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No matter what you are feeling
No matter what struggle keeps calling your name
No matter who your enemies are
OR who seems to be winning the game

I will promise you this
On all that I own
The sun always rises
And You Are Not Alone

I know you may feel broken
I know the road makes you weary
But I can promise you one thing
That I can see most clearly

It is always darkest before dawn
This I have always known
Hold your head up beautiful warrior
For You Are Not Alone

So when the battle flags are flying

When no hope seems to be in sight

Hold on to the old promise

You will be alright

For these are the lessons

Separates the children from us

These moments will aid in

Teaching that enough is enough

And as surely as I write this

There is a soul that is crying out

About how alone they feel

They just want to cry…no shout

No matter how difficult the lesson may be

No matter how long til it has passed

This is the temporary journey

It’s not meant to last

So pick up your heart

Dust off your tattered soul

While I tell you another thing

That you may or may not know

You are not measured by man

Not his intention or reason

You were cultivated in pure love

And THAT never goes out of season

Upward and onward for you

The message is clear

I am here for you

And will always be near

                                    ~LM Young

My Sisters Keeper

My Sister’s Keeper


I believe that the strongest and most sincere relationship that a person can have is with their brother or sister. Our brothers and sisters see us for who we really are; whether they want to admit it or not. They have seen us at our: Very worst and very best, at our weakest and strongest, falling in and out of love, in the most stressful and most joyous times in our lives. It is, in fact a relationship that is unparalleled. We know, even as children, that these are important relationships, because even as young girls…we are seeking the best friend equivalent to these God-given gifts. We will use terms such as, she is like my sister; to describe how close the two or few really are.

In families where the fabric is tightly woven, we understand what a treasure brothers and sisters can be to one another. We realize that even if we do not see eye to eye on millions of subjects and issues…we are family and therefore…who cares if we aren’t mirror images of one another?

I realize, also, that not all families have this closely knitted connection…and that is sad to me. We can take these gifts for granted; we may even cut off all ties and connections to them. While I would never impose my views of this topic on anyone…I can tell you this; my sister saved my life a million times, if she did it once. We weren’t raised together and came from opposite ends of the family tree. We never looked alike and we had friends that were polar opposites. We argued and grumbled at one another…and just when you would be certain that we would storm away…we smiled and moved on. We shared holidays and vacations; we shared her weddings and even a few funerals. Most importantly I knew, without question, she would never fail to be there for me.

I cherish moments when I can look back at my time with her and smile and reminisce about our times together. While her life was cut too short for my taste, she lived it well and never regretted a single moment. You just have to love that!!

The whole point of this is not to have an “oh woe is me” conversation. On the contrary, I have no regrets either…she lived a beautiful life and made lots of mistakes. She drank too much and never really found the man of her dreams. But she showed me what it was like to love another person in an unconditional way.

I loved her, in such a way, that I didn’t think possible…outside of my grandparents. I often was cross with her and we argued, as I said…but even in our worse moments…I would have walked across hot coals to help her. I never saw a dividing line between she and I, although I am certain they were there. And while I often didn’t like the things she did…I never loved her any less. The love we had couldn’t be shaken or unraveled.

This would be the point of this conversation. There is nothing that should keep all of us from loving one another just like this. I wasn’t in a relationship with her…we just loved. There must come a time in our lives when we decide that we love every one and every single thing that was created from the core…of which we were also created. We have brothers and sisters that live in countries and on continents that we have only read about. They will have had experiences that may never touch us in a million years. They will have struggled for generations, with poverty, slavery, genocide and hate hidden, as indifference. They will also have unique cultural experiences. The important point in all this is the knowledge of…none of the above makes them better or worse than we are. They are our brothers and sisters…and one day we will have to embrace that thought and idea.

If we began looking at one another, as brother and sister, how could we do any less than love and respect one another?

The whole concept behind this movement is simple…I am NOT my brother/sisters keeper…I AM MY BROTHER/SISTER.

I am them and they are me, therefore how can we do anything but love and support one another? It does not mean we will always agree, I doubt that is possible; even the greatest of relationships have differences that they must talk and work through. But it does mean that if I treat you with respect and we walk onward together…there is no enemy that we can’t defeat. And what is even better…if we are all brothers and sisters of the soul and heart…the only enemy that can be found…is within us.

