are not the ones weak

Be strong and stand tall

Know that God walks with you

Bring child abuse awareness

And I’ll walk with you too

**We MUST stop child abuse now…END THE CYCLE

Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence

  Today is Stop the Violence Day. Even in writing that it seems ridiculous to have to say. As children we are taught, from an early age, to be kind to one another. We have religious books that will tell us to be kind to our neighbors, and to want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves. And since I doubt that anyone wants death and destruction brought upon themselves or those that they love…I doubt we are thinking of it in that way.

  Violence has become a way of life for most of our world. And to support the violent action we are often making excuses for it to continue…both on the domestic and global fronts. We will often hear an abusive person making excuses for his/her behavior stating that they were led to that dark place…often by the victim. When we hear such an outlandish statement, we often shake our heads. And we react in this way because it is juvenile for us to believe that another person could lead us into such violence. After all, we are individuals. We have our own minds and thought patterns. We certainly can not be led astray by another individual…can we? We couldn’t become so angry that we would want to strike someone that could be considered weaker than us, could we? We couldn’t actually hope for people to believe that a child could do something so awful that they would need to be battered or bruised…but do we?

  Tempers flare, but we are responsible for those actions. And if we can not control the actions of our bodies or mouths…we should reach out for help. I learned some startling statistics that I wanted to share with you, so that we could see this problem in black and white.

  1. In South Africa 1300 women are raped everyday
  2. In the United States, 683,000 forcible rapes occur every year
  3. Child abuse is reported every 10 seconds
  4. Every 9 seconds a woman is beaten
  5. 5-6 children will die from complications of abuse every day
  6. Most Rapists commit 10 rapes before they are caught
  7. 4 million women a year are seriously abused every year
  8. 1 in 5 high school girls are sexually or physically abused by a partner


  These statistics, while startling are completely factual. There is nothing worse than being abused. This violence has to stop. We are literally killing each other…every single day.

  No one…has the right to put their hands on another living soul. We do not have eminent domain over another person. People are not property. We can not be held or contained and if we are…it is a violation of our civil rights. It is criminal to make anyone do anything against their will…whether spoken or implied.

  I pray that we use this day as an example of how we are supposed to live. We need to learn to live in harmony, with ourselves and others.


  Sunday is “Stop the Violence Day”. I have been thinking and rethinking this particular day for a week or more. I, of course will post something on Sunday about the sentiment behind that day. But I do find that the cause deserves more than one day out of 365. Obviously, our world has gotten into such horrific shape that we have to designate one 24 hour period to remind us that we are doing something wrong.

  Violence is such a broad term. Violence can be physical; such as when nations go to war, or neighbors kill each other. Violence also occurs when people are battered and abused by a known aggressor. Violence occurs when anyone lays a hand or implement on another person with the intention to cause harm. Violence also arises when we speak harshly or negatively to another person, or being. So on this day and the days prior I am asking you to…STOP. Stop the insanity, stop the killing, stop the abuse, stop the hurtful speech …stop being intentionally cruel to anyone and everyone…including yourself.

  Our divine purpose is to love and uplift others, but if we can not manage that…can we just not tear them down? I think that is a short order.  If you can not be kind and peaceful with me…can you please just walk past me? We don’t have to kill each other out of some inability to communicate.

  I realize that war is big business. Once war starts for some reason it is hard to stop. Can we, for one day, put down our guns and weapons; can we turn off our fighter jets and tanks? When are we going to realize that MAN is a weapon of mass destruction?  If we LOL closely, we can see how true that statement actually is. Man seeks a target and is not happy until that target and any of its allies are dead. We are not content until the “enemy” no longer has a pulse. We kill out of greed, envy, desire,  stinginess and acquisitiveness. We do not see man as our brothers but as our competition. We compete for land rights, control over domain, passion and control of other people, places and things. We create or participate in bloodshed abroad and on our own soil. To make matters worse, we justify the unjustifiable. We will say we are fighting for our rights; the right to worship, the right to be in charge of or have power over, or have command of…anything and everything that gets in our way. This is simply a matter of man being greedy. We have eminent domain or control over nothing. We are not the creators of anything but chaos and death. The orphans left as a result of a war will never understand or believe that war is necessary. Given all of this…is one day of non-violence too much to ask?

  Is it too much to ask for our children to be safe on the streets that they live on? Is it too much to expect that we show responsibility for the shape our neighborhoods are in? Is it too wish for when we want to actually be considered innocent until PROVEN…not ASSUMED guilty? Am I asking too much when I tell you to stop making assumptions about who I am…without asking? Doesn’t our fellow man deserve more respect than what a racial profile allows? Is being loving to one another too much to ask or hope for?  When did we get so cold? Don’t we understand that God is not asking us to be loving…He EXPECTS it.

