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The greatest thing ever

I was ever told

Was I am here for you

You are not alone

Such a simple phrase to deliver

So simple to relay

Yet far reaching it is

To give love in this way

A verbally connected hug

A word of unity

A beautiful moment shared

A divine opportunity

You are not alone now

Your cries I hear and know

It’s okay to be afraid

Love starts to grow

For the true essence of love

Is not in a ceremonial ring

But in the unity of a people

And the comfort that brings

You are not alone in your anguish

Your breaking heart is my key

That you are seeking understanding


Your situation may be unique

Of that we both know to be true

But the isolation you feel

It’s something I’ve gone through

So when your blue skies turn gloomy

The clouds are dark and grim

I will be there to talk to

Reaching the soul from within

I may not be able to change it

But I will sit and hear your sighs

My heart will reach out

Further than you realize

So scream…yell or sob

I will hold your hand…have your back

Your journey although different

I know where you are at

And I will sit and quietly listen

May shed a tear or two

For I remember that Fall day

When the one I needed…was you



Today I want to tell you

Simply avert your attention

To something women go through

Almost too horrible to mention

But it happens more often than

Is spoken above her silence

It’s a terminal illness

It’s called domestic violence

That’s a basic term though

Doesn’t make it too clear

It’s about the physical and emotional

It’s about living in constant fear

Fear for yourself and your kids

For people you love no doubt

He will kill them all and

It’s that fear we are talking about

Fear to look up and

Fear to say a word

Fear to tell anyone

The things that you heard

Fear has its own life span

It can live longer than we

I know because one time

The fear almost killed me

Domestic Violence is a crime

Someone is stealing a dream

He is beating her pride

Molesting her self esteem

He is bruising her face

Breaking her fragile bones

Destroying all she ever had

For her…he thinks he owns

But ownership is not his

In fact this slavery can thrive

When we would rather find death

Than to suffer more alive

Do you know who she is

At least someone you suspect

You kind of sort of know

Just don’t want to say so yet

I’m here to tell you now

Later might be too vast

Her sand is draining out

Of life’s hour glass

Speak up she needs your help

For even if you love him

They both need to get help

To stop the rage within

We all want to claim ignorance

When the outcome of death arrives

But we failed to step up when

Both parties were still alive

Whether you love him or her

Or are just doing what is needed

Here is my sage advice

I hope you carefully heed it

He is killing her no question

The children are watching too

Someone needs to step up

Today that someone is you


Rise up to the challenge

Be the saver of this story

It’s about saving humanity

Not self-proclaimed glory

This is my Domestic Violence lesson

Sometimes we just need to be aware

That our women and children are dying

I’m asking that you be there

It’s not about butting in

It’s not about prying

It’s about humanity

Please stop it from dying

So make that call now

Before she withers away

Give her hope of a future

Tell her it starts today

Spread humanity I beg you

Reach out by reaching up

Give her strength to scream

Today I have had enough

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month…it exists…too many women are painfully AWARE…please help

1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

The Eagle

The Eagle

You walked through a raging fire

You weathered a storms intent

You survived more than most

And higher you went

You rose above the ashes

Like a Phoenix high and proud

Searching for brethren

Somewhere in the crowd

Just looking for a person

To acknowledge your fight

Someone to understand

How you made it right

But even if your journey

May seem cold and slight

Your decisions touch many

Who couldn’t see past the night

I commend you for your decision

To do what your conscience dictates

Maybe they will follow you

And the path that you create

For the first step is the hardest

Loneliest often too

But what is right is right

I am thankful for you

For the struggle of a warrior

Is harder than they will say

Fighting isn’t half as hard

As finally walking away

A warriors face I understand

The battle cry is our creed

But you can elevate above nations

Setting our lives free

You are the example we hoped for

You committed to a change

It might be a struggle

I know it may seem strange

But fight that good fight now

Don’t let it pull you back through

All eyes are on the Eagle

Yes they are watching you

So never think it in vain

The journey you have made

Leaving was the best decision

You have ever made

Show the children who are watching

To stand tall and be true

Because they watch the eagle

Yes…they are watching you

Wide Eyed Girl

Wide Eyed Girl

What did you do

What did you wear

Questions like these

Simply aren’t fair

Did you say no

How loud did you scream

Did you ask for it…

Is what that means

Is it not enough for you

That she felt such intrusion

Questions like these

Jumping to conclusions

When she reaches out for compassion

And is interrogated this way

Is similar to being attacked again

Worse than yesterday

What did she wear…really

What did she do wrong?

