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Walk Together

Walk Together
Not sure when it started
Or who said it first
That woman is less
Words intended to hurt
Even worse than the intention
Than that statement tries to do
Is the fact that at some point
We started believing it too
Less than a man…
Half of his mind
We made less than a contribution
To the rise of mankind
Getting paid less than half
Of the same employers wage
Not good enough to be viewed the same
But let’s turn a page
Only the strength of a woman
Regardless of the sentiment of her worth
Is powerful enough to endure
The pressure of birth
And if we are so much weaker
Than our male counter parts
Why does he look for us to hold him up
Like his mother from the start
When he needs a shoulder
To make him feel whole
Why does he seek a wife
Or some female role
We were created to be caring
Made to be strong
And the myth of our weakness
Has gone on too long
So stop comparing my deeds
With what you may call power
Realize the same pain of a thorn
Reveals a beautiful flower
Learn to uphold all women
As God would have it be
And find the boldness of a mountain
The depth of the sea
And one day you will realize
The time that you wasted
On comparing your value
With what God also created
Smile now my brother
We do not want war
Just for you to remember
What we were brought here for
Let’s walk together
And hold each others hand
You will never need to know my lion
When I can be your lamb

The Eagle

The Eagle

You walked through a raging fire

You weathered a storms intent

You survived more than most

And higher you went

You rose above the ashes

Like a Phoenix high and proud

Searching for brethren

Somewhere in the crowd

Just looking for a person

To acknowledge your fight

Someone to understand

How you made it right

But even if your journey

May seem cold and slight

Your decisions touch many

Who couldn’t see past the night

I commend you for your decision

To do what your conscience dictates

Maybe they will follow you

And the path that you create

For the first step is the hardest

Loneliest often too

But what is right is right

I am thankful for you

For the struggle of a warrior

Is harder than they will say

Fighting isn’t half as hard

As finally walking away

A warriors face I understand

The battle cry is our creed

But you can elevate above nations

Setting our lives free

You are the example we hoped for

You committed to a change

It might be a struggle

I know it may seem strange

But fight that good fight now

Don’t let it pull you back through

All eyes are on the Eagle

Yes they are watching you

So never think it in vain

The journey you have made

Leaving was the best decision

You have ever made

Show the children who are watching

To stand tall and be true

Because they watch the eagle

Yes…they are watching you

Let God

Let God

I will ask you today

Love without demand

Say…I am here for you

By holding out your hand

Smile through tears

Stemming from your pain

Hard as it may be

I’ll ask you to do it again

Heal your broken heart

By gathering pieces for another

Our pain seems to matter less

When providing service for a brother

Reach past your pain now

It’s a hard task I know

But to take it a step further

Let the pain inside you go

Sometimes we hold onto pain

To make sense of the scars

No need in pointing fingers

You know who you are

Release the pain…its okay

The troubles you have known

Will provide a road map for others

When they see how much you’ve grown

Smile past the frustration

For when you do not concede

You are given TRUE strength

More than you may ever need

Smile and keep smiling

Even when your heart is breaking

Smile through every disaster

Even while your world is shaking

For behind that smile so sweet

Is the strength of God indeed

Who has showed us mighty power

IN the smallest mustard seed

Smile and hold your head high

For at the end of this rainbow

Is the love of God for all

Wherever the wind may blow

Rise above our true selves

Attack hope…never

Spread the good news always

We are loved forever

I ask you today again

Be the change that you seek

Providing a souls nourishment

Giving strength to the weak

And at the end of your journey

Know that you did your best

Have faith in your light

And let God do the rest

The Adversity of Angels

The Adversity of Angels
Adversity touches us all. It is true that we can have different facets of adversity or challenges; but none the less, without a doubt it will touch us all. There is no way, for instance, that I could write about adversity and not have had my share. Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes; it can last for only a single moment, or it can test us the entirety of our lives.
I can not pretend, to know the specific reasons for everyone’s individual road blocks in life; but there are reasons for all things under the sun and moon.
Recently, I suffered a great loss. Someone that I loved dearly passed away. It was not the first time that I had suffered such a loss; nor would it be the last. However, it was a challenge for me. Someone I loved and counted on died. I am fairly educated; I understand that our bodies were not built to last forever. This experience had me feeling all alone in a world larger than I would ever be. It was difficult to figure out how I would go on from that point on; in my opinion life wasn’t fair.
