Imagine my surprise when yet again, nominated me for blogging awards!!! This is always a great honor…to be acknowledged by your peers and fellow bloggers. This is probably the only place where you will hear people say that the honor is in the nomination; although it is so true. But I have found so many beautiful words on so many pages of such a wide genre…its like a universal rainbow of stories, about our lives, our sadnesses, our laughter, and our tears…and the love that defines us all.



I guess I will start with the rules…which are easy since there really are none…lol. The purpose of this, the way I undersrtand it is to shine light on our fellow writers and hopefully bring them into someone elses sights as well.

But sticking to tradition…

1. we should first thank whoever nominated us…it’s our way of giving back. Sort of creating the circle that holds us all together.

2. we are to nominate 10-15 writers whose blogs have touched us, made us laugh, given us joy, brought us to tears…basically anyone who has touched our hearts

3. share 7 things about your self…it could be anything…nothing is too large or small.



So allow me to start….

1. My deepest heartfelt thank you to Janice …you have been such a beautiful spirit and person to me. Your warmth has a beautiful glow and it is ever represented in your writing style and content. I wish you the very best in the upcoming year and pray you have much peace and abundant joy.


2. MY NOMINEES…I really hope that everyone gets the opportunity to read the posts attached to these blogs…they have all touched me in one way or another


3. And last but not least…..7 things about…ME

1. Every Tuesday after 3 pm EST you can catch me on the page. I am trying to refine my poetic skills and they are so gracious…lol. But seriously there is so much talent there it is a beautiful sight.

2. I am a big animal person…no I don’t live with 20 cats…lol. But I see a majestic beauty in all of our Creators work. Animals never second guess themselves. They do not look for approval, they function on their gut instincts. But most importantly they do not kill for the sake of the kill. They have respect and kinship with one another…something that I think we could all establish.

3. I love the outdooors. I love hiking and walking…it brings me a sense of peace.

4. I always try to find the lesson in all things. Sometimes when we are hurt by situations or events…we succumb to sadness or anger…and while this is understandable…it can stunt growth. So, for myself, I try to see what lesson was being taught to me on that day…and hopefully I won’t miss it.

5. I am a part of a very non-traditional family. And while some may not understand it…I am loved and respected every day of my life. My grandmother told me once…often love is not where you thought it was going to be and sometimes it does not come in the package that you had in mind. But all love comes from our Creator…so it is a gift nonetheless.

6. My daughter will be in college soon…and while I am so proud of her accomplishments…I know I will miss her with all of my heart

7. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason…and while we may not understand it at the time…sooner or later it will become clear. And just as our time together seemed random…it is as it was supposed to be.


I hope you all have fun and enjoy the nominations!!

And may our Creator fill your lives with love and peace