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The Doctor’s Visit

The Doctors Office

One day while I was waiting

To see the doctor around noon

I noticed an elderly man

As he slowly walked across the room

He seemed in a hurry not in movement

But his words…although kind

Simply asked if he could see the doctor next

If the nurse would not mind

She offered the man no hope

“The Doctor is busy today”

So he said thank you

And sat down in dismay

“Are you late for another appointment?”

I asked, “Are you ill?”

He smiled kindly…”No…”

But I have an important date…still”

He went on to say…”everyday at the same time”

“I meet my wife for lunch”

“She was never much for breakfast”

“And doesn’t care for brunch”

“Well…surely she will understand” I added

With a smile

He began, “no, not likely she hasn’t”

“Been herself in awhile”

He patted my young hand

And says, “For 50 years”

“She has been my lunch date”

“And I can’t stop here”

But its only one day, I exclaimed

As he patiently sat in wait

“Yes, but the last 15 have been a

Nursing home date”

“She is very ill…Alzheimer’s they say”

“She doesn’t even know my name”

“I doubt she would even miss me”

And I cried…”isn’t that a shame”

Then I added without thought

“If she doesn’t even know who you may be

Why go everyday and sit

And he smiled and said…”you see”

“Even if she doesn’t know me”

“I know who she is in my life”

“She’s been the answer to my prayers”

“My friend…my love…my wife”

“So if I must spend everyday”

“That God has given me left”

“To remind her how I love her”

“And how my life has been so blessed”

“I would give up all my possessions”

“I would lay down my last breath”

“I would follow her to the ends of the earth”

“I would follow her into death”

“It is my job to remind her that”

“She is my one and only queen”

And as a tear rolled down my cheek, I said

…”Nurse…this man needs to be seen”

For never in my years had I felt

A love that was so tender…so deep

As the day in the doctors office

When my heart rolled down my cheek

He Gave Her His Ring

 Love unrequited

Love so brand new

They knew it instantly

 When they came into view


Like a missing piece to a puzzle

And the magic it brings

 God joined them together

 When he gave her his ring


Two souls that needed

Only one heart

Where her sentence left off

His began to start


After sixty five years

Of wedded bliss

Only having an “US”

 Not hers…not his


 Walking through life together

 Happily as one

But before it was over

Said and done


As she slowly walked

Up Heavens golden stairs

He whispers softly

I will meet you there


And eighty eight minutes

 After his love passed that day

Her loyal soul mate

Faded away


This bittersweet moment

Life’s true tale

That love conquers all

Without fail


Their life was made full

By our Blessed King

 It goes to show

What true love means


They said he died

 From a broken heart

 But I think it was a beginning

A divine new start


 So rest in peace

And with the angels sing

 This love story that started

When he gave her his ring


***This was inspired completely by the story of Marjorie and James Landis a couple who were married for 65 years…who died 88 minutes apart. May God Bless Them

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