This got me to thinking about the larger picture; since I know that all things have their reason and season. I began thinking about my statement, “It wasn’t fair”. Fair to whom? Well, fair to me I guessed; then the flood gates opened up. Who am I to decide what is fair and unfair? So I began to unload on the things that I would deem unfair, in general. I don’t think it is fair that my sister died without warning, no one got to say goodbye. It’s at that moment that it hit me; I got to know her. I was blessed in having shared time with her. It really wasn’t about me. It was never about not getting to say good bye; but having the privilege of saying hello.
Adversity will affect all of us, it isn’t personal. The adage that what won’t kill us will only make us stronger, is very true. It may not be fair that a child has to where eye glasses, because inevitably they will be called names at school. However, since there are children that have never had eye sight at all, have never experienced a sunrise or sunset; have never spied the evening star or seen the colors of the rainbow; far sightedness seems to be the lesser of the two evils. Now, in truth, I wish that neither had to happen to anyone; but we all know that it does.
I have a family member who is an amputee; her life will forever be different than it once was. I am sure she doesn’t think that was fair; simply because it’s something she couldn’t control. In her defense though, she takes it in stride; knowing that it was God’s will. But I had a grandfather who could not walk at all. He had a stroke before I was born and he lost the use of his legs. I don’t think it is fair that people have to wear hearing aids or voice boxes; but there are those people who have challenges much larger than that. I don’t think it is fair that people get cancer, diabetes or lupus; but they do. Just because the adversity one has; is different than another does not mean that it serves a different purpose. Adversity challenges us; it gives us strength, we are not defined by an affliction. We can find lessons in all things; we only need to seek it.
I am not suggesting that people that succumb to cancer, diabetes, lupus or any other debilitating illness are weak. Sometimes we must seek the larger picture; it isn’t always easy to do this. As I stated earlier, I have been caught up in the fairness game. I do not think that it is fair that anyone suffers from anything; but it really isn’t my call, or yours.
We have a set path. Our path is unique from anyone else’s; we all may have the same destination, but how we get there can be amazingly different. My path may have more adversity than yours; then again, you may consider adversity renting instead of owning your house. Even in the definition of what we consider to be adverse conditions; we may differ.
Change is good. Change keeps us from getting too comfortable in or own skin. The best way to look at it is like this; things aren’t happening to you…they are happening for you. Your path is being molded everyday and you may have no idea what is in store for you; but your Creator does.
Adversity is an angel…sent by God. God does this to re-align us with our true path. Our plans for our lives are in vain; we plan nothing that is not willed by God. Sometimes God just needs to slow us down; give us a breather. We often just need to take a step back from how we are living to see what we need; in order to fulfill our pre-ordained destiny.
Take a moment today and look back on your life. Take a deep breath…exhale; give thanks for the ability to do so. I am always grateful for being brought here; to this place which has connected us…if only for the minute it took for you to read this. I wish you all peace and love; may your blessings be abundant and your life filled with smiles.

Every Day

Every Day

I know you are struggling

Sometimes life seems so unfair

And while I don’t know what it’s like

It doesn’t mean that I don’t care

I would remove all your pain

I would dry every last tear

If it made your journey easier

Or changed what brought you here

I know when we are moving

Our focus is on the end

Never knowing…not realizing

What is around the bend

More urgent than the destination

Are those we touched along the trail

Making the lesson about courage…strength

Not how we might have failed

For failure is not an option

You took whatever hand was dealt

Pressed forward…moved onward

No matter what you felt

There is true strength in your spirit

While you may wish you were more

I tell you you’re my hero

No matter what’s in store

Our Creator has set aside

A specific need for you

Maybe in something you will say

Or something you may do

Perhaps you lend your strong will

To one tired of holding on

One who would have let go

Before the day was done

What happened was traumatic

A terrible offense

But the good you can do

Will begin to make sense

Teach others of your struggle

Tell them they are not alone

Show them by example

How very much you’ve grown

For life is sometimes not fair

Not what we thought it would be

Thought we had it planned out

As far as the eye could see

But the goals of man are in vain

God has chartered our course

No time for self pity

No room for remorse

For all is as it would be

According to our Great Lord

The cost of our ego’s

Can be more than we can afford

So while you may struggle

On your path along the way

Remember I will be here

Loving you every day

True Men

True Men

Be strong I heard him say

It made me feel bold I must admit

But in his lessons of manhood

There’s something I must have missed

I heard him tell mom he loved her

But when she got in his way

His face turned to stone

His heart it filled with rage

My eyes would fill with tears

He would turn to me and say

Real men don’t cry…stand up

Be strong…learn to walk away

I thought I would never forget

The sadness in momma’s face

He said…your tears mean nothing

He killed a part of her that day

Throughout life as a young “man”

