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I’m not much for politics

Will never hold office or such

Just seems like we analyze

Our world way too much

If we were all loving by nature

Kindness were our only creed

Microscopes wouldn’t be necessary

Could be judged by our good deeds

Not how much a charity was given

Not how many babies we kissed

But we’re so caught up on dissecting

There’s so much we have missed

We overlook true kindness

For the flashy displays of “humanity”

We mistake lies for the truth

And other such insanity

We should think a man true

For kissing a baby’s head

Babies are easy to love

Let’s talk about life instead

You want to make the world safer

Let’s talk about ridding our arms

Let’s contribute to peace

Stop doing others harm

This do onto others

Before he does to me

Creates human extinction

Via political party

Not caring about which party

You tend to subscribe

More concerned about love

Shining my Creator’s light

In the world that really matters

We have begun a cycle of hate

It isn’t about who is strongest

But the fragile hearts we break

What good is a human display?

If it is followed up with lies

We cover up evils of men

With well-padded alibis

Believe me we are being watched

From places unforeseen

Our actions are being scrutinized

Our intentions are unclean

We may pray in a cathedral

All are welcome to enter

For God is not as we are

Completely self-centered

Yet every day we are given

The chance to make a change

Yet the mistakes we are making

Vary little in their range

I’m observing nothing more

Not saying I am less at fault

But shouldn’t we start today

End the domestic assault

Stop the hateful name calling

What are we teaching our young?

That the winner by default

Is the one with the cruelest tongue?

Do you see the insanity now?

How crazy this all seems

To crush the will of man

Squashing his hopes and dreams

I pray we wake up soon

Before it is too late

The cost of sin is high

The punishment is great

Embrace your fellow man

Whether black white yellow or blue

For the greatness that created them

Also created you







These Children of Mine

What a sad state of affairs

Our world has become

Constantly living in fear

Nowhere to run

When we place more concern

On a man with a sign

Than the sins put upon

Your children and mine

We are definitely lost

Standing in the cold

Living a life of “I”

Ego’s growing bold

Children being murdered

On a street in a home

More sins against humanity

Than can truly be known

A risen angel on trial

A lost life forsaken

Another light blown out

Sins for the taking

We are selling drugs to them all

But we call it another name

“Just the way life goes”

