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To all the beautiful people
Remember that today is tomorrows memory
Remember that even the darkness needs the LIGHT to exist
Remember that once someone had to be patient with you
That love is not a thing u do…but WHO u are
Remember that instead of seeking that perfect mate
Everything and everyone is not for you…
And that is okay
Love with your whole heart
You will never be disappointed
Love never fails…
Failure is an illusion
You have already won
The only war that you are fighting is against yourself
Choose YOU
Remember that our Creator would not create you…
With the intention for you to lose
But I will remind you that when we see negative things in others
It is only because we see them in ourselves
People are a mere reflection of how u really see yourself
There will be those who will constantly test you…
That’s okay
It will only make you better
Understand that the light which shines on your face…
With all its warmth and love
Actually came from inside yourself
And always…in all ways KNOW
And I appreciate you all…

We Need Gods Grace

We Need God’s Grace


I wonder when it happened

When we started to deface

The integrity of others

Solely based on their race

I’m not even certain when

Races came to be

We certainly weren’t created

From this hostility

It is man made but I wonder

Why would one think

That being superior

Would make all others shrink?

Hmmm, one must realize

With the logic we have

That looking down on others

Just makes us look bad

I mean God created all things

Who are we to say

What is better…who is brighter

How are we living today

We merely exist, I tell you

Due to our own selfish pride

It’s clear we are making errors

We are barely getting by

The planet is dying

Our air is dirty

Everyday we prove

Why we are unworthy

Yet every single day goes by

More hate being spread

And we are deciding

Who is better off dead

There is no superior man

No greater race

No perfect culture

We need God’s Grace



When I stop counting the days

When I stop cursing the tears

When I stop wondering why

You are no longer here

When my tears are only liquid joy

When the grief starts to clear

When I stop the frustration

When I wish you were here

When I come to the conclusion

When I am sure that she knew

That I loved her forever

And she loved me too

When I uncloak the monster

Where my anger resides

And acknowledge its just pain

I am carrying inside

When the ugliness is lifted

When I can sit down and say

I wasn’t ready to own the loss

When she lifted up that day

That is when the healing starts

When we learn to love from high

When we find even the love

When we must say good-bye

We will find God’s true grace

And love that never ends

From the warmth of a CREATOR

Whose love never bends

So this message I was given

For you…my family…my friends

Our souls will soon soar

But we must decide…when


Purple is My Color

Purple is My Color

I refuse to live my life in your box

Where you try to define me

Through ideas tainted

From man-made hostility

Do you think you know

All there is to see

By a vision I show

Or photography

Am I only an eye color

Am I just a racial number

Funny how we appear awake

In the middle of our slumber

Are you aware of my dimensions

Or do you just need

Rules and stipulations

To stagnate my imagery

I am multi dimensioned

I am beyond your boundary of reason

I am the Light of love

I am never out of season

What is my color?

Purple…with no doubt

Oh the color of my skin

That’s what you’re talking about?

My skin has no color

I am just like you

I am the color of love

It doesn’t have a hue

I am soaked in the greatness

Given to each and every one

I have nothing but God’s grace

Let me lend you some

You too…are beautiful

You are the child He proclaims

You are error proof

We are the same

Stop seeking separation

You are blocking your own salvation

You are better than you know

Let’s get back to His Creation

I Remember

I Remember
I remember when
My life was forever changed
When I looked at another
And saw them the same …
I saw not a skin color
Or geographical locale
They looked different than me
Yet the same somehow
That was when I got it
When The Light broke through
When I stopped being me
And started being you
When I wanted for my brother
What I prayed for myself
When I asked God’s blessings
For everything else
So on this day of my journey
I wish you blessings and love
And Grace from Him
Who watches from above
So until next time my lovelies
Here’s a hug from my heart to you
May you walk in peace
With all that you do