My father taught these lessons to me

How to look tough…never stand down

Be the man you’re supposed to be

Slowly I grew out of my childish ways

Got girlfriends of my own

Slowly their tears meant less

With every fist I’d thrown

Still ringing in my ears

This voice…be a man

Do whatever you want

Only REAL men can

My tender hearted ways subsided

I finally stepped up to the plate

No one could stop me now

I’m a man…I am great

He taught me all I needed to know

Saying life is a great big test

Step on the weak…women…children

As he puffed out his chest

I became my father one year

Not sure when it did occur

Dad got older…had a stroke

His voice started to slur

We got into an argument

He disputed my state of “man”

I told him to shut up

I quickly lifted up my hand

He said what you are doing

I’m your father…you’re my son

God spoke down from above…

Are you happy with what you’ve done?

You took my innocent lamb

Made him heartless and cold

Taught him to be you

He only did as he was told

Now he hits women and children

Wouldn’t think twice about you

And you dare ask who he is

What did you think he would do?

He has become the victim

Of an age old disease

Where man thinks he is great

So why fall down to his knees?

Instead of instilling My Light

You left him alone to die

The very first moment

He watched his mother cry

If we do not make a change

The chain of hate goes on

Our children are not tokens

They are not little pawns

My mindful of what you teach

For strength is not found in the hand

But in the hearts of children

I hope you understand

Men are not savage and cruel

That is evil…nothing else

Use your arms for loving

Be a better self

For the disease of hatred

Can end here today

But you must submit

And walk in My Way

I never forgot that moment

When God spoke to my Dad

He gave me the biggest lesson

The largest I ever had

Be kind in your gestures

Even words can cut deep

Be mindful of who you are

And the company you keep

It’s not okay to hit

It’s not okay to cause harm

My heart refilled with joy

My soul began to warm

So here is my message to you

It’s the best one I can send

Keep your focus on God

He’s the maker of TRUE MEN

Too Late

Too Late

Be mindful of their little hearts

They are attached to little ears

We can break down their little hopes

With the harsh things that they hear

What may be a simple debate

Hardly worth arguing for

Becomes something giant to a child

It seems most like a war

Their little bodies tremble

When their balance comes to an end

Those little hearts we break

Become fences we can’t mend

When we take the dreams of a child

Crush it with our ill intent

We become the thieves of hope

Proof of our souls’ dissent

Instead of elevating others

We are busy thinking of me

We turn our backs on our children

Our divine responsibility

If you can say nothing nice

Find something else to say

Go for walks…go for a ride

Get on your knees to pray

Start appreciating what you have

Stop seeking everything else

Those children depend on you

Stop thinking of yourself

Words are like weapons

It’s like shooting them with guns

The effects are long lasting

What have we done?