  Do we need a National or International Holiday to tell us to stop abusing our families? How many women and children have to die at the hands of their “loved” ones? We wouldn’t have to worry about how hard is TOO hard…if we didn’t at all. When abused women and children are hiding bruises or scars…they are just hiding the shame of the abuse. In fact, hiding the effects of abuse…only allows the violence to continue. We need to be aware of our surroundings. Ask the hard questions. Why does she wear sunglasses when it is cloudy? Why don’t they make eye contact? Why do they flinch when you try to touch them? Why are they isolating themselves? Don’t be afraid of asking the questions that they don’t want to answer.

  Domestic violence is an atrocity. One I am only too familiar with. It is a poison that no one should have to swallow…and yet we do. People we love…mothers, daughters and sisters…are dying everyday. Worse yet…they are being killed by people that we know….because they have no self control. People are not punching bags. LOVE DOES NOT HURT. And if it does…IT IS NOT LOVE. We need to start touching each others hearts. We have to support one another…because one day we may need that same understanding. And please do not allow yourself the opinion that it could or would never happen to you. No one ever asks or is deserving of this. Would you volunteer for a situation where you were made to feel that no one cares about you? Would you want to feel completely alone? No one should ever be made to feel isolated or alone. We are never alone…God is always with us. His expectations for us are crystal clear …love everyone…judge no one. Stop visiting the graves of the people we could have protected…had we not been afraid to get involved.

  God created us to look out for one another. He created us from love…it is the foundation of who we are. If peace seems difficult then we are not loving each other enough. Peace and love walk hand in hand…they keep us humane. Stop the violence because if we don’t…we are working against the will of God. I pray that my brothers and sisters find peace and love in everything they say and do…and may the hands of our Creator keep us on our path.

To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thy Own Self Be True

      I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. ~Hafiz

  I pray that today can be the beginning of a new tradition…a tradition of love and peace. Don’t worry we will not need to travel to a foreign land, or learn a new language. Today we will start the change within ourselves.

  I want to spend some time reminding you about how precious and necessary you are in this life. Often we may feel that our place in this world is so minute that it is insignificant. We may feel like if we can not have things the way that we think they should be that we have no reason to go on. I promise you the only reason that you feel this way is because you are not seeing life clearly, right now.

  We are often tested…pushed to our limits. While this may seem unfair or harsh…it is the same principle behind letting go of our child when they are learning to ride a bicycle. We are pushing them beyond their conceivable limits. We are teaching them that if they believe in themselves that they can overcome adversity. Can you remember the first time that you rode a bicycle without your mom or dad holding on to you? I know that I felt like I was soaring with eagles…and in my mind I probably was.

  The thing to remember is that our limits or adversity do not own us. We are tested to show us that we can move past a certain level. Often the pain that we feel is placed there so that we will move on…not give up. Giving up means that we were defeated…but it doesn’t have to end this way.

  I understand what it is like to have to deal with real problems head on…I have struggled with my limits also. I always kept in my mind, however the issue that I was facing…was also facing me. I did not have to overcome it…it had to overcome me.

  I am not suggesting that the struggle is an easy one…or it wouldn’t be much of a struggle. However we can rein supreme…I just had to keep telling myself that I alone am enough. I can face my demons…I can walk out of the darkness; I only need to decide to do it. I also am not saying that it is something that needs to be done alone. Reach out to the positive people in your life. Talk to people who are interested in uplifting your spirit and soul. Seek support for your particular demon, it is out there. No matter what issue you are up against, I promise you that some one else has also gone through it.

  You are loved. It can be difficult to see that when it feels like the scales of life seem unbalanced. However the fact that you are here…breathing in and out every day…means that your path is still unfinished. God created you out of love and peace…it is up to you to find your way back to that place.

  I want to help you understand that you never have to struggle alone. The world doesn’t have to be a lonely place. You are a child of God and because of that fact…I love you unconditionally. Your life is very important.

  Treat your body and mind with the respect that you would a temple, church or masjid. You are a temple of God…you hold all His love and peace within you. Love your body; fortify it with the wholesome goodness that you would a sacred shrine. Give your inner self the same love and care that you would your outer covering.

  Fortify your mind with educational, spiritual and emotional love. And spread all of your love to those that you touch every day. You are a vital presence in every one’s life that you come into contact with…from the cashier at the grocery store to your family. We touch others…by just existing. Often we may feel that we do not matter to anyone…but have you ever felt the love of a complete stranger? Love can be transferred through a smile or handshake; we can spread God’s love with a kind gesture or comment. This is the true purpose of our existence…to keep the free flowing love of God all around us.

  My message to you is simple…don’t allow adversity to be the most important thing in your life. The most important thing in your life is to spread the message of our Creator…love all things. Just as I am giving you this message from God…I beg you to give it to others. We are not alone…we never have been…and we never will be. Love yourself…inside out; be true to yourself…and spread His truth in all you say and do.

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