God shakes His head in shame

Sure on a street corner

You may see a dealer or two

But the real drug is a lie

Hidden as the truth

Still don’t understand

Let me make it more clear

We don’t look deeper than

How things seem to appear

The home seemed to be happy

No one ever complained

Don’t mistake joy for the truth

Silence masking shame

Need more clarity still

Let me draw you a picture

Lives are not expendable

Children are not fixtures

Life is precious I tell you

Stop spreading the hate

One day you will have to own

Indifference you create

It’s a sin against humanity

To blow out an eternal flame

No need to look around

We are all to blame

For even if the only weapon

Is the sharpness of our tongue

We are still arming our children

Killing souls of the young

We give publicity to pedophiles

Magazine covers to the vile

Saying we know it’s wrong

But reading all the while

Do you get what I am saying

Do you know what I mean

We have the power to change

So many things

Change your tone and reflection

Give hope to the masses

Before more are killed

As time again passes

Reach out and reach up

Stop enforcing the loss

Humanity is endangered

Is it worth the cost

Too high a price I can tell you

This truth will remain

While we were debating

Two children were slain

Still think you have time

To consider being involved

The next child could be yours

No question at all

Then you will be the parent

Living with such anguish and pain

Left with only a handful of memories

And tear drop stains

On my last few points

This travesty is too real

Stop thinking too much

It’s time for you to feel

Thaw out your heart

Shine the light of the Divine

I beg you please…please

Save these children of mine

Some One You Love

Some One You Love

I won’t insult you I promise

By saying I know your pain

It may look similar

But I know it isn’t the same

I have felt the tears of loss

My heart has been torn in two

I understand feeling isolated

Not sure of what next to do

I have felt my Creators love

I never doubt it at all

But at times even I have felt

When all our hopes fall

It doesn’t mean I have loved less

In fact may be felt too much

My heart broken into pieces

Isolated from a loved ones touch

But like every dark moment

Comes in an unexpected time

The sun will also rise

And…oh…how His light does shine

Belittle you…I would never

Make less of your agonizing hurt

But I promise the dawn is so near

Even if it only comes in spurts

Cry all day if you need to

This too I can agree

Is about life’s disappointments

As it has also happened to me

Not disappointed with the experience

That only true blessings can bring

But thoughts of loneliness…heartache

And other mysterious things

Like your soul being uprooted

Being set on foreign soil

Being pushed away from a love

Like mixing water with oil

I understand the type of hurt

Loss can bring forth in you

NO, I don’t know YOUR pain

But I have been hurting too

Maybe all my tears and pain

Were only leading me up to this

So I could tell you about this love

The one I will always miss

About how their eyes sparkled

How their laughter cured a pain

And if you let me tomorrow

I will tell you about it again

I don’t know your personal trek

I don’t claim to be that vain

But I promise you are not alone

A Truth which will remain

For in a single tear drop

We can find an angel’s voice

Repairing your heart slowly

Helping your soul rejoice

Your loss will always be different

But allow me to mourn with you

So you may reach out to another

Whose heart is breaking too

Wipe a tear…give a hug

Or just a friendly “I know”

Will start the healing process

Watch love as it grows

I didn’t want to feel better

Guilt made me feel so sad

Claiming it shouldn’t have been

I just felt so bad

But a personal angel of mine

Reminded me of a thought

I was blessed with an existence

That others never got

I was blessed with a blessing

It was a gift even though brief

And their life wasn’t stolen

By a criminal or thief

They got a free ride home

Their work had long been done

They fought life’s valiant fight

At last they had won

My tears dried on my pillow

I washed my tear stained face

Giving praises to the Highest

For showing me such Grace

One day I promise you will

Think of this day and sigh

When your love went home

To live with our Most High

And when an unexpected smile

Shows up on your precious face

Know that some one you love

Sent it from a great place

Missed Messages

Missed Messages


“I am for the truth no matter who tells it…I am for justice no matter who it is for” 

                   Malcolm X


There are times in our lives when we are given a valuable truth…the only question remaining is will you be willing to receive it?

As children, most of us would willingly accept any information as the divine truth, from our parents. However as life would have it we would begin to learn that often our parents intentions would never be mirrored in our lives again. As we grew older, we learned that some people may not have our best interest at heart. We became suspicious of others. Somehow along the path of our lives we started to correlate what was said with who was saying it…this in itself is a powerful lesson.

We can often confuse the message and the messenger; the two may not be related. As people with our own concepts or those which have been instilled in us…be it directly or indirectly, we often have fallen into the trap that the most important messages come in the most beautifully wrapped packages. How many times have you encountered a person on the street and because they had a certain look, or lack thereof, you only half listened to the words being spoken? There will be messages that come to us…important vital messages. If we are not receptive to the message because we have a preconceived notion about the messenger…we will lose that blessing.

This will be why you will see me write about being accepting of others. We have no way to foresee into the future and know all that we should pay attention to now. Often the most important message will come from the most unlikely source.

When we close off our hearts and minds to specific people or groups of people…we are limiting our ability to receive messages or lessons sent by our Creator. We have missed out on the true concept of our existence when we pigeon hole or get caught up in stereo types. There had to have been a clear cut reason why it is that we all look so different and sound different. We are actually the different perspectives that we were all supposed to have…but they were all supposed to lead us back to the arms of our Father. Instead, we have isolated ourselves behind ideas and images of hate and destruction. Again, we must focus on the significance of what is being communicated and not in the orator.

Sometimes the message isn’t about our well being, but that of others. We are given insight to situations, it is up to us to either react or do nothing; but in the end we are always going to be held accountable for those decisions. We must make the assumption that every time something is brought to our attention, directly or indirectly, it is meant for us. I mean, if we are walking down the street and we find a bag of money laying there with no one else around…don’t we think that it was God helping us out with some financial problem? Wouldn’t we think that it was the answer to our prayers? With that same mentality, how can we watch children dying from starvation in Africa or children dying due to homelessness on the news…and think that it wasn’t a message intended for us? How will we explain to our Creator, on our day of judgment, why we did nothing? If we only respond to the issues in our world when we have something to gain from it…we are NOT doing the will of God. Our path is not one of self righteousness. We are supposed to seek the greater good for mankind…not ourselves.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we come into contact with many people, both physically and verbally; when you think of how many people you came into contact with today…I must ask one question…How many messages did you miss?



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