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The War On Men

The War On Men


There is an obvious war going on against men; and the common ammunition that is being used is the degradation of women.

Somehow we have gotten off course, men and women. We spend all of our time pointing fingers and placing blame on one another…and yet seem to have NO clue, as to why our families are broken.

We, as women, can get caught up in the whole, I will never submit to a man, mentality…since we are constantly at war with man.

As women we MUST try and understand and appreciate that there is no weaker sex. We do not have to feel like or be prompted to believe that we have to compete against or with him…at anything. There is no weaker sex…we are physically, emotionally and spiritually different. We have been given different roles. And if it is the roles that are causing the problems…perhaps it is self-loathing that we are talking about and not about men.

Men cannot carry or give birth to a baby. This is one of the most difficult tasks in the natural world to perform. Yet, a woman is the only human that can carry out this task…successfully. Where is the competition? Why is there a need….that has been CREATED in us…to feel like we have to compete?

Man may have a vision for his life, but let there be no mistake…woman makes that possible.

She is the empathetic voice in his ear.

She is the curve of his strong spine.

She is the look he gets in his eyes…when his heart feels full.

We should be less concerned about submitting or being less than a man is…and be content with who we are…REALLY. Let’s not forget, our husbands, and fathers are our guardians and protectors. But the women have the daunting task of being the foundation, from which all successes will be based upon. Woman will teach your children the same lessons that their father will, but from a different angled lens. Fathers may pull out the old “Man Play Book”; but your mom will pull you close to her. She will look into your eyes and through your conversation…she will speak directly to your soul. In harmony, your parents are giving you free will. You could choose your fathers way or your mother’s advice…but really they want you to find your own way. This is what a real family looks like. They are not calling one another by inconsiderate and insulting names. They are looking at one another with care and concern…after all our children are watching us. A family is a unit, it moves and flows together…as one. The problem as I am seeing it is this: we are choosing our partners without asking probing questions…about life, love, spirituality…and a TRUE understanding about who each one is…I mean who they REALLY are. We get so caught up in the thought or idea of finally not being alone…that we give little concern as to WHO…we are no longer being alone…with.

We are human so we make mistakes…and while that is a part of our growth; it is also important to learn from that mistake or error in judgment. We can hardly blame another person for simply being who they are. And as the poet, Maya Angelou tells us, “when someone tells you who they are…believe them.”

In all conversations, I have been a part of, when it comes to degrading women…very rarely do you see anyone taking responsibility. We may get mad at the rap video industry for displaying women, half-dressed. But rarely do we place responsibility on the women who are willfully participating in these videos. It is, in my eyes, difficult to place blame on a man for making that video…when there are women still willing to hold their hands out for that paycheck.

At times we may be made to feel like we are being short changed…but that is only because …as stated earlier, that we are in an invisible competition. It is NOT you against HIM…but there has been a very clear establishment that has helped to create this thought in our minds…especially with women of color. We have all been conditioned…but it isn’t too late to open our eyes.

We must put an end to this war on men…because let us remember that it is also a war on our sons. It is a cycle of hate …and we are in the unique position to change it. Men are not the enemy, but the reality is we do not usually speak the same language.

Often sex to men…just means he got sex…whereas sex to a woman can often mean there is something deeper than what he is saying. And it COULD be that; but not always. When men have sex with women, too often we are speaking a foreign language.

We must think about what he is CLEARLY saying…as opposed to what we THINK he means. We must take time and consideration when we are judging the intentions of others. Truthfully, his only intention may be…to just have sex. But we cannot run away from these types of conversations; just because they may be painful or out of some fear of having our hearts broken.

Often we are in love with the IDEA of being in love. After all, the phrase is falling in love WITH someone. Which means you are in it WITH someone. You cannot be in love WITH someone…alone.

There is a war on man…and the family unit as a whole. After all, if he fails…we all fail. And at this juncture in life, can we afford to keep doing the same things and hoping for a different outcome? Why fly blindly, when the vision is so clear.

We cannot continually keep telling ourselves that there will be a perfect time to tell him all he needs to know. There will never be a perfect time to tell her the things you haven’t found the courage to tell her,

The perfect time is an illusion. Sharing your life with someone is risky. So it really comes down to how much you care about that person and that relationship.

And keep this in the back of your mind: if he/she is unable to understand what you are going through, perhaps they aren’t the right one for you. OR, perhaps you just dropped that BOMB on her/him, and they are just needing time to absorb and organize the thoughts.

Either way we are talking about patience, consideration, and divine love.


Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day

Gone but not forgotten

Those brave soldiers from the war

I promise we have not pushed aside

What the celebration is for

We salute your uncommon valor

We sing your praises when we say

Gone yet never forgotten

On another Memorial Day

What is my wish for us all

That not another soldier is lost

That we wave the flag of peace

No matter what the cost

Your efforts were not in vain

Your bravery unrequited

In our souls you live forever

Such honor you ignited

Our gratitude is unwavering

Our respect is yours

Thank you for standing up

Never going off course

At this moment right now

For the Country I say

Thank you for all you have done

Happy Memorial Day

             ~LM Young

I Am Against Violence

I am against violence against women

I am against violence against man

I am against violence against children

Animal cruelty at another’s hand

I am against the need for war

I am against the excuses we give

I am against any and all things

Which make it harder daily to live

I may be thought as a dreamer

In fact worse things have been said

But why do we choose the nightmare

We have been walking through instead

Why do we think that peace talk

Is just something people say

Instead of making it our creed

The motto we use each day

I oppose any force which

May try and diminish a story

Out of some selfish need

To impale my Savior’s glory

I am not afraid to stand alone

If standing means what’s right

I need no approval at all

To bask in the Divine light

Do I wish that it was different

Only every single moment indeed

Wishing we could set aside our ego’s

And other selfish thoughts we breed

I am against violence against women

They are our sisters one and all

Waging a war against them

Only makes us look very small

I am against the violence against man

I know you didn’t see this coming yet

But who are we to decide who should die

…the brothers we haven’t met

I am against violence against children

Even though most would agree

Would you be willing to stand up

Against your own comfort ability

I am against violence against animals

The ones we allow to be abused

Call it a dream…call it stupid

But its TRUTH and what I choose

So stand against me if you may

But don’t let your guard down

For standing beside me always

Is my Father…who wears the crown



You are not me

I am not you

But be kind just the same

In all that you do

For there may come a day

When you will reach out

To only indifference

Reluctance and doubt

The look of disapproval

Or judgmental stare

Can be felt in your soul

When we fail to care

Your hand may be slapped

When you ask while in need

So be cautious of your words

And the cycles that you breed

Hate is a weapon of destruction

Kills the soul of mankind

Listen not just hear

Stop living in the blind

For whatever you do give

Is as good as you may get

We were created by ONE

We should never forget

Our world is on fire

There are bodies being maimed

Killing women and children

We should all be ashamed

For we are no better

Than one or the other

That man you attacked

He is your spiritual brother

Step back from this place

Take a deep breath

Start moving to the light

If you haven’t done so yet

For the answer to your prayers

Has already arrived

Give thanks…give love

Come back to life

For the contamination of hate

Can douse out God’s light

Will kill the hopes of man

And dreams that are bright

Negativity can have life

But only when given the right

Take back your souls

Give up the fight

For the winner of this war

Is not found in munitions

But the choice is yours

Of your own volition

Choose humanity now

Our world is dying out

Give love…by being love

It’s what life is all about



Words can feel like moon beams

On a cloudy day

Or they can destroy the hopes of man

Depending on what we say

They can lift our hearts

Like balloons flying high

Or they can bury our dreams

While all we can do is cry

Words can start wars

Over a simple boundary line

Our give us peace and love

From our Creator so divine

They can tear at our souls

Like a rabid animal at war

Or they can remind us about

The reason we were created for

Words can make the difference

In whether we win or lose

They can be used for good or bad

On that we get to choose

Words can build mountains

Or they can tear them down

They can even make us glad

That we chose to stick around

Words give us communication

And a way to wash away angst

We can use them to emit love

We use them to give thanks

As long as we remember

The words we select to say

Can destroy someone’s hopes

Or brighten up their day

We should use our words as

Stepping stones for greater things

To remind those around us

Of the hope a word can bring

It isn’t just four lettered words

Which diminishes our light

But words like hatred…indifference

Which make our world less bright

So sing the praises of our ancestors

And other wise light seeking beings

To help us to stay focused

On the beauty of all living things

Sing about love and passion

Of the world above and right here

So when our children hear the melody

They will know God is near

My Prayer

My Prayer


I pray that there

Will never come a day

When I will turn from you

 And walk away


I hope that we learn

From others mistakes

And keep striving forward

No matter how long it takes


I know that we can walk through life

Holding one another’s hands

Never judging or demeaning

Our fellow woman and man


I will open my heart

By closing all doubt

Sharing the love of God

Is what life is all about


Life is so fragile and

Sometimes far too brief

But we can rise above offenses

That are sometimes too steep


We can smile and create laughter

Among our family of God

Giving support and encouragement

With a smile and a nod


Love one another

Why is that too much to ask

When did kindness and peace

Become too much of a task


Cast aside the hate we have grown in our hearts

And realize our second nature is not war

Be kind to each other at any cost

Remember the reason we were brought here for


