Reach For the Stars

You will bear your cross

And I, of course, will bear mine

But the first step is the hardest

To reaching the finish line

We are faced with

Uncharted journeys with uncertainty

But once we start the trip

There are endless possibilities

We must first acknowledge

That life sometimes doesn’t seem fair

Then we must hand it to our Father

And trust Him to be there

It can be hard to let go

Of the solutions we have devised

But do so we must

For He is all knowing…most wise

Our crosses can get heavy

Like carrying the world on our back

But the lessons they will teach are endless

And this is a fact

While some lessons are harder

And some seem to just bring pain

Once we take a step back

We can absorb the love which remains

We will deal with abuse from loved ones

And illness which seems to not end

But as I mentioned before

You are not broken…and its okay to bend

Bending is a way which we learn

To adjust our perception of life

How we learn that we are stronger

In our hearts and our minds

We were not broken at all

And although battered and bruised

We are the victor after all

With Him there is no way to lose

Move forward with this knowledge

Every success was once a dream

Know that no eagle takes flight

Before spreading his wings

Release the anxiety and anger

Which darkness can breed

Knowing God loves you

And that’s all that you need

He will place angels at your feet

Who will help repair your heart

And while the unknown is scary

You won’t know until you start

Take my hand if you need it

I’ve been where you are

Hold your head high

And reach for the stars