Your Future

Your Future

On this new day of forever

I ask that you put away

The greed…hatred

That has drowned your light today

I ask that you set aside

All the heartache and fear

I know they had their place

But we’ve no room for it here

For I want replace that clutter

With something more soluble

A life filled with promise

Divine love which is more valuable

Give back that frown

Grimace and such

For a look of peace

With a loving touch

Be reminded every moment

You are loved more than the last

Leave the negativity behind

It is now a thing of the past

Smile at the very moment

You decided to let it go

Water the love of God

Watch how it grows

I know where you are

I have been there too

It’s why I am delivering

This single message to you

Give love and be love

Every chance that you get

Your new life is aligned

YOU have love…you are set

So go on with your day

Setting aside the hostility

Open your heart and mind

There are endless possibilities

Remember that those who

Didn’t treat you right

Are walking in darkness

Where day is actually night

Smile my sweet angels

As only light beings are prone

I understand your struggle

You are not alone

Walk with me my dear ones

As I will be there for you

For I walk with a Source

I walk with the Truth

Take a stroll with me

See the delights along the way

Begin living in His light

For your future…starts today



Beauty unrealized

Letting others tell us so

Too fat too thin

The world screaming no

But I will tell you now

It’s not about perfection

Beauty is not skin deep

Or others expectations

True beauty was established

Upon our first glance

Of your beautiful heart

Thank you for the chance

For beauty is not defined

By the eye of mankind

But something so much deeper

Let me tell you what’s in my mind

You are pure beauty

As depicted in beautiful prose

It’s the beat of your spirit

The life you chose

The kindness in your tone

The whisper of the truth

The rare innocence

Only found in our youth

So the next time someone decides

You aren’t good enough today

Smile and simply tell them

It wasn’t for you anyway

For we were created from

A place without mistake

A land of perfection

Paradise a land so great

How can any child think

They are less than their source

Greatness is where we came from

It is our steady course

So smile your best smile

Head up toward the clouds

For your beauty is found

In being unique from the crowd

Embrace your true self

Cast aside judgment of them

Give your thanks always

Praise God…Amen

He is Watching Us

He Is Watching Us

I am but a woman

Heard that a lot this year

Try though to muffle my voice

But…I am still here

My issues are very real

My consideration no less

For my pleas are just as important

Without contest

Push me if you may

I am prepared for that too

But expect no less of me

Than I expect of you

I will survive in struggle

I will surpass in deeds

For my Father walks with me

He is all I will ever need

As soon as we all realize

We create our own lines

We will find our truer selves

Deep in our hearts and minds

Do not treat me better

But be fair just the same

For by destroying my will

You have nothing to gain

For beating me down

Is simply destroying you

There are life lessons

Only I can help get through

The nurturing nature of woman

The love at the end of a day

The kind nod of assurance

Saying…it will be okay

The hand that you reach for

The hug that says your home

More support and guidance

Than you have ever known

So the battle…it is over

The winner without question

Is the one with the biggest heart

With our Creator’s intention

Lay your weapons aside

There is no war with us

Keep your eye on the sparrow

For he is watching us

Tear Drop

Tear Drop

Everything must become

What it is now supposed to be

Like taking the caged bird

Finally setting it free

It is often hard to let it go

Used to seeing it every day

But even the beautiful bird

Has its own path…its own way

Even if it causes us sorrow

Even if gives us great pain

Everything must become what it is

Not about personal gain

Relationships will alter

Something yet to be known

One day we will all look back

At how we have finally grown

A tear will begin to finally dry

A broken heart will make it through

Even if we thought they wouldn’t

We have love yet to bloom

We have inside every heart

The seed of uncultivated grace

With evolution we learn to spread

It among the human race

We fear what we do not understand

But our understanding should be clear

When holding on to the wings of love

We have never had anything to fear

You are not different than me

Even we look nothing alike

For we were created from the same

Beautiful image…amazing light

The difference we think we have

Were created by man made hate

It has nothing do to with who we are

Look at the negative things we create

We teach our children to be indifferent

We show them by our actions

No wonder they are so violent

Always seeking material satisfaction

Like teaching someone to be a lion

And expecting them to be like a deer

Why do we cause such confusion

What is really happening here

We say one thing daily

While choosing to do another

Saying be kind to our neighbors

While killing our sisters and brothers

And we wonder why our children

Are confused about their place

We have bred hate and indifference

In a most precious place

We are responsible…forever

We distribute evil of the mind

While forgetting our true course

We destroy all of mankind

The victor is who is left standing…REALLY?

Who ever told us that lie

Putting man against man

Only the strong will survive?

Strength of the body is not real

In fact, it is not even here

Or else why would talk to the dead

When their body is nowhere near

It is only the heart and soul

Which matters in this place

Even when you feel the light of a smile

It’s through our Creators Grace

Let go of the inconsistencies’

Hold on only to this one last thing

It is not what others do for you

But the love that you, yourself bring

So point not your finger in anger

Instead acknowledge beauty all around

Teach your children of your mistakes

And the love you have found

For love will make you complete

It will mend bridges…tear down walls

Please make a change now

Before another tear drop falls


Death By Decision

Death By Decision

As I look around me now

People saying killing is wrong

But even the state does it

Having done it so long

True there needs to be punishment

Of that I must concur

But it is wrong to kill ANYONE

To the Holy Books I must refer

We are killing no one in His name

But making excuses for a crime

There is only ONE truth

Not yours and not mine

A kill for a kill

Is lunacy…it shows

How evil expands

Continually grows

Let me be clear on the issue

So there will be no doubt

I know of rape, murder

Feelings these bring about

But it changes nothing of truth

No matter how my heart may break

We created NO life without God

It is not ours therefore, to take

Revenge via public execution

While claiming we are civilized

Shows our barbaric minds

It is time we realized

The lives we lead are a reflection

Of the anger in our path

Like looking for the great ocean

In a small bubble bath

Expand your thoughts

Extend your own hearts beat

By showing the grace of Our Creator

To brothers on the street

Killing is wrong no matter

Whose hand makes the blow

Whether it’s a Governor turning his head

Or a hunter with his bow

Death by decision kills all of us

We are tainted in corrupt blood

In this where would be find peace

Where did we lose the love

What do I ask of us now

In Fact plead to our humanity

End the cycle of violence

So-called legal insanity

Murder by lethal injection

Is murder by another’s hands

Murder is murder

WE must take a stand

I am not diminishing the loss

When a life has been taken

But talking about our souls

And mistakes we are making

Stand up today I beg of you

Fight the Creator’s good fight

Before we blow out Gods candle

And must live without His light

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