No executions or state sanctioned deaths

Are acceptable by His rules

Empathy, compassion, and understanding

Not guns …should be our only tools


Once we can embrace the essence of God

And His attributes so divine

There will be no question what we should do

In your heart or even in mine


So I wish you love and inner peace

That with which we were made

Love your fellow neighbor

As you love thy self…is the lesson for today


Pay close attention to the word of God

And not the will of man

Once you do this it will become clear

You will then understand


There is no deed too small

Or no person so meek

Who cannot make a change

To fix a world so bleak


Remember the depths of the largest ocean

Started with a small drop of water…until one day

The skies opened up and God started to shine

And He willed it to begin to rain


It only takes the will of one man

To create the change that we need

One foot in front of the other

Baby steps…begin to follow His heed


Much joy and kindness

May your blessings exceed your sweetest thought

Give thanks daily

And His will be done…not purchased and not bought


I leave you with my final note

My humblest prayer

When your neighbor reaches out for you

I pray that you are there







Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

  Today I want to give thanks for the experiences of this past year. Some have been happy and some have been sad…but all have been necessary. This year my sister passed away…and while I definitely feel her absence…which makes me sad. I also felt blessed by her presence…for which I will forever be grateful. Life has a way of giving you just what you need…even though we might want more or feel like we actually have less. I am a better person for just having known her…and fortunate enough to have just known her. My sister loved me unconditionally, as I did her. And while I am still saddened by her death…I am elated that God loved me so much that He sent her to me…even if our time was brief.

  This year was a time of awareness…the world had become more aware of the trauma caused by the famine in the Horn of Africa. While this has been an ongoing problem, which has now become dire…, at least now we can no longer claim ignorance. We must acknowledge the ongoing problem and the obligation that we have to try and help…our fellow man. I have seen online videos and statements….as well as, online petitions to create awareness of this devastating problem. I pray that this dreadful condition…improves over the coming year. The only way to improve…however is to bring and keep this issue in the light; as people, it is our job to bring awareness to the fact that our fellow man is starving to death.

  In 2011, several states created racial profiling laws; and while I found this to be sad and disheartening…I still have hope that we will eventually do the right thing. It is my prayer that in the coming year we will be able to look at all the injustices and learn from our own mistakes. I hope that we will soon learn that not only are we no better or superior to anyone or anything else; but that there is no way for anyone to fix what has already happened. All that we may hope for in the near future is that we can move ahead and start treating other people as we would like to be treated…even if we aren’t being done so right now. I believe that we have the ability to rise above our differences and uplift ourselves by uplifting our fellow man. We have the chance to rise above any and all adversity…using our unique characteristics as means to connect. In 2012, I pray that we will understand that racial profiling, legal or not, is a huge step backward…and is no better than making our fellow man sit at the back of the bus.

  I want to thank Troy Davis…posthumously, while the light and awareness you helped spread did not save your life…I believe that it will help others. I hope that people may understand, because of your voice beyond the grave…that killing is wrong…no matter whom the assailant is. I also wish peace to the families of those touched by this case and the thousands before it. Let us not dwell on the errors of man…but learn from it so that we can build upon the fact that loving one another is all we need to do.

  2011 was the year that American troops came home from Afghanistan…and while too much life was lost…on both sides…. I know we are relieved to have our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers back on our soil. But let us not be so overjoyed that we forget the many lives lost. I pray we spend more time giving unsolicited hugs to the children of that war…once time has escaped us…there is no way to back track; but we can begin new…today.

  My thoughts and prayers are with those people still at war…all over the globe; those children of God fighting for their rights to exist…and I ask that we no longer turn a deaf ear to their plight. Let us remember how hard it was for us…knowing that our family members, our neighbors…our fellow man were fighting and may not return. And pray for those families that still live with that turmoil today. Let us show compassion and empathy for the orphans born as a result of the wage of war…not forgetting that it is our children that pay that price.

  Let us remember in the coming year, the sacrifices that the women in our lives have made. Please join me in shining light on anyone and everyone who believes they have the right to do harm to any one of them. Please help me bring awareness to the fact that millions of women are beaten, abused (physically and verbally), raped, and even killed every year…a senseless and vile act. But even sadder than the fact that it happens…is the fact that it usually happens at the hand of someone they love and trust. I pray God reminds us to be respectful and kind to one another everyday…because we are breeding this behavior in our young children who sit and watch idly. I pray for the soldiers in this fight…the women and girls that are affected by this travesty every single day. With love, perhaps we can put an end to this war, as well. 

