As I Pray

Dear Heavenly Father

As I kneel down to pray

Thanking you for the blessings

You sent to me today

I know there are times

I could look to you more

And you would guide me

Toward the gifts you have in store

We sometimes forget

The very beauty which is you

And think only of ourselves

And it shows in what we do

I can only hope you can see

The true intentions of our hearts

And while we may not deserve

Please give us a new start

We sometimes forget

The very essence of who you are

And we are only reminded

As we glance up at the stars

You are an undeniable love

A truth some fail to understand

You are greater than every body of water

You are the true gift to man

I wanted to tell you

We sometimes fail to be

All that you had in mind

And in spite of your creativity

We tried to make this world

Our own selfish domain

And now it is our evil

That now seems to remain

Please give us a chance to

Mend all that we have marred

A chance to love each other

And heal all of the scars

If we stop abusing one another

And stand up for what is right

Stop creating boundaries

Make children safe at night

Once we start realizing the gift

Which once was our lives

Put down our weapons

Stop wielding the guns and knives

I promise we will try harder

Starting with this day

We will try to be peaceful

With all we do and say

And hopefully the next time

I come to you and pray

We can talk about the changes

We made along the way

Father in closing I say only this

More than you could possibly know

I am thankful for your guidance

And I do love you so