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Just Like You

Just Like You

Thank you to the heroes

Ones you see every day

Even if they don’t

See themselves this way

Thank you for your fight

Thank you for taking a stand

Thank you for being you

By simply reaching out a hand

Those hearts you have touched

May not know your grace

But there is something about you

A smile on an angels face

But I recognized it…definitely

I saw your halo shining through

You don’t even know your heroics

You’re just trying to be you

But whilst being you

You saved a child today

Because of your love

They get a chance to play

It’s an honor to even know you

Though I knew you would be

The answer to children’s prayers

This is your destiny

You set a fine example

Of what we should do

When God shines his light

On the evil he does rue

Yet even at great cost

Much more than we could know

Other angels like you still

Revealed your inner glow

So shine on truth seeker

Enforcer of divine love

There are hearts to be mended

More than we speak of

And as the sun rises again

As it most definitely shall do

I will stand and applaud the heroics

In angels just like you

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To the girl who smiled
Behind so much pain
Who just disappeared
Never to be seen again

To the little boy
Not tough enough
Who was taught a lesson
About how to be rough

To the woman who cries
At the drop of a hat
That others ridicule
Never want to be that

To the man who found
Strength in being him
Who was killed for nothing
Another’s evil whim

I want to apologize to you
For we let you slip past
Your lessons were overlooked
We really aren’t so vast

We should have taken time
To simply ask why
Such an easy thing to say
There’s no need to cry

And if you are crying because
Someone let you down
We should have dried your tears
Maybe then you would have found

A reason to stay here
A reason to not go away
A reason to hold your head up
A better reason to stay

It should be so easy
To just be me
Yet we’re met with such

We pretend ourselves away
Hiding deep within our faults
They always knew who they were
Maybe it is us who was lost

Why not ask that girl whose smile
Seems to look right through
Everyone she sees
Her smile never seems to move

Why didn’t we call it what it was
Pain so brutal and raw
She hides what she has seen
And has seen it all

To the soft little boy
Just being a kid
Got beat on for nothing
Call it what it is

Bullying and no less
A reason to be mean
We allowed it to happen
More cruel intentions unseen

The sweet woman who cried
How dare we make fun
Adding further isolation
To a battle never to be won

How dare we judge her
For feeling pain so deep
She’s sharing the world’s pain
The secrets her heart keeps

As for the man being honest
About his true being
We’ve seen people telling lies
About much smaller things

Yet we kill his body
Because he won’t deny his soul
He has more strength in his finger
Than our bodies will ever know

Shame on us all
For saying such things
This is what evil does
Makes us become lesser beings

So when it’s your time to list
All the good you have done
When you feel defeated
Remember you could have won

We could have stood up tall
Could have held another up
Might have made a difference
Said…enough is enough

So the next time you watch another
Screaming I just want to be me
Remember who you are and practice

I’ll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You

The storm it is brewing

The war has been waged

We have altered a life

A child filled with rage

Where we might think it isn’t

A communicable disorder

We have started a chain

Can not be afforded

Outside looking inward

Logic is lost for a while

Why would an abused adult

Then abuse another child

It is a painful cycle no less

If we don’t stop the track

More children will be tainted

Falling under attack

This is not the legacy

We want to leave behind

Breaking young hearts

Tainting little minds

We can do better I know

It’s what must be done

We’re all victims…trapped

A vicious web has been spun

Let’s take back our lives

Stop giving in to neglect

It’s what God wants

What He expects

Protect the children now

There is nothing to think through

Would you want your parents silent

If it was happening to you

Our lives they are on fire

We are burning as we speak

Protect our children

The young…the weak

We have created our own hell

By being silent and still

These acts of cowardice

Are of our own will

Please join in my call

Make your actions follow my voice

It doesn’t have to be like this

We do have a choice

I will choose love forever

And too show my true way

I will announce and denounce

Those who live in the gray

You know the gray matter

Those who know but don’t speak

We have the power to change

We are not the ones weak

Be strong and stand tall

Know that God walks with you

Bring child abuse awareness

And I’ll walk with you too

**We MUST stop child abuse now…END THE CYCLE

God’s Life Raft

God’s Life Raft

Oh, lonely moon
In a midnight sky
Silent watcher of a
Young child’s cry

Cries in the night
For help go unheard
Never acknowledging
…imagining the brutal hurt

Bruises unexplained
Left on purest skin
A child’s personal war
Is about to begin

Cruelest of words
Thrown at an innocent heart
May seem climactic
But it’s only a start

Little bodies torn
From invasion so vile
She has no hope
Her body defiled

We argue about cell phones
And going out
Her screams are silent
…every day she shouts

She just needs one person
…one human being
To step up to the plate
About what they have seen

Yet again heads are turned
…often a tear falling away
And she’s having to face
Terror again today

This criminal she knows
…she loved and did trust
What is the world becoming
…what’s happened to us

This once sweet lamb
…knows what true evil does
Innocence lost
…barely remembers what it was

If we fail to make the call
…afraid of stepping up
Her life may end
…all because of us

Often when we ask God
To help us through
He throws only one life raft
…what if it’s you?