She wore survival gear

Thank God she lasted this long

Judge not unless you

Want the same treatment too

No question…yes

I’m talking to you

No one deserves this anguish

And your questions without doubt

Is why this crime happens

It brings this behavior about

As long as society thinks

She did something to deserve

To be taken…beaten…humiliated

Can’t believe the nerve

It doesn’t matter what she wore

It doesn’t matter when she said no

She was never at fault for this

Your inhumanity…beginning to show

NO matter where she was

No matter what she did

She was not at fault

The fault was always his

She trusted the wrong person

That’s a deep line

There are two offenses

Even if only one is a crime

I promise you my lovelies

She has been a victim of her heart

So please stop the insulting jabs

It’s you who is tearing her apart

Dig deep within your soul

Where God will lead you home

It keeps our hearts anew

With more love than you have known

Embrace this child of God

He is watching what you do

Give which would be sought

If this crime happened to you

Shine Divine Light daily

Give praise not assault

When it comes to matters like these

It never was her fault

Give love…be love

No matter who “she” is

We get one chance to show God

This might be it

I know your heart is pure

Your spirit is divine

Tear down the attacking tones

Let your inner light shine

Don’t let the one she reaches for

Be the last straw of her heart

Make a change in your life

Let’s make a brand new start

If she cries out not in silence

Please don’t turn a deaf ear

Your chance to make a difference

It is right here

Let’s work together to repair

This broken down world

So we never have to mourn

Another sweet wide eyed girl

You Matter

You Matter

You matter

To the hundredth degree

You matter to you

And also to me

Your life in itself

Is an unrealized dream

You give life and love

To people not yet seen

You matter I tell you

Every breath that you take

Is encouragement to another

And the decisions they will make

You matter because simply

I have been there too

Lost, lonely, abandoned

Sometimes battered and bruised

You matter to me because

You will give someone else hope

Sometimes that’s all it takes

To remove a neck from the rope

You matter because today

Someone will here your tale

About how you didn’t give up

How you refused to fail

You matter always because

You survived sometimes brutal pain

If just to walk away and share how

One life is able to sustain

You matter to me my friend

I want to share you with the masses

Encouraging them to step up

Remove the rose colored glasses

Yes, you knew torment

I have felt the same

You are not a statistic

Tell the world your name

Walk ahead and prosper

You were meant for a brighter place

Show them your strength

It’s written all over your face

You matter my love

Because you survived and are here

Furthering my plea

Our Creator is always near

You matter my friend

And I’m so glad that you did

You walked to the head of the class

When others might have hid

You matter like family

I’m so glad that you escaped

And by doing so you helped

Others learn their way

You matter to the world

Because you would not hide away

You did nothing wrong

We’re so glad that you stayed

You matter to us all

So I hand the baton to you

So you can tell another

How much they matter too

The Light Of Our Path


I wanted to take a small moment to thank all of you for your support in my writing, you have all become priceless to me. I finally have listed my poetry book “The Light of Our Path” on Amazon…in Kindle form. I hope that you get a chance to check it out.

I have written about the same things I always write about and talk about…if you know me well. I have poetry about the constant day to day challenges that we all face and must overcome if we are expected to survive in the vast world together.

The link to the book is on the side and all you have to do is click on the link to get access to it.


Once again, I want to thank you for being so warm and receptive to me…obviously you have lit my path.