Lastly, I want to thank all of those people who did the right thing this year…loved unconditionally without bias. You are the reigning example of what we are all supposed to rise to…your example speaks in leaps and bounds.

  I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season, and hope you leave room for growth in the coming year. Every day is a lesson. Every thought can maintain peace or create war…let us shine our Creator’s love on all that we touch.


  Sunday is “Stop the Violence Day”. I have been thinking and rethinking this particular day for a week or more. I, of course will post something on Sunday about the sentiment behind that day. But I do find that the cause deserves more than one day out of 365. Obviously, our world has gotten into such horrific shape that we have to designate one 24 hour period to remind us that we are doing something wrong.

  Violence is such a broad term. Violence can be physical; such as when nations go to war, or neighbors kill each other. Violence also occurs when people are battered and abused by a known aggressor. Violence occurs when anyone lays a hand or implement on another person with the intention to cause harm. Violence also arises when we speak harshly or negatively to another person, or being. So on this day and the days prior I am asking you to…STOP. Stop the insanity, stop the killing, stop the abuse, stop the hurtful speech …stop being intentionally cruel to anyone and everyone…including yourself.

  Our divine purpose is to love and uplift others, but if we can not manage that…can we just not tear them down? I think that is a short order.  If you can not be kind and peaceful with me…can you please just walk past me? We don’t have to kill each other out of some inability to communicate.

  I realize that war is big business. Once war starts for some reason it is hard to stop. Can we, for one day, put down our guns and weapons; can we turn off our fighter jets and tanks? When are we going to realize that MAN is a weapon of mass destruction?  If we LOL closely, we can see how true that statement actually is. Man seeks a target and is not happy until that target and any of its allies are dead. We are not content until the “enemy” no longer has a pulse. We kill out of greed, envy, desire,  stinginess and acquisitiveness. We do not see man as our brothers but as our competition. We compete for land rights, control over domain, passion and control of other people, places and things. We create or participate in bloodshed abroad and on our own soil. To make matters worse, we justify the unjustifiable. We will say we are fighting for our rights; the right to worship, the right to be in charge of or have power over, or have command of…anything and everything that gets in our way. This is simply a matter of man being greedy. We have eminent domain or control over nothing. We are not the creators of anything but chaos and death. The orphans left as a result of a war will never understand or believe that war is necessary. Given all of this…is one day of non-violence too much to ask?

  Is it too much to ask for our children to be safe on the streets that they live on? Is it too much to expect that we show responsibility for the shape our neighborhoods are in? Is it too wish for when we want to actually be considered innocent until PROVEN…not ASSUMED guilty? Am I asking too much when I tell you to stop making assumptions about who I am…without asking? Doesn’t our fellow man deserve more respect than what a racial profile allows? Is being loving to one another too much to ask or hope for?  When did we get so cold? Don’t we understand that God is not asking us to be loving…He EXPECTS it.

  Do we need a National or International Holiday to tell us to stop abusing our families? How many women and children have to die at the hands of their “loved” ones? We wouldn’t have to worry about how hard is TOO hard…if we didn’t at all. When abused women and children are hiding bruises or scars…they are just hiding the shame of the abuse. In fact, hiding the effects of abuse…only allows the violence to continue. We need to be aware of our surroundings. Ask the hard questions. Why does she wear sunglasses when it is cloudy? Why don’t they make eye contact? Why do they flinch when you try to touch them? Why are they isolating themselves? Don’t be afraid of asking the questions that they don’t want to answer.

  Domestic violence is an atrocity. One I am only too familiar with. It is a poison that no one should have to swallow…and yet we do. People we love…mothers, daughters and sisters…are dying everyday. Worse yet…they are being killed by people that we know….because they have no self control. People are not punching bags. LOVE DOES NOT HURT. And if it does…IT IS NOT LOVE. We need to start touching each others hearts. We have to support one another…because one day we may need that same understanding. And please do not allow yourself the opinion that it could or would never happen to you. No one ever asks or is deserving of this. Would you volunteer for a situation where you were made to feel that no one cares about you? Would you want to feel completely alone? No one should ever be made to feel isolated or alone. We are never alone…God is always with us. His expectations for us are crystal clear …love everyone…judge no one. Stop visiting the graves of the people we could have protected…had we not been afraid to get involved.

  God created us to look out for one another. He created us from love…it is the foundation of who we are. If peace seems difficult then we are not loving each other enough. Peace and love walk hand in hand…they keep us humane. Stop the violence because if we don’t…we are working against the will of God. I pray that my brothers and sisters find peace and love in everything they say and do…and may the hands of our Creator keep us on our path.

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