I Will Survive

Dear John Smith
This letter is overdue
Don’t let the anonymity fool
I’m not protecting you

I am in fact freeing me
By telling your story loud
I’m tired of living in fear
And getting lost in a crowd

You are just a simple number
There are many…evil as you
Who steal a woman’s hope and joy
While robbing her virtue

You should be ashamed
But you never behaved as such
You scarred my inner self
Making me quiver to a loving touch

You made me afraid of life
You made me afraid of me
You made me question myself
Who I used to be

But on this day I tell you
I fear you no more
I’m not afraid of the torture
Or whatever you have in store

You may have taken a piece
Of a special part of me
But I refuse to become you
A blister on humanity

I am my Fathers daughter
I stand tall…head held high
My heart stronger than ever
A tear slips through my sigh

I am sorry I ever gave you
A single bit of power
Taking the life away
From this most beloved flower

I am sorry that you are so sorry
I regret ever taking part
In a relationship so violent
Where you broke more than my heart

But today I am wiser
Today I am aware
You are just a battle wound
To me…you aren’t there

So claim victory if you must
But I will tell you the truth
There is no injury so severe
That God won’t see me through

I am not your possession
I am not ill gotten gains
I survived your Evil ways
And my faith…it remains

So crawl back to your hole
Where true cowardice lights
I am a warrior…forever
And I will survive

I Have Lupus

I Have Lupus

I live with an illness

Other people cannot see

I live in pain and fatigue

Often immobility

I live with an illness

Some people cannot understand

Because it cannot be detected

By the casual glance

I live with swollen joints

Bruising but first

I live with knowledge that

It can get much worse

My hair has fallen out

My eyes swollen shut

But I live with a disease

That doesn’t understand…enough

I am not alone in this fight

There are warriors like me

Who understand what it’s like

To have physical agony

I am a fighter now

I am a warrior because

If I stopped fighting

Gave it a pause

This disease would win

My valiance for naught

I am in this war

I never forgot

I was created from greatness

And greatness is in me

I will struggle with this thing

NO matter what shall be

For the winner of this battle

Gets no trophy or attention

For I fight it inside myself

With the greatest intention

Take no moment for granted

For in a moment of dissention

It could be all stripped away

Without even a mention

Of the facial rashes

Medication and grief

The lack of support

The need for sleep

And while it is hard to understand

What my life would be like for you

I will tell all now that I wouldn’t

Want you to suffer too

Help raise awareness

Look for the Light

God said he would never leave

I know He is right

Join the movement

Raise mental elevation

Link hands with others

Focus your attention

I have a silent disease

That you cannot see


It doesn’t have me

**I had posted this last year at my other Blog but somethings bear repeating…


Tear Drop

Tear Drop

Everything must become

What it is now supposed to be

Like taking the caged bird

Finally setting it free

It is often hard to let it go

Used to seeing it every day

But even the beautiful bird

Has its own path…its own way

Even if it causes us sorrow

Even if gives us great pain

Everything must become what it is

Not about personal gain

Relationships will alter

Something yet to be known

One day we will all look back

At how we have finally grown

A tear will begin to finally dry

A broken heart will make it through

Even if we thought they wouldn’t

We have love yet to bloom

We have inside every heart

The seed of uncultivated grace

With evolution we learn to spread

It among the human race

We fear what we do not understand

But our understanding should be clear

When holding on to the wings of love

We have never had anything to fear

You are not different than me

Even we look nothing alike

For we were created from the same

Beautiful image…amazing light

The difference we think we have

Were created by man made hate

It has nothing do to with who we are

Look at the negative things we create

We teach our children to be indifferent

We show them by our actions

No wonder they are so violent

Always seeking material satisfaction

Like teaching someone to be a lion

And expecting them to be like a deer

Why do we cause such confusion

What is really happening here

We say one thing daily

While choosing to do another

Saying be kind to our neighbors

While killing our sisters and brothers

And we wonder why our children

Are confused about their place

We have bred hate and indifference

In a most precious place

We are responsible…forever

We distribute evil of the mind

While forgetting our true course

We destroy all of mankind

The victor is who is left standing…REALLY?

