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Listen when  I tell you

There will be obstacles in store

But wear the smile you were given

It promises so much more

We can allow our circumstances

To rule our path divine

Our we can embrace the challenge

As the beauty we’re sure to find

I can assure I could have said

My challenges have brought me down

Illness or adversity one

Have given cause to drown

But the truth as I will tell it

And I will sing it every day

Is the things you may call misfortune

Have led me to MY WAY

Laugh if you want to

I have known real pain

But at the end of that storm

My rainbow shines again

So smile my dear brother and sister

Even when a smile is hard to find

Keep the happiest of thoughts

In your most beautiful of minds

Remember when the rains keep falling

And stormy weather clouds yours days

There is ONE who has a bigger plan

Let HIM sprinkle love along your way

Adversity is only love that is challenged

It is hope that is given doubt

But what harm is a nightmare

When we know a sweet dream is coming about

Accept the daily challenge always

It allows dreams to come

Remember you were made from greatness

And without That Greatness…there would be NONE

***I want to thank all the well wishes…while recovering from the 2 strokes I have had since December…I love you all and your support is a tremendous help to me***




Yes I have a story
And while not easy to tell
It must be told for
It describes living Hell

I know true agony
I know pain and fear
I have had hopes squashed
Real evil has been near

I have lived with terror
I have felt real horror
But I stand here now
For I am…a Warrior

I am a child of a Creator
Who knows no limit or bound
I have no know knowledge of mans
Ideals…laughing at his so called grounds

I have known illness true
It has stolen my breath
But never…never my spirit
I will fight til the death

I may be weakened some
My resistence faltered about
But my strength comes from a Source
Of that I have no doubt

Try my body and my mind
As God said that you may
But I won’t volunteer my soul
Never…not today

While adversity tests me…yes
I answer with a loving smile
For I stand with and beside
My Father…as His Child

So while I yes I have been tested
In fact knocking on deaths door
Adversity should fear my strength
For I am…I am….a Warrior

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