I wish you all much peace and love

The Day My World Shook

The Day My World Shook


  The ground shifted under my feet, did she say cancer? No, there must be a mistake. I just came in for a check up a few days ago…life was normal. Did she say cancer? No, she has me confused with someone else. Things like this don’t happen to me. I must have looked at her like she was speaking in a foreign language, because she just looked back and didn’t utter a word. I felt her touch the top of my hand…I snatched it back like she sent an electric charge through my skin. No, don’t console me. She was wrong. Do I look like a cancer patient? No. I do everything right. I am kind to people. I watch what I eat. I exercise. I pray. Things like this aren’t supposed to happen to people like me. I keep muttering to myself…what did I do wrong? I spoke a little too loudly. She responds as if I am asking her the question. She says there is often no explanation as to what causes a woman to start producing cancerous cells. Did she say cancer again? I shake my head in disbelief…will someone make her stop saying that?

  She asks if someone was with me, because we needed to discuss treatments. Of course no one was with me…this was just a check up. Treatment, did she say treatment? Ummm, how do we get rid of it?  She smiles. Why was she smiling? There is no cure for cervical cancer. No cure? Okay, yeah, I knew that. Breathe…don’t forget to breathe. Do not pass out. I ask her, “Why do I have cancer”? She gives me the generic, “there is no way to know why exactly”. She went on about genetics, diet, and other contributing factors, but wrapping it up telling me that it may be none of the above. Why am I asking dumb questions? I know all of this. Wait, am I going to die? I almost couldn’t see her expression, blinking through my own tears. We are going to try and get it under control before we have to think about that. Try? Breathe…don’t forget to breathe, Wait, don’t breathe too hard…you are going to start hyper ventilating. It’s going to be okay, but you have to get a grip on your emotions right now.

  She starts telling me that she wanted to try and freeze the cells…but the disease is too progressive. We have to do a biopsy to see exactly what we are dealing with. My mind starts spinning. How did I get to this place?

  Two weeks ago I was in my friend Lisa’s car with our kids. She had asked me to go to the pediatrician with her. We are on our way home from the doctor and a dump truck ran a red light and turned across our lane from the opposite direction. It was like a cartoon…in slow motion. I remember saying to her…”is he going to stop”? He didn’t. He hit us head on. I remember my face hitting the dashboard a few times, because her car was old and only had lap belts. I remember lifting my face off of the dashboard…my eyes were closed. Did I pass out; maybe for a minute or two? Everything was still. When I lifted my face, blood was pouring out of it. I couldn’t let them see me bleeding, they will panic. I crawled out of her car. I was walking, although I am not sure where I was walking toward. A woman stopped me, she was afraid to touch me. I could barely hear her voice. Was she whispering? No, my ears are ringing. She asks me to sit down on the side of the road. She says she is a nurse from New York. She asks to check out my wounds. But I asked her to please check everyone else first. I sit down and put my face on my knees. There was blood all over my shirt and the upper portion of my pants were soaked in blood. I am feeling my teeth…okay, they are all here. She comes back and says the blood on my daughter’s head was not hers, but mine. I hear an ambulance. A guy I know stopped to check on us. He didn’t realize I was hurt until I lifted my head off of my knees. He saw my face and it looked like he was going to pass out too.

  I couldn’t get my mind together; my girlfriend had to answer the E.M.T.’s questions. I couldn’t remember anything about my health. She kept looking at me asking if I was okay. I could see her mouth moving; but I was looking through her. Did that dump truck driver really hit us? Why didn’t he try to stop? Luckily some guys ran him down and forced him to pull over. We would learn later during a court appearance that he was half blind, and was supposed to wear thick eye glasses. He wasn’t wearing glasses on the day of the accident. He could have killed us. We were lucky. For the most, all injuries seemed superficial. My face was severely bruised, so much so, that on my first doctors visit the nurse asked me if I was a domestic violence victim. Both of my eyes were black and blue. My face was swollen; my lip was cut open too. There were bruises on my thighs, ribs and across both of my breasts.

  It was the bruises on my chest that prompted me to visit my ob/gyn. I wanted make sure there were no lumps or anything like that since I hit the dashboard so hard. Now I remember, my doctor asked if I wanted a pap smear while I was there. I can recall thinking, no. But for whatever reason, I said yes.