Would you then look to others
To shout to the world
Leave her alone
…she’s just a little girl

I beg you to please
Step out of your shell
While you are deciding
…she lives in Hell

**In the spirit of trying to do our part…we are donating a portion of our proceeds from the sale of “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Childrens Shelter, Inc.

I Do Pray

I Do Pray

I watched your eyes today

Closely on the screen

I saw a child that we lost

I understand what that means

I wonder if we needed

To see your innocent look

So we could justify the anger

Over a life someone took

Did we need you to be a choir boy

Instead of a kid running the streets

Oh the implications we make

Of people we never meet

If you were in a gang war

Would your loss seem easier to us

Did we need to see your innocence

In order to justify the fuss

Did we need to make him look

Evil…a perpetrator as it were

So we could see him as vile

We could all seem more sure

But alas, we may never know

Who either were at that time

Only that a life was taken

It definitely was a crime

A crime against humanity

A crime against the truth

An altercation once again

Has stolen another youth

As for my part in this

I will sing the very same song

We have created nothing

And killing is always wrong

We can not justify the reasons

Or clarify the cause

If only we had taken a moment

To take a breath…to briefly pause

The world might not have swallowed

Another child this way

A funeral…a memorial

Lets bow our heads to pray

Father please forgive us for thinking

Any reason would be okay

To take a child’s last breath

Leaving a country in dismay

We have stopped looking for our Savior

No matter what the case

We have made it about hatred

We have made it about race

We failed to listen to your lessons

Love your fellow man

Be forgiving of your neighbors

As often as you can

And as a final result of this

Another young man makes no sound

Only the sobbing of a mother

Putting him in the ground

Forgive us Heavenly Father

We know not what we do

We were so busy playing God

We failed to look to you

Help us heal past the heartache

Show us the err of our way

So we can do better tomorrow

On my knees I do pray

**There are far too many children that end up this way…the victims of  violence. We must take a stand**

In doing our part, we are donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of our book “The Light of Our Path” to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter, Inc

Wake Up

Wake Up

Walking around in a daze
Sleep walking through the streets
Barely acknowledging…hardly noticing
People that we meet

Every once in a while
We are startled by a distant cry
But eventually we shut it out
And continue walking by

I know we must not be awake
So we must be sleeping
There are people living on the streets
There are children who aren’t eating

Our daughters are sold onto slavery
…a sex toy for hire
Yet we move unaffected
While our lives are on fire

Children are gone too soon
The streets swallowing them whole
Gangs are their only family
The only one  they’d ever know

But when their lives are done
The streets keep going too
What happened to that family
The only one they ever knew?

The streets can seem enticing
Like a new breath of air
But when you are used up
The streets no longer care

We must get up from our slumber
Our children need us awake
They need guidance and love
They are making big mistakes

The promise of hope is grim
When the only thing you see
Is a parent being abused
Children stuck in poverty

Reach out your hand to the world
Show it that you really care
Gently realign its path
People are dying everywhere

People without homes
Abandoned children all around
Set aside the excuses
So called…standing your ground

For death cannot be undone
A corpse’s flesh never goes to court
All that matters is a child was lost
Nothing sensational to report

The world around us is so cruel
We might try and wish it away
But if we do that as adults
Where will children play?

Innocence too often stolen
Doors and windows can be shut
Children paying the price
Until we decide to WAKE UP