Who ever told us that lie

Putting man against man

Only the strong will survive?

Strength of the body is not real

In fact, it is not even here

Or else why would talk to the dead

When their body is nowhere near

It is only the heart and soul

Which matters in this place

Even when you feel the light of a smile

It’s through our Creators Grace

Let go of the inconsistencies’

Hold on only to this one last thing

It is not what others do for you

But the love that you, yourself bring

So point not your finger in anger

Instead acknowledge beauty all around

Teach your children of your mistakes

And the love you have found

For love will make you complete

It will mend bridges…tear down walls

Please make a change now

Before another tear drop falls


My Memory of You

My Memory of You

I often wish you were still here

But when I pause for a while

I remember my life fulfilled

Memories by the mile

I remember the funny things you said

Even using some of it now

Hoping to share your sweet love

Through my grief some how

I still yearn to escape

To your loving abode

Enjoying your take on life

The stories you told

Will anyone really ever

Hear the angel in your voice

Now it seems as if

There isn’t much choice

I miss your melodic harmony

Chased down with that smile

Blue eyes sparkling and dancing

In a world gone wild

It’s funny the things

We all take for granted

Saying words…doing harm

Things can’t be recanted

I laugh to myself when

I call to you in a dream

Seeming even in slumber

God knows what you mean

He sends you when I’m weary

Can’t seem to find my way

Reminding me to be thankful

For new memories I’ve made

So true you aren’t in them

But lucky for others and me

You are felt all around

Like the bark on my tree

Remember the story I told you

About people and a tree

Fruit and leaves are temporary

It’s the roots which ground me

You were always my root

Holding me steady and strong

Keeping my eyes on God

Right where they belonged

You are and were

My truest best friend

Which God bonded in blood

Were there til the end

And while my heart still aches

Over the loss of my sister my friend

I hold you closer still

With every memory I spend

For every memory I lend out

Reminds me that I didn’t lose at all

Instead of focusing on a broken heart

I’ve built a memory wall

So those who need it

Maybe are heart broken too

They can come and smile

At my memory of you

Do What Is Right

Do What Is Right

In the beginning there was light

And all things in between

We’ve been told this since birth

But what does it mean?

Does it mean how I worship

Should fall under scrutiny

Or that if my skin is too dark

I will be a victim of mutiny

No I didn’t get that message

When those words were said to me

Hate was never part of our

Eternal destiny

You can not impose your beliefs

Upon another’s heart

Just speak truth…wish them peace

When you go to part

You may think I should look

A little more like you

I guess the problem starts

When I feel the same way too

But the truth is that we

Are only part of a plan

No matter what we say

Like the blades on a fan

If we work against one another

There will be no cool air

And although life may get hard

Seem to be unfair

We are only a portion

Of a much larger picture

So stop sitting around indifferent

Like a kitchen tile fixture

Step up…speak up

Finally do what is right

Wrong is just wrong

Fight the good fight

If the debate of injustice

Just wages in your head

You’ve ended no war

Today there’s more dead

Does this seem melodramatic

A stretch of the imagination

We are walking around in hell

Our living damnation

The children we claim to love

Are starving to death


Another took his last breath

Sitting around politely

Wearing a sweet smile

Is evil when

Our children are defiled

Make some noise…yell

Make people jump to their feet

It’s nice if you want no problem

But there’s a child being beat

Maybe you didn’t give birth

To that child next door

But be rest assured

That child is yours

It’s the world’s child

What you do next is the key

Will you keep him locked up

Or set him free

Will you be his voice

No matter where you reside

Or sit there quietly

While again he dies

Understand my brother

And yes my sister too

That child is me

That child is you

Give him the chance to

Grow and learn from love

Show him our Creator is great

Embracing from above

Please wait no more

He has taken all he can bear

Show him humanity

By just being there

Don’t wait for another

To step and take over

Give him a childhood

Of roses in fields full of clover

Show humanity today

Shine God’s brilliant light

Help a child in need

I ask…do what is right

**We can put an end to child abuse…it is up to us…do your part. We are donating a portion of the proceeds from our poetry book “The Light of Our Path”  to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc

Her Only Crutch

Her Only Crutch

A bruise it can heal

A scar doesn’t begin to touch

A broken-hearted angel

Who once loved so much

We may claim its not so bad

Saying she got what she’s worth

But she is priceless

Value increasing since birth

For the sins of man make him low

The cost of sin is high

We have time to do what’s right

But even that’s passing by

She is no possession

No material gain

and your ill intentions…

You should be ashamed

She isn’t your possession

She isn’t owned or bought

But a loved child of God

Not a bird you have caught

Now don’t forget loves

Anything you do treat as pray

Will not find reasons to love you

But methods to run away

You may try to shame her

With your crude behavior and tone

But her survival plan is God

The only one she needs to own

For nothing is greater than

Our father in all His Glory

And He is watching you

He knows the REAL story

REAL men don’t have to hit

To get attention from a lady

They carry God’s empowering light

Don’t have to be shady

Real men don’t need to raise their hands

They are busy lifting their hearts

And that might not be everything

But it’s a very good start

So bruise her you may

But you are the one who is weak

Her salvation is her weapon

It is yours whose is bleak

So when you look at yourself

As an idol and such

She looks like a warrior

When God’s her only crutch

 **We must put an end to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE…Please speak out**



Once there was anguish

More pain than anyone knew

And God again proved His love

Because then came you

Rough around the edges

But so beautiful to the core

A warrior when needed

But there was so much more

So much more I needed to tell you

Much more that you needed to know

And oh how you were loved

I was amazed as I watched love grow

I had never visually imagined

Someone as unique as you

Could create so much balance

I’m glad that God knew

He knew I needed you

So He created a place

So in my hectic life

For you He made a space

One that I thought would last forever

I never imagined saying goodbye

And doing so caused so much pain

I thought I would surely die

But dying was not God’s plan for me yet

There was more I needed to do

So I hold my memories close

Thankful that there was you

Your voice kept me going

Long after the flesh had gone to pass

Reminding me to stop…slow down

That I didn’t want to move to fast

Take time to smell the flowers

Because they too have a short time

To leave footprints on your heart

Right along side of mine

Slow down in your speech

Use thoughtful words and phrase

Show your love through expression

We all need that these days

Remember its okay to cry about loss

But in your heartfelt pain

Recreate the laughter we shared

And learn to enjoy that again

Her voice would sometimes whisper

The pain will one day subside

It’s what you choose to with it

But only you can decide

Decide to move on with life

Decide to hold me forever in your heart

And know that in my bodies passing

Even death can’t keep us apart

Death is not a punishment

Or judgment God is placing

Just that my role in life was over

You have not been forsaken

Understand who you are

And the love you helped create

Know that your heart may feel pain

But God won’t allow it to break

So as my sister’s voice fades she says

There’s something I need you to do

Remember when I needed hope

Was when God gave me you



I thought of something today

I just had to give you a call

Then sadly I realized

There wouldn’t be an answer…no answer at all

It made me think of time wasted

And I was filled with regret

Regret of vacations not taken

And memories we hadn’t made yet

Did I ever tell about how your smile

Made you stand out in a crowd

And how every day I’m left hoping

That you are smiling down us now

To know you was to love you

And to love you was a gift

Now I’m left regretful

Of all the chances that I missed

The times I missed out on your calls

Missed out on your laugh

Missed the chance to look into your eyes

Missing now what we had

I don’t think I paid enough attention

And now I’m stuck trying to recall

The greatest sister since creation

The brightest light of us all

If you are watching…know that

I know you no longer feel pain

And for that I am thankful

But one truth still remains

My heart it is still breaking

But my lungs still fill with air

The world it keeps spinning

And it doesn’t seem fair

Please look down often

And remind us to go on

Until one day we are doing it

All on our own

One day in the future

You will look down from the sky

Smile down on us to say

See…I told you…you’re going to be alright

In closing my blue eyed angel

Give God thanks and a smile

For these precious moments with you

Made my life seem worthwhile

**I am sharing this post with our friends at http://dversepoets.com on their open  link night Tuesday at 3PM est …I hope you all will join us there**

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