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Oh Mommy and Daddy how I wish

When you sat down to talk to me

About the dangers of strangers

The things I couldn’t see

If only you had asked me

What do I think of when it comes to mind

Was it someone much darker

Or a face which could be kind

I didn’t see him as a nice man

Asking me to look for his pet

I guess he fooled us all

Even you I would bet

Who knew he was so sneaky

His voice it was so kind

The fact that he was a stranger

It simply slipped my mind

I wish I had known that

He wouldn’t be cloaked and mean

I wish I had pictured something nicer

There was no in between

I wish I had felt it then

When he asked me to help look

He mirrored no image I created

Not an evil man or a crook

He just wanted my help

He made me feel grown

Who could’ve imagined it

Who really would have known

This man I thought was nice

Would be the evil only in books

If only a better picture had been painted

I might have taken a second look

But I only wanted to help him

His tears made me believe

He was missing his puppy

Not something gruesome up his sleeve

Please forgive me Daddy

I didn’t then realize

His kindness toward me

It was only a disguise

The things that he did

The pain that I felt

Would be enough

For your heart to melt

Thankfully God didn’t wait long

Before carrying me home

Don’t worry I was never

Left all alone

So in your grieving moments

Teach other parents too

That strangers to children

Isn’t the same as it is to you

So teach our dear babies

A stranger is not a look which is dark

It could be almost anyone

You may have seen in a park

A stranger to be  simply put is

A person you do not know

Please don’t wait until

A child beyond the grave tells you so

So beware children and teens

The danger is everywhere

Be clear on this subject

I just want to be fair

A stranger took my life today

But it’s not all he took from me

Now it’s up to me and God

To watch my family

I must go for now but please

Let not it be in vain

Because as sure as the world will spin

A child will die again

Another angel taken

Another talk we should have had

Another life forsaken

Making another family mad

Talk openly to your children

Make them aware of the REAL dangers

But be inquisitive about how your child

Pictures this person called stranger


The Stranger

The Stranger

The man stared at me

Right into my eyes

Saying…you are smiling

I wanna know why

I look shocked and amazed

Did something happen today

He said, no, but why

Must you smile in this way

Why is your glass half full

Your cup running over its rim

Claiming life is so bright

When we both know it is grim

He was obviously angry

His jaw clinched tight

I offered him some water

Sir, are you alright?

Yes, I’m fine he stated

I’m just sick of this chatter

About love and peace

None of that even matters

I looked into his angry face

His eyes seemed so sad

His journey seemed so long

A hard life he had

I gently touched his hand

Squeezing ever so slight

I don’t know what happened sir

But everything will be alright

He looked at me half witted

You know nothing about me

No, but I can feel your pain

It’s easy to see

Anytime we hold on to anger

With such force

It’s due to great pain

I don’t know you of course

But I have a grandfather

And I would pray every day

That if someone saw him

In pain this way

They would softly remind him

How blessed the world has been

To have the benefit of his life

Which makes us all win

The mans eyes grew teary

Saying his load had grown tiring

I smiled and said yes, I know

All the while love was transpiring

I reminded him that even I

Was touched by his being

It wasn’t about my smile

Or the song I was singing

God sent me to you sir

For I know on this day

You needed an angel

Saying everything is okay

He squeezed my hand back

A weight lifted off of him

The sadness disappeared

He started to grin

I never knew what happened

To cause his sadness and tears

But I became filled with divine love

As I watched it disappear

This day I was reminded of what

I was selected to do

To constantly show strangers

God loves them too

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