  A week later here I am…living with cancer. My doctor said there was no telling how long I had actually had it. She said it could have been dormant in my system for a while, and the accident could have jarred something in me…causing it to spread.

  How do I go home and explain everything that my doctor just told me? I have cancer. I kept saying it over and over again in the car. I thought if I said it enough that by the time I got home that I could say it without crying. I decided instead of going straight home; I would go to see my sister. I needed a safe place to go, where I could fall apart…just for a minute. I just needed a minute. I kept praying all the way to her apartment…please God…let me have this one minute.

  I barely remember her answering the door. I just remember falling into her. She was confused. She kept touching my face, looking for a new injury. She was talking so fast…I couldn’t answer her. My mouth wouldn’t move. Finally I told her that my doctor said that I have cervical cancer…and I just fell apart. She kept saying NO…over and over again. She was crying so hard; I could no longer determine who was consoling whom. I told her that unless the treatments worked before it started spreading further…I might die. And she mustered up all of this strength and told me that wasn’t going to happen. She said she wasn’t strong enough to live without me, so there was no way that God would ever take me first. It wouldn’t be until this past year that I understood the truth of her statement, when she died unexpectedly.

  She was an angel to me in that moment. She went with me to tell my mom and the rest of my family and friends. It was no longer me having cancer, but us having it. During the entire ordeal, her faith and strength never waivered; she continued to be the glue that kept me together. I would end up having several rounds of radiation treatments. It would spread into my uterus before it finally went into remission for good.


  I wanted to share that experience with you, not to be entertaining…but to show you how God has led me to this place. I have always known that God will use me to shine light on issues…and hopefully we can all grow from it. Our Creator has a divine plan for us all and He uses experiences and circumstances as tools to guide us…and if we are paying close attention we can use those experiences to help one another.


  I wish you all peace and pray that you will continue to love one another…as God loves you.

In a World of Darkness…Light A Candle

In a World of Darkness…Light A Candle


 [Creation of New Blog Award: The Candle Lighter Award Posted on December 18, 2011 by Kate Kresse http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/creation-of-new-blog-award-the-candle-lighter-award/i There are a number of blog/blogger awards. I began to think about my purpose for blogging. I mean the title of my blog reveals a lot about my mission: Believe Anyway. I have blogged before that I chose the title to remind myself to stay optimistic. My purpose is to light a candle in the darkness that envelopes us all at times. I want to lighten loads and light the way. I gravitate towards positive people and positive blogs. I want to start a blog award that reflects my love for the positive in the blogosphere. To see a list of blogs that has been given The Candle Lighter Award Click on The Candle Lighter Award button on my header. I call my award The Candle Lighter Award. It is for blogs and bloggers that light a candle in the darkness with their blog. What does it mean? Whenever I see a post or blog that I think brings light to the world, I will put a copy of this post and give them The Candle Lighter Award. What does the recipient have to do to accept it? Just accept it and put the Candle Lighter Award badge from my blog onto their blog. Please put the link from this post about my creation of the award in a post on your blog so people can read about it. What else do recipients have to do? Nothing. If they do think someone else is a Candle Lighter, they can surely give them the award anytime they want and as often as they want. [I’d love it if you could send me the links for the blogs you do find worthy of the award, because I’d love to see their blogs, too! But it isn’t required]. There is no limit to how many blogs you award The Candle Lighter Award to and no limit to how many times someone can receive it. But when you do, I ask that you use the link for this post.]


Candle Lighter Award 2012
 First I would like to thank the beautiful soul that nominated me for this award…Jeanne Webster www.womenswindow.com . Thank you so much for thinking of me…your support over the past few months has been a true blessing to me and others, as well.  My Nominees are as follows:
http://angelsof secrets.wordpress.com
There are so many more bloggers and blogs that deserve this nomination as well….keep shining your light….the world needs you
Peace and blessings upon you…one and all

Love Thy Neighbor

  Today is WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY. It is sad to have to be made aware that this global problem has reached such epic heights that we have a day designated to shine light on this problem.