Our Master’s Touch

Our Master’s Touch

We are linked together

Love is our only rope

Connecting us as one

With a chain of hope

We can lean on one another

Or push each other away

But hand in hand we can develop

The tools needed today

We need them for compassion

What the world seriously lacks

Or a tool of forgiveness

And kindness perhaps

We can learn that we

Were created to be one

And somehow together

God’s work will be done

Put down your weapons

Lay down your swords

And stop taking jabs at people

With your unkind words

Remember a jagged tongue

Can leave a brutal scar

And is one of the reasons

We are in the shape we are

Spreading vicious rumors

And using vindictive tones

Can sometimes be more harmful

That throwing large stones

We need to set aside our differences

Life is far too short

War is not necessary

No matter what the news reports

You will not get to heaven

With my blood on your hands

You must find kindness and mercy

It’s what God commands

So let’s stop preparing our children

For an untimely death

And teach them how to love

And show them they are blessed

Our children have important matters

Like school…sports…learning to run

They should not be bothered

With purchasing a gun

They are like fine spun crystal

So easily it will break

Far too many have perished

We have no time left to wait

Love one another often

You can’t say I love you too much

And I will see you at the divine alter

Waiting for our Master’s touch

Lifting My Hands

Lifting My Hands

My Father who lives in Heaven

As I bend my knees to declare my love

My heart feels so heavy

This will be this which I speak of

When I was a girl I used to dream

Of flying a rocket to the moon

Not about million dollar contracts

Or growing up too soon

I only thought about laughter

And having fun with friends

Not about drinking or drugs

Or fights that no one wins

I never debated religion

Or what our Creator should be called

Only that He was our source of love

The Father of us all

I could never find in any book

The intention of my heart

So I just loved peacefully

Never tearing others apart

I’m not sure when I first noticed

The condition of our world

Somewhere between adulthood

And that naïve little girl

Life began to be look grim

A sad and lonely place

With images so horrifying

They would never be erased

But once I saw a child killed

On a public street

And it wasn’t a movie

But the news on my TV

All of a sudden bloodshed

And violence was all around

And I so missed the days when

Our feet were planted on the ground

If I could have one wish

And have it immediately come true

It would be to have a clean slate

And to make everything brand new

There would be no separation

Or racial barrier lines

Or wars putting brother against brother

And no more picket lines

When our brother talked

We at least considered his stance

And we would give him an opportunity

At least give him a chance

We would be more kind and concerned

When our fellow man was attacked

No more talk about superiority

Or what another person lacked

There would be peace and prosperity

All across our great land

We would walk joyously together

Always reaching for each others hand

There would never come a moment

When any man could decide

That it was acceptable

It batter and abuse his wife

We wouldn’t hear about the terror

That children now do know

We would just plant our seeds of love

And watch them start to grow

Our forests would again flourish

Natural skyscrapers growing still

Animals could roam freely

As it was always your will

Our self destructive nature

Would come to a screeching end

And instead of making enemies

We created great new friends

Some may think this is foolish

That I dream too much

But I say it is never wrong

To expect better things and such

So every day when I close my eyes

Raising my thoughts for mankind to the sky

My wishes are never laughed at

My creator never wonders why

And while my thoughts my seem fruitless

To the ill will of my fellow man

I know my thoughts do please you

And that you understand

While our world is under attack

By its inhabitants each day

I ask for your guidance

And your help along the way

I pray one day what we say

And all the things we do

Will only show our gratitude

And how much that we love you

I lift my hands to Heaven

Knowing until then

You will be watching over us lovingly


A Conversation With God


Children are dying
With nothing to eat
Where is God
Is He asleep?

Our neighborhoods are violent
Killing is what we find
What is He doing to mankind

Women are abused
Left in total dismay
What is God doing
Looking away?

That child that they found
Her poor body invaded
What is He allowing to happen
To all He created?

Religious wars out breaking
Man versus man
Is this His vision
Of a world so grand?

Our air is polluted
We can hardly breathe
what should we think
How can we believe?

Then the skies grew darker
Than they had been at first
And a voice came down
“I will speak of my earth”

You question my intention
And the love for my beings
I could ignore your doubts
But I’ll tell some things

Yes, my children are starving
It’s sadly true what you say
But tell me…how much food
Do you throw away?

There is blood on the streets
I see it every day
They walk around aimlessly
They have lost their way

They are seeking acceptance
It is love they do need
They are my sole creation
Not a new breed

So while you are judging
From your house made of glass
Are you forgetting the help you needed
In your not too distant past?

And those women …my angels
So battered and bruised
And physically abused

Depicted in the media
As less than a thing
And beaten at home
Because of a ring

How many signs did you need
To take notice of her plight
And yet you sleep soundly
Like everything is alright

You listened to the story
About that sweet little girl
But I see it happen
All over the world

Children’s bodies assaulted
By the most evil ones
They will know my wrath
When their time comes

Wars and murder
From sea to shining sea
Yet you do nothing
But question me

Of course you can’t breathe
The ecology looks grim
But seek the real problem
It comes from within

You are pointing your finger
Up toward the sky
You question my existence
And you wonder why

Why is the world
So out of control
Why has God
Made it so

But the answer is no further
Than your own troubled heart
Instead of coming together
You push further apart

This is your world too
And while you want to place blame
I could never fault you
But…cry your own name

You watch the starving
And the abused
You could step up
Yes…you’re being accused

Accused of indifference
Accused of hate
Accused of blaming me
And calling it fate

If you want your world
To be a better place
It’s up to you
Start setting the pace

Love one another
For it is that which you do
That can make the world better
For them and for you

And while I won’t abandon you
For you are children of mine
I will continue to focus
For my light always shines

I never left you my child
And I never will
Even through your mistakes
I love you still

But if you fail to reach out
And open closed doors
The blame will not be mine
…It will be yours

~~ From my heart to yours

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Waiting For You

Waiting For You


A pulse races

Faster every night

She should feel safe

Hidden out of sight


He knows every rhythm

Her heart beats so loud

Like a trapped animal

Again today…she was found


Bruises, scrapes and cuts

Scars obviously real

Another is placed on her

Before they have time to heal


No relief in sight

No help at her beckoned call

Afraid to reach out

She has no peace at all


She knows people hear her cry

For help like a beacon in the night

People watching all around her

But still nothing…no relief in sight


She is your mom or sister

Or someone she could be

It could happen to anyone

It should be easy to see


But as long as we turn

Away from her plight

We all become her abuser

With no hope in sight


Reach out for her hand

Even if it seems there is no need

You may be her only hope

Her only way to be free


Let the bruises on her face

Be a lesson to us all

Watch out for her stumble

Don’t wait for her to fall


Be the net she needs

To know God loves her too

Time is too precious

And she is waiting for you


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