We are killing our children

One heart at a time

Yet moving about through life

Like everything is fine

Do not bring your children

Into the center of your hell

They will be forever injured

Even if you wish them well

Love is the simplest word

It has the longest effect

It is what God wants

In fact what He expects

We can’t claim victimization

Can’t claim ignorance

We are assaulting our children

Can not claim innocence

Rise to the challenge

Step up to the plate

Before God does His part

And I’m sorry is too late

Her Only Crutch

Her Only Crutch

A bruise it can heal

A scar doesn’t begin to touch

A broken-hearted angel

Who once loved so much

We may claim its not so bad

Saying she got what she’s worth

But she is priceless

Value increasing since birth

For the sins of man make him low

The cost of sin is high

We have time to do what’s right

But even that’s passing by

She is no possession

No material gain

and your ill intentions…

You should be ashamed

She isn’t your possession

She isn’t owned or bought

But a loved child of God

Not a bird you have caught

Now don’t forget loves

Anything you do treat as pray

Will not find reasons to love you

But methods to run away

You may try to shame her

With your crude behavior and tone

But her survival plan is God

The only one she needs to own

For nothing is greater than

Our father in all His Glory

And He is watching you

He knows the REAL story

REAL men don’t have to hit

To get attention from a lady

They carry God’s empowering light

Don’t have to be shady

Real men don’t need to raise their hands

They are busy lifting their hearts

And that might not be everything

But it’s a very good start

So bruise her you may

But you are the one who is weak

Her salvation is her weapon

It is yours whose is bleak

So when you look at yourself

As an idol and such

She looks like a warrior

When God’s her only crutch

 **We must put an end to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…Please speak out**

Our Limit is the Sky

Our Limit is the Sky


Shouts made in anger

Threats creating fear

Made to be so much worse

When said by someone dear

His words tend to cut

Into the very heart of you

Were there good times…yes

But in comparison…very few

He needs to make you feel

Less than the woman that you are

But not what God wanted for you

As he peers down from the stars

You may want to give up

Just throw up your hands

But I’m telling you not to

Find strength…make a stand

His words while hurtful

Are still not true

He has yet to know

The real woman…which is you

The sad people who hurt us

Trying to cause us pain

Only bring out our inner warrior

Where only light remains

We cannot be defeated

By their negative tone

Because one fact remains true

You are not alone

Any effort which he has made

To break your tender heart

Is only made fruitless by

He who created us from the start

No matter what effects man

Chooses to impose

God knows the path which

Turns a seed into a rose

He knows what is best

For His children one and all

He gives us courage to walk

When we think we can only crawl

Stand up my dear sister

Hold your head high

For our Father walks with you

And while its okay to cry

Know that when your tears

Have dried in the light of His love

You will soar like God’s angels

On the wings of a snowy dove

You have strength and power

Not yet even tapped

It matters not where you have been

Only where you are at

And you are at the feet of God

He will help you rise

For when we submit to His will

Our limit is the sky

In The Presence of Angels

In the Presence of Angels


  Life is full of adversity. We can complain about it or we can own it that is our choice. I choose to embrace it, like all things. All things happen with reason. There are no mistakes or errors…everything is as it was supposed to be.

  This can be a tough statement for a most of people to agree with, especially if they or someone they hold dear has suffered. I once questioned it myself. I wondered why it was necessary for pain or sadness to exist. I have known very real pain, both physical and emotional. At the time I may not have seen the beauty in the incident, and of course the beauty was not found in the situation…but how it helped me see other things more clearly once I could look at things more objectively.

  I have been blessed time and time again throughout my life. But I believe that we all are or have been…if we are looking for the blessing. Yes, I have had financial difficulty and the blessing was not in that issue. The true blessing happened as a result of that incident. It gave me an opportunity to concentrate on something entirely different. I have found, for myself, that most of the time I am so busy trying to do the work of God that I create my own problems…instead of waiting patiently for our Creator to rectify the situation. I would then be angry because the issue wasn’t working out the way I thought that it should have. Had I taken half a moment to step aside and allow Allah to do His bidding…I may have wasted much less time.

  But, of course, even in the postponement God was teaching me a lesson. Patience has never been my strongpoint…it takes every fiber of my being to find that tranquility within myself. However, when I accomplish this task…I am never regretful.

  I am also very cautious to never blame God for any bad fortunes that may come my way…HE like most parents loves us. Sometimes the most important lessons that we need to learn are the most painful to accept. In spite of this, the lesson is never lost on confusion or indecision. It can be hard to watch those which we love deeply to suffer…but there are lessons in all things. God expects us to seek those teachings…so that we can assist in guiding others, as well.

  We may seek the reasoning behind why we have people starving all over our world. We will fall to our knees seeking guidance and understanding as to why our Creator would allow this to happen. Everyday we see where violence and famine have plagued our planet…and why? Why would God let this happen? Why would He that loves us so deeply allow such devastation? Why wouldn’t God throw a life raft out to those poor souls that need saving?

  I can imagine that God looks down at us lovingly…saying that he did. We are that life raft. How do we know that people all over the world are starving or are being killed? We are privy to this information because God willed it to be so. We sit in our warm homes and watch starving, freezing, homeless people who live a few blocks from us die. We will shake our heads and wonder how God could have made such a big mistake…never realizing that the mistake was ours. We blindly assumed that God was going to send in an army of angels…and he probably did. However these angels looked just like you and I. God sent us…to help those poor starving people…and we just sat and watched.

  We have to remember that most angels, prophets and messengers didn’t come with large neon signs announcing their presence. We were created to embrace one another…to uplift our fellow man. We are supposed to shine God’s light on all of His creation. Once we stop pointing our fingers at those we choose to blame for this and that…real growth will begin. There is no right or wrong there is only love and acceptance. We were created with all the attributes of Allah/God…but we must decide to be that. Compassion is bred within us. We cannot forget that the fiber we were woven with was dipped in love and spun with peace.

  Remember who you are. Do not let the fact that we have allowed hate to prosper…fool us into believing that we are no better than that. Hate does no reign supreme…only God does.

  Love is the answer no matter what the question is.

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