  In the United States 50,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are diagnosed every day. Yet while that staggering number continues to climb…our State and Federal governments choose to decrease funding…on this specific issue. This is a distressing truth. This figure is disturbing…but not half as alarming as the government making budget cuts in an area that is claiming the lives of 46-49 lives…in the United States alone…every single day.

  The stigma attached to this virus is baffling. There are actually people who still believe that HIV/AIDS only affects those in the homosexual or drug communities. However, regardless of that idea…it simply is not true.

  Let me not hesitate to begin by stating the obvious. No one, regardless of sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, race, religion, creed…or any other diversification…deserves to have their lives turned upside down by not only the illness of HIV/AIDS…but the stereotypical judgement by others. This disease does not discriminate. It affects men, women and children from all walks of life.

  We must begin the healing process by stepping above the limited thinking of our fellow man. Stereotyping people is a huge miscarriage of justice. There is no single characteristic that any one person has that can tell us everything that we need to know. And as long as we convince ourselves that it is an “us” against “them” situation…we are missing the lesson. The true reality of HIV/AIDS is that it could and probably will touch someone that we know and love. In a more raw truth, the chances of someone we are in contact with contracting and being diagnosed with this disease before the year is over…is quite possible.

  At this juncture, I am not concerned about where it started or who contracted it first.  When we spend time worrying about that…it only causes the finger to be pointed at people who are already dealing with enough. Our entire country has been infected with either the disease itself…or the stigma attached to it. This is a global epidemic.

  We must be smart. There are precautions that we all can take. We must use condoms, because sadly, there are husbands and wives who contract the disease through their spouses. We can not share needles, it is too dangerous. Ideally,  I would tell you to only have sex with your spouse…or at least with someone whose medical history you are aware of.  I would also say…just don’t use drugs. However, I realize that even it would be the safest thing…many won’t comply. So, I am asking you to please not walk through life blindly. Do not play Russian roulette with the life of you or anyone else. Get tested, and encourage other friends to get tested…knowledge is power. People that “appear” clean…can still be infected; life is short…lets not continue stacking the odds against ourselves. It is estimated that 17,000-18,000 United State’s citizens die every year dye to HIV/AIDS…that means that 46-49 people in the United States alone.

  In the meantime, I’m going to remind you to love each other. Show our fellow man that we that we value  him. Give love with everything that you say and do. Never encourage the hype that anyone deserves this, often, terminal disease. No one deserves to have there lives cut short in this manner.

  Today is WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY. Support those who have been forced to live with this life altering illness every day. Wear a red ribbon supporting our brothers and sisters. If you don’t have enough answers to your questions…ask. Love thy neighbor…simply by not casting him aside…it is the very least that we can do.

~~ From my heart to yours

Blog Award

Blog Award

I think this lovely blog nomination was so touching…it was really a great surprise to me…just the fact that I was thought of was amazing. I only write what I am compelled to…the fact that anyone other than my mom reads this stuff is GREAT!!!!


  1. Many thanks to Janice …who is constantly giving me moral support. I so appreciate her nomination…not everyone wants to hear about my ideas about peace and love.


  1. I know I am supposed to have 8 blogs…I have 6 favorites. The have all touched me in way or another…check them out when you get a chance…


  1. 6 Things about me:

–        I love all things purple…lol. Which can get a bit out of hand…like when my best friend would buy me purple bath sets for the holidays…smelled really bad.lol

–        I was born and raised in Alaska…it is there with my family that I learned most of my ideas about life, love and peace. It is a time I will always cherish.

–        I am raising the most brilliant teenager ever!!!! I will admit I am a bit biased…but she is my largest blessing and my experiences with her have helped keep me grounded.

–        I have written an E-book of some of my first blogs…which are also on my website  www.myraysoflight.com

–        I really love to write…I always have. Even when I start off ranting about something…it feels like my creator takes over and makes it a smooth loving ending.

–        I love people. And as long as I am able I will try and reach out to as many as possible, because I truly believe that our divine purpose on the planet is to uplift, guide and spread love to as many people as possible.

***Thank you guys for your support